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Great continuation of the original's silly and misleading conversations! 馃槇

Very good atmosphere.

Some problems:

Lots of text still polish (vent cover interactions, everything inside med room)

Vent cover can't be interacted with once opened. If expected, perhaps add warning like [this is where this version ends].

sprint functionality extremely annoying, especially with no way of knowing when you recover. at the very least a simple color indicator of whether or not you are back to full sprint energy near portrait and/or breathing sound when out of breath/when done recharging sprint energy (no annoying breathing sound all the time while out of energy please) or just kill the sprint limitation mechanic.

Face damage mechanic is nice.

Intro not being skipable is annoying.

I'd encourage you to revive your patreon & post the game on f95zone.

there it is!

vid descriptions are updated with that info now

Romi's fun

best/worst girl has the shortest plot yet

MC can dishwash even though already washed dishes

maybe just misinterpreting the highlight.  used to the meaning "next plot progression interaction"

MC can go to the same class twice a day in the room on the right but not the other class on the left?

gotta say, that's quite a grind

Latest attempt of McDonald's to get lowest-wage workers on the job

Very creative explanation for the situation in this subgenre. Dishwasing and school time-passing tasks make the impression of being buggy (or to work unexpectedly) though.

Here's a playlist of Alvein - still being updated


The story/worldbuilding/characters are great, the art is great, the sound mixing is painful, the music is great, the boss battles are weirdly endless at times, the cluelessness at what the multiple choice in the beginning means is weird, the animations are great, the depth of the game so far is impressive, the npc battle buddy system is cool, although buggy (Eisen ignores enemies at times)

What a busy game! Music is just repetitious a little.

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Yes, so far it was very promising! I thought the language was actually very good (as opposed to somebody complaining on a certain forum) and the quantity of text was good (some other games have problems with writing too much [but saying nothing]).

The financial logic of the story is silly but I think it should be taken as a kind of humor set up.

The flag is a problem in one country with lots of gamers. Wouldn't be fair if a video showed the game that way after an apology and announcing it will be replaced.

By the way, I have to agree with Devious - the tutorial in the beginning was good. Only a few icons were a bit easy to miss but compared to how other games overload the UI this is very friendly

beautiful art!

short'n cute!

Impressed at the voice acting.

but this dialog ...:

MC: "hey, how about staying on earth?"



Some more feedback:

- Non-voiced text partially very wordy

- Nice mix of minigame, battle and h scene

- battle obviously just a prototype so far, at least it's quick to finish, some feedback missing like hovering enemy doesn't show that it can be clicked now and the zoom in when winning is awkward. the choice ui moving up and down is unpleasant though

- minigame has just small usability stuff: not very clear why I fail (hammer has to be dead center?) and the curor UI is too tiny (the bar with miss/good/perfect indicator)

- her comments while she's being minigame-fixed are the best!

Seems like a very very cool/interesting/new kind of scenario with characters being metal based.

Interesting story, beautiful art, looking forward to the next release.

I just had to make his shirt Morty-yellow

Excellent update to the outside!

Will there be a patreon?

nice hide but I can walk through one of them :)