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A jam entry

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A simple game for the LMJam
Submitted by ElPresidente (@GpeezyPoole) with 23 minutes, 11 seconds before the deadline

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Surprisingly addictive! (high score 31 XD), but my hands are kinda cramping after playing it. Like what Divitos said, the pressing control to aim part was totally unecessary, but the game would definitely be way too easy if that was removed. The fact that I die in one hit also makes this game a little too hard. The score system was a nice touch and some shooting/death sound effects would have been nice too.


Saw your tweets and was on the lookout for your entry. :)

I like the idea behind it, but as the others have mentioned, the controls are a bit off putting. Maybe remove the need for pressing control and just use the arrow keys for aiming? Though that really depends on if you have any plans to expand it and if so what they are. The gameplay was fun and frantic at parts, and very addictive at it's core. I'd definitely love to see what you could do with the idea without the time constraints.


Thank you for the reviews everyone! A couple of things I want to address:

  • I named the game "Survival Horror" because I wanted it to control like an old PSX/PS2 era survival horror game.
  • There was no sound because Windows is a lot more finicky with my internet for some reason, so I couldn't get any sound to download in the last few hours of the jam.
  • The control scheme wasn't thought out very well, as Whalicorn said, 4 buttons at a time is too much, but I would've made them less clunky if I wasn't rushing to finish and did some trigonometry. Oh well...
I'm not trying to excuse all of the flaws in my game, I'm just trying to clear up why it's named what it is and why things are the way they are. I'm going to take the things I learned from this and use them for my next jam (one of them is to not use Game Maker so I'm not locked to Windows, lol). Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Survival? Yes. Horror? Absolutely no (: IDK if developerplanned to add some nice graphics that wouldadd "horror" feature to it... I hope yes (:The game itself is playable, but its absolute silence and primitive graphics kill all the interest to the game quite quickly. Besides, I don't find any connection to theme. Controls really could be a bit easier; it's more like a game for arcade machines with some joystick than for PC or, moreover, tablet / mobile.


The theme for this game is survival horror, but I believe it doesn't match that at all. Maybe like an arcade survival shooter... thingy? But definitely not "survival horror". There's no sound, and a game like this needs some, so I left that as a 1. The art is minimalistic, and that's fine, but again doesn't match the theme. And finally gameplay, its hard to control, your holding so many buttons down at once that computer gets mad and won't let you press a 4th button (aka shoot), and you cant aim wherever you want, so you need to get up close to shoot at certain enemies. But through all of that I find the game addictive as hell. So, overall, a 3.