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*Response to current comments*

About the game being short, this is just a demo that's suppose to give you an idea of the games intended feel. It is not anywhere close to completion. And with the 48 hour time limit, and the fact that placing all those blocks over and over took awhile XD, I had to make the demo a bit smaller than I intended (although I admit, it was partly due to laziness on my part). And I also understand that the demo was a bit boring. The game is suppose to be this awe inspiring, massive, complex adventure through mind blowing ruins and magical, weird, cool stuff (because that was descriptive lol), and in the demo, I kinda failed to project that feeling. I will take all of your comments into consideration when I work the full game.

No sound sadly. The art isn't spectacular but it matches the theme. The game matches the theme fine. Gameplay gets stale VERY quickly, it would be easily improved if the longer you played, the faster they spawned. In general, I wasn't too happy with this one.

The game was pretty interesting. I liked the whole idea behind it. However I do have criticisms. The music doesn't really fit that well in the game. Doesn't really match the theme. But it's better than having no music at all. The art works great and matches the theme just fine. The theme in general was awesome and the game went along with that theme perfectly, but the game itself didn't play all that well. It was more of a story, which isn't really a problem, but I would have liked to see some actual "gameplay" where you are actually doing something. Like maybe a platformer type thing where you jump around the cave and try to get up to a certain area to see the next bit of story.

It's not exactly my style of game, but for what it is, it's not bad. The hitboxes on the obstacles are a little wonky? I'm not sure where I should be standing. The lack of music or anything is unfortunate, and would be a great addition. The art fits the theme, and the game itself fits the theme. It seems like something someone could get addicted to, but me personally, I wouldn't.

I would like to say that I could barely play this game. I don't know why but it was VERY laggy. So my ratings are based on a small sliver of gameplay. First of all, I noticed there was no sound at all. Walking around, no sound. Getting murdered, no sound. Not even any ambient noises. If this is suppose to be a survival/survival-horror game, then you NEED sound. Art style was minimalistic, just blank yellow walls, not much texturing, blah blah blah, and that's perfectly fine. I don't mind the art style, there's nothing really "wrong" with it, but there's nothing really remarkable about it either. The theme fits fine I guess, though I don't know where you are or why wherever you are would have yellow walls in the middle of a world war II battlefield. And I just gave Gameplay a 3 because as I said, I barely got to play it. PLEASE add something like quality settings if you continue to develop this game.

Its pretty good. It matches its theme, that music is so weird but I loved it, the art again fits the theme, and its slightly addictive. I like it.

Absolutely loved it. It's addictive, it's fun, it's randomized so your not playing with the same tiles every game, it's multiplayer, I could go on. It takes a bit to pick up without a tutorial, but it's not that hard, so a tutorial isn't really needed. The art style is great, it matches the theme very well, so does the music. I wish there were sound effects for the pieces when they moved and other stuff, but that's no big deal. The game has a nice flow to it and I really enjoyed it. I hope the developer continues to improve it.

The theme for this game is survival horror, but I believe it doesn't match that at all. Maybe like an arcade survival shooter... thingy? But definitely not "survival horror". There's no sound, and a game like this needs some, so I left that as a 1. The art is minimalistic, and that's fine, but again doesn't match the theme. And finally gameplay, its hard to control, your holding so many buttons down at once that computer gets mad and won't let you press a 4th button (aka shoot), and you cant aim wherever you want, so you need to get up close to shoot at certain enemies. But through all of that I find the game addictive as hell. So, overall, a 3.

I knew about the 4 minion limit but I forgot to put it in there. The turn skipping was a complete mystery to me. XD I must have missed that. And the second condition on the second win condition (that makes perfect logical sense but it sounds so stupid XD), I didn't know about that. I TRIED testing it but I couldn't keep the minions alive long enough to see what would happen, so I assumed it wasn't a thing. But anyway, I enjoyed the game and I'm probably going to keep playing it a couple times a day for the next few months. I almost never get that attached to games.

I don't believe it will count if you update it. Also I was asking because the first time I encountered that opponent, the name it has was something like Bad Girl? I think it was Bad Girl. Anyway, after seeing that name and looking VERY closely at the glitchy image, I swear, it looked like a girl shaking her butt around. XD I don't know why my mind is so dirty but that's what I saw.

I like it, but I do have a few suggestions.

  • Find a way to make the music NOT stop playing between enemies. If someone just sits there and blasts through them, the music resets, and that's sad when you haven't reached the good part of the song and it starts over. XD
  • Why is there a random black block on the left hand side? If that's useless try removing it.
  • And finally... Can you explain what this is suppose to be? XD
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For anyone struggling to pick up the game and understand how to play, here's a short tutorial that I've made up after about 10 minutes of play.

Obviously, you need 2 people. (Unless you like playing against yourself) There is no AI at the moment.

The goal of the game is to raise the Ancient's awakening level to 100 or above. It works like a tug of war, if its in your color, yellow or blue, then your currently winning. You raise this awakening level by the awakening factor on ALL of your active minions, and by special awakening tiles. The game will end if all red tiles are picked up, and victory will go to whoever has control of the Ancient's awakening level.

Minions are represented by RED tiles on the board. Once you land on a minion tile, a minion will be spawned on your starting side of the board. Your first minion is placed near the bottom, that is your CURRENT minion (as it is referred to by certain tiles on the board), and the following minions are placed further up the side of the board. Once your current minion dies, the line moves down one. ALL of your active minions can add their awakening factor (aka the eye icon) to the Ancient's awakening level, not just the current minion. However, your CURRENT minion, is the only minion capable of attacking or defending. At the end of each turn, the current minions on both sides with attack each other, using their attack factor (aka the trident icon) to lower the defense factor (aka the shield icon) of the enemy. Once the defense factor reaches 0, the minion dies. Minions attack at the SAME TIME, not one after the other. The stats on the minions are as follows: Attack/Defense/Awakening.

YELLOW tiles have a wide variety of abilities. Some can damage the current minion, others can damage all minions. Some can heal, and give bonus factors to your minions, and lower the factors of enemy minions. Some can even raise the awakening level of the Ancient. The RED tiles, as I said before, spawn minions. While going for only red tiles may seem like a great plan, remember to make good use of the yellow tiles as well. Also, don't focus on only the tiles next to you, look across the whole board and plan your movements. BTW the Poison tile says -1 health, BUT if the enemy minion has only 1 health, then it won't kill them.

I think I covered everything important. Now onto my thoughts on the game. It is amazing. I love the art style, music, the strategy, everything. I would like it if it had a touch more sound effects and animations. Like when the tiles move, they slide to the next tile, with a grinding stone sound, not just teleport. And when the minions fight, some animation and sound would be nice there too. Also, adding some form of animation to the Ancient when it wakes up would be awesome. Something that makes winning really satisfying. Other than that, this game is great.

Ok. I guess what I meant by this post is; Can I use the pre-made Unity FPS Controller and a few other built in Unity assets?

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I'm very new to Game Jams, this is my first one, and new to game dev in general. So I don't really know what a publicly available library is. Can you give me a super quick explanation?

I liked that... I honestly don't know why.

I run the game on the Fastest setting, and it runs just great for awhile, but after being spawned in for about 30 to 45 seconds, the frame rate drops like mad rendering the game unplayable. Whats happening?

I spent a little while just waiting for the game to load in the background while I talked to my friend on skype. Then, I hear this huge BOOM! I heard it again and again not knowing what it was. I thought I was about to get attacked by Slender. XD That left me in tears! It was a nice game, I liked playing it. But damn, was that terrifying. XD

I loved this game. Love, love, love, love it! For some reason, finding that girl just blew my mind? I was distracted by her the entire time. I tried clicking on her, pushing a bunch of buttons, hoping I could talk to her XD I played it once, but curiosity made me replay it over and over, until I found everything. I THINK I found everything at least. One of the best I've played.

Also, a nice thing to add would be either version numbers, or date of release, or something like that to the download file's name. Just so you can tell that its a new version.

I didn't understand at first, and I just sat there confused. But later on I started to get it. This was an awesome.... Game? I don't even know what to call it. I loved it. I NEVER play stuff like this because I don't find it interesting, but this was surprisingly one of my favorite games on I'm rating 5 stars on this.

I see that I write notes down at the bottom left, but how do I access these notes?

Spends forever loading and eventually crashes when I hit play. Also the game has some serious input delay on the mouse. Since I can't actually get into the game, I have nothing else to say.

64 bit only??? That's something you really should mention XD

Hai! I just finished playing your demo. I found it very fun. I liked the pixelated art style and the theme and everything. But, I do have some criticism. First being, there are only two enemies, but seeing as its a 5 or 10 minute demo, it's to be expected. Would like to see some more hostiles in the full game. Secondly, I noticed a few bugs that were pretty annoying.

  • When you ONLY have your pistol, trying to switch weapons causes you to drop your gun twice in a very awkward animation? I would suggest changing it to where there is no animation played whatsoever when you have less than 2 weapons,
  • Either the flying green robot is bugged, it has more health than the monster/alien, or my aim is bad, but aiming near the lower part of the robot seemed to cause issues with hit detection. It took too many shots to kill. Again it could be either of those but it was definitely a noticeable thing.
  • The health and ammo boxes (especially the ammo) are kinda hard to see in the distance. I ran out of ammo at one point and just started sprinting around the map looking for green things in corners. Its a bit annoying.
  • Too many health packs XD Either I'm a PC FPS God and I just don't need as many health packs as normal players (not) or the game has too many health packs. It's as if your making the game for those who have never played an FPS before. Make them more scarce, so that getting hurt is actually a bad thing, and not as simple as walking 4 steps to a med pack.
  • Speaking of health, there needs to be a cap at 100 health. When I picked up some health packs, it made my health go over 100. (unless that's suppose to happen? Did that armor piece I found make my health go up?) Make it so that if the players health exceeds 100, it gets set back down to 100.
  • This game needs a stamina bar. I found it SO easy to just sprint away from enemies. Unlimited sprint HAS to go. *EDIT* Replayed the game, It is easy to sprint away BEFORE they attack you. After they attack you they will always be in attack range while your sprinting, meaning they move at your sprint speed. You should sprint FASTER than they move. Still, get a stamina bar.
  • Sprinting backwards and shooting while sprinting. Also not really good things to have in the game.
  • I would like either remappable keys, or the Rage mode and Slow-Mo buttons to be moved closer to the WASD. It was annoying to have to look down at my keyboard and move my hands off of the other controls to get the those two buttons.
  • I was never able to use rage mode... What does it even do? Some in game explanation would be nice.
  • One of the biggest issues I saw, was that when the game ended, the mouse glitched on screen during the area clear/credits, it brought me back to the main menu, the mouse was invisible and im guessing it was locked in the middle of the screen, because I spammed the mouse everywhere and nothing happened. I clicked out and clicked back in, and I could click around and do stuff, but the mouse was STILL invisible. With amazing luck, I was able to click Play again, leading to the next bug.
  • When I clicked Play again, I spawned in the right place but it said the area clear/credits stuff again and it brought me back to the main menu! Still having the mouse bug.
  • The Icon for the .exe file is white and so is the background for the documents screen. Its near impossible to see.
  • Respawning into enemies is just wrong. Instead of simply teleporting the player to the start, consider reloading the level, so the enemies who are in your spawn area DON'T spawn kill you.
  • Constantly being able to use Slow-Mo is bad. It needs a cooldown.

Other than that, I loved the game.

Thank you so much for playing! I'll try to fix that glitch where parts of the whalicorn are invisible. There should actually be a head, arms, hair, and so on. If anyone else has this issue, please let me know. Thanks again.