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Username Input before Game?

A topic by Ansity Games created Apr 08, 2016 Views: 487 Replies: 11
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Is a Username allowed to be set before the actual game starts? If it doesn't effect the gameplay at all, just to use for saving and stuff?

What, for multiple files or something?

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Nah just a Username for anything, such as online leaderboards or something.

Doesn't effect any gameplay, it's just before the game.


You could have a separate options file that the player could edit, which wouldn't break any rules but would be a bit awkward.

You could also just do it as even though it breaks the rules it's reasonable so whatever who cares.

As long as the game never modifies that file itself, I guess.

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I don't think user interface that is unrelated to the gameplay itself is outside the rules.

For example, my game is multiplayer and obviously needs UI to establish a connection. I think any user interface that does not tie in as feedback for the gameplay is (or should be) allowed:

That includes:

- a menu screen

- options screen

- help file displayed in-game for ease of use

- multiplayer user interface

- save/load file interface

- anything that doesn't serve as feedback for the gameplay and isn't triggered by the gameplay itself

Can Daniel Linssen please pitch in and confirm what I'm saying is correct? Thanks


I agree, I think that there could be some sort of things outside of the 1px gameplay. But on the other side people could say that the rules are 1x1 and that's that. I guess it's all really up to Daniel, would like to hear what he thinks about it.

I would honestly say that I think you should be allowed to tell the player to read the manual before starting, and that's it, but in other discussions, I believe it was accepted that having something like a text box for input was okay, as long as it was not modified by the game (hence, input only).

In your case however, I can see where an interface for making a connection is definitely a good idea. That said, think about how to make an interface using only 1 bit of output. A long tone means connected, a short tone means type the IP address again, or type "host" to host. Something like that?

I don't think connecting to a room should be a challenge. The game isn't called "figure out how to connect to the other player". Nor can you make a room list. I already considered doing what you suggest and I concluded that wasn't the point of either the game or the jam.


let me know if you agree, but I think it comes down to what's necessary. if you're making a multiplayer game, then an interface to connect via IP is very hard to avoid. if you're making a game that posts high scores online, then the same goes for an interface (at the beginning of the game, before the gameplay begins) to add your username. same goes for anything else, so long as it isn't a part of the gameplay, and there isn't a good way to implement it in the game itself. for example, instead of an options screen, in some game it may be possible to simply add key presses to toggle the various options.

so, overall, I agree with you, with the caveat that avoiding the interface is impractical.

Hey, thanks for taking your time to answer this. And for hosting the jam, it's a pretty neat concept.


Cheers, should make everything a little easier for me :)