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Reclaim Earth DevBlog - #1 Sticky

A topic by Ansity Games created Jul 01, 2016 Views: 780 Replies: 8
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Developer (2 edits)

Hey, we've decided to do a dev blog of Reclaim Earth, hopefully some of you will find it interesting and will leave feedback on how we can improve. At the moment we're unsure if it'll be a weekly thing or just when we have enough content to make an interesting blog. Either way, expect more! :)

Since the demo release we've been pretty busy. More features, bug fixes & pretty much everything is nicer. We've been working hard to take feedback and to implement everything which people have suggested. A lot of great ideas have been suggested as feedback, maybe not things you would even notice while playing it, but it all improves the overall experience.


Last week we worked on the inventory system a lot, it's now had a complete overhaul. Instead of having the traditional icons when an item is equipped, we've decided to go with a more visual approach. Rather than explaining it I'll just show the before & after pictures.


A few people who played the game said they struggled with figuring out where they are. This was partly reason to the fact the resolution was very low, but people also suggested a map would be good. So we added a map this week too. James did the art for it.

The map also is blocked off for regions you haven't explored yet, it's not in the screenshot above but I think it's a pretty cool screenshot so I'm using that one :)


Thanks to everyone who has made videos about the game. If you want to see them, they're at the bottom of the game page :) Chase has been super helpful with marketing stuff and getting feedback from people, there should also be some new music by him coming when we start on the second area, so look out for that :D

New Enemies

Previously the enemies we had needed updating, and James managed to make some new pixel art which looks awesome :D The crawler enemy is fairly similar to the previous one, just more buff and scary looking. Although for the robot, he went for a completely different approach which I like, I think it fits the game more. The last one looked more like it should belong in a medieval RPG or something, rather than a sci-fi game.


We've been experimenting with powerups recently, one of the ideas were by Chase. His idea was that if you're finding the game a little too easy and think it needs more of a challenge, you can use the powerup and the enemies will go crazy at you, and become a LOT more powerful. The other was a focus powerup, where time goes in slow motion to represent how the player can now focus a lot better. Here's a video of the slow-mo effect.

Turns out itch doesn't support the <video> tag, so here's a link!


James has also been working hard on the illustration for the game, we now have the first bits of colour in the art. We'll keep this updated throughout the dev blogs.

Smaller Details

I don't have a complete changelog (although I should probably make one) but there are a few smaller things which have been updated such as the resolution. We've doubled it because a few people were getting motion sickness from the low resolution-ness. We still want the game to be low-res, because that's how it started and it's what we had in mind when designing everything, but we think it was maybe a bit too low-res.


I hope you enjoyed the first Dev Blog, I think it's nice to see all of the progress in 1 post. If you have any opinions on the game or what we could improve on the blog, be sure to send us some feedback! If you haven't played Reclaim Earth yet, what are you waiting for? :D

The demo is free on PC, Mac & Linux. Everything on this blog will be available soon if it's not already out when you're reading this.

If you'd like to follow the team on Twitter, be sure to check out us out here.

Thanks for reading!

Interesting and cool but too hard in the end and feels so empty... well, I guess it should.

I don't get the lowrez trend but it looks fine here.


Hey thanks for the feedback! We're looking on ways to improve the game at all times so we'll take the emptiness into consideration :)

Hai! I just finished playing your demo. I found it very fun. I liked the pixelated art style and the theme and everything. But, I do have some criticism. First being, there are only two enemies, but seeing as its a 5 or 10 minute demo, it's to be expected. Would like to see some more hostiles in the full game. Secondly, I noticed a few bugs that were pretty annoying.

  • When you ONLY have your pistol, trying to switch weapons causes you to drop your gun twice in a very awkward animation? I would suggest changing it to where there is no animation played whatsoever when you have less than 2 weapons,
  • Either the flying green robot is bugged, it has more health than the monster/alien, or my aim is bad, but aiming near the lower part of the robot seemed to cause issues with hit detection. It took too many shots to kill. Again it could be either of those but it was definitely a noticeable thing.
  • The health and ammo boxes (especially the ammo) are kinda hard to see in the distance. I ran out of ammo at one point and just started sprinting around the map looking for green things in corners. Its a bit annoying.
  • Too many health packs XD Either I'm a PC FPS God and I just don't need as many health packs as normal players (not) or the game has too many health packs. It's as if your making the game for those who have never played an FPS before. Make them more scarce, so that getting hurt is actually a bad thing, and not as simple as walking 4 steps to a med pack.
  • Speaking of health, there needs to be a cap at 100 health. When I picked up some health packs, it made my health go over 100. (unless that's suppose to happen? Did that armor piece I found make my health go up?) Make it so that if the players health exceeds 100, it gets set back down to 100.
  • This game needs a stamina bar. I found it SO easy to just sprint away from enemies. Unlimited sprint HAS to go. *EDIT* Replayed the game, It is easy to sprint away BEFORE they attack you. After they attack you they will always be in attack range while your sprinting, meaning they move at your sprint speed. You should sprint FASTER than they move. Still, get a stamina bar.
  • Sprinting backwards and shooting while sprinting. Also not really good things to have in the game.
  • I would like either remappable keys, or the Rage mode and Slow-Mo buttons to be moved closer to the WASD. It was annoying to have to look down at my keyboard and move my hands off of the other controls to get the those two buttons.
  • I was never able to use rage mode... What does it even do? Some in game explanation would be nice.
  • One of the biggest issues I saw, was that when the game ended, the mouse glitched on screen during the area clear/credits, it brought me back to the main menu, the mouse was invisible and im guessing it was locked in the middle of the screen, because I spammed the mouse everywhere and nothing happened. I clicked out and clicked back in, and I could click around and do stuff, but the mouse was STILL invisible. With amazing luck, I was able to click Play again, leading to the next bug.
  • When I clicked Play again, I spawned in the right place but it said the area clear/credits stuff again and it brought me back to the main menu! Still having the mouse bug.
  • The Icon for the .exe file is white and so is the background for the documents screen. Its near impossible to see.
  • Respawning into enemies is just wrong. Instead of simply teleporting the player to the start, consider reloading the level, so the enemies who are in your spawn area DON'T spawn kill you.
  • Constantly being able to use Slow-Mo is bad. It needs a cooldown.

Other than that, I loved the game.


Wow! Thank you so much for all the feedback man, it's very helpful :)

A few of the things you mentioned have been fixed on my local build but I was holding off uploading until there's more things in the game or more things have been fixed :)

Also the Rage Mode + Slow Mo are just temporary at the moment, we were testing them and thought we might as well put them into the demo if people want to play around with them, that's also why nothing seems to happen when you press rage mode, it'll be finished for the full game ;)

But overall thanks so much, you made a lot of really good points and we really appreciate you taking the time to write it all up!

Best Regards, Anthony.

Also, a nice thing to add would be either version numbers, or date of release, or something like that to the download file's name. Just so you can tell that its a new version.


Got it, done now :)

Just the first 5 minutes of my first play, but I also found the end part was a lil bit too hard :D
Anyways, still fun to play!

I think the game is great just the way it is. Health packs are fine and ammo is good. Game could use a tutorial and a menu displaying all of the commands. The sensitivity option needs a label. Needs more weapons like Halo. Armor is good. Weapon switching should be as Q & E. Inventory as Tab. Add grenades and make them as G. I liked this game and it's reminds me of Halo: Combat Evolved.