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The "Make this a todo-list" button on on a list's options does not appear functional. No matter how I click it, or what I do to dismiss the options menu, the setting does not appear to have been applied and re-opening the menu shows it unchecked. :(

Didn't realize the same developer was behind both of these. I haven't checked out ct.js beyond a few seconds to make sure it runs yet. xD

Loving Cosmic Everyday so far.

So it turns out trying to keep up with the myriad kinds and types of SCPs, as well as what happens with them, in a simple game isn't an easy task. I have been having a very hard time deciding how to move forward with the next update to SCP Clicker and have almost abandoned it several times.

In my absence, I see there have been many many people downloading it, but I am sorry to have not supported this enthusiasm very well.

The core idea behind my next update was to introduce a system to make defining new SCPs easier, and to make danger type-based, with multiple options for handling it, and making research take multiple routes and be used for developing new options, rather than just having 2 ambiguous values (danger and research) and cash.

I posted the following image a long time ago:

This was part of work on a rewrite, where you have the three primary resources on the left, and a tabbed interface for listing all of the other options and clickers on the right. Some example categories developed: Personnel, Equipment, Vehicles, Missions, Containment Breaches, Reports, SCPs, Research. Dividing things up will be essential as the game gets more complex. The problem is how to develop and balance that complexity.

I am calling for help now, and will post more ideas as I dig through old notes and suggestions. Thank you for your attention and for playing!

I dropped support for 32 bit executables believing nobody would still be using a 32 bit computer.

It has not been abandoned, however, I have not had enough time or focus to publish an update in some time. It will be updated, I'm just not sure when.

Thanks, please give me feedback. (I've been stagnating on the development of SCP Clicker for quite a long time.)

I don't know if I will have anything for this game jam in particular, but I do want to shamelessly advertise the fact that I do have two SCP-inspired games available for download.

  • SCP Clicker is an alpha-stage idle/clicker game where you must balance the desire for research with keeping enough money to run the SCP Foundation and keeping danger low so as to not have the world destroyed.
  • The Foundation Falls is a prototype currently based on SCP-3032 "Ballistic Trees". If work is continued, it would be a real-time strategy game based around defending against and managing several SCPs at once, with the goal to be survive as long as possible - but the game would be designed to be unwinnable. You can only last so long, before the Foundation falls.

Version 3.0.0 just released!

  • Rewritten so that usage is simpler (like a regular module instead of requiring you to manage threads and channels yourself).
  • HTTPS support using libcurl and luajit-request.
  • Using's new API endpoint. Super up-to-date! :P

It is currently restricted while i finalize things. I am reworking things quite a bit, and I don't know how long voting is open for, so whoops.

You can view what's there now with this link or the password "huehuehue".

Open the submission, there's a link near the top to remove it.

I won't tell you to check out my games just yet, but when I have some things further developed and/or more stable, I totally will. :P

I like this idea of creating small worlds instead of "games" per say. :)

Even in my usage of butler, I've actually never seen an image like that while editing a game. o.O Perhaps because I haven't done web uploads with it? To be honest I find your confusion with the channel names mystifying because it was obvious to me, but if one person has difficulty with it, there's likely to be more, so I agree the docs should be modified.

As for the error you encountered, you really should point that out to the team because that's probably something they need to look into. Glad it's fixed for you now though. ^^

Thank you, and while I won't be using it, I do suggest you do some advertising for your package because it does look good. (I don't use Unity at this time, which is the primary reason I wasn't interested in it.)

Like I said, version 1 when completed is going to be fairly closely aping GameJolt's API, but I'm glad you introduced me to GameSparks, I'll be looking there for inspiration as well. ^^ (I'll also post back to you when it becomes available if you'd like, so you can see if it is useful to you or not.)

Ignoring the extremely passive aggressive language for a moment, I see where you were misled by my post, but I was purely looking for thoughts from developers about what they would want with such a system. Excuse me for being a little annoyed by what looked like a thoughtless marketing shill for a moment..

I am not familiar with Sparks, are you referring to GameSparks?

You clearly didn't read my post. I'm asking what features and ideas developers would want, not for a tool to do these things.

I just found where it is documented, on butler's usage page:

Are you just using the API for authentication that a user owns the game they are playing? Or is there more to it?

You make up whatever names you want when using butler. Once you have pushed the first build with butler, they will show up on the edit page for a game.

Ask away, and I will answer what I can. I can also look into getting Amos / Leafo to look into changing the wording of the docs to be a little easier to understand if I can think of a better way to word it.

I'm not exactly sure how I'd prove it to you except perhaps to link to my Steam, which mentions my YouTube channel and website, which both have links to my profile, and some other stuff.. I have pretty consistent claim over this username, haha. I could also give you my email address (which is also listed here).

Pretty nifty idea!

Trying to understand, are the files' data actually in the ZIP multiple times? Or just the path listing? If the files are actually duplicated, I would say to reject these because they are potentially adding a lot of duplicated data, but if not, no problem.

Then again, your system takes care of such an issue with how it handles compression anyhow, does it not?

This really should be documented...and I swear it was, because I found it somewhere to be able to build my version checking utility (itchy for lack of a better name).

As for the single string, you'll need to use a text editor that supports plain newlines. Any coding editor should work.

And very soon/now, notepad.exe too. xD

I was about to say there's literally a hide button on uploaded files, but I just realized it's "Hide this file and prevent it from being downloaded" which destroys the usefulness for you. :/

Why does it require the Itch app? Can you make it not require the Itch app?

I think you should edit your post here, Amos, to remove the note about not using RAR. ;)

As Amos showed above:

butler push folder user/game:channel

A channel is just a name for you to use to distinguish between different files offered on a game. So for example, I always upload a ZIP file for Windows, for Mac OS, and for Linux. So I use channels named "windows", "macos", and "linux" to keep track of which one is which.

(1 edit)
(that contains 'html5')

I was under the impression you could tag any channel for that, does it really require html5 to be within the channel's name?

I know there's a way to filter these from the games page, but it's not in the UI and I don't remember the URLs necessary. :/

Why not put this in an attached community for your game, and then you can link to it from your game's description? This would also allow people to comment and ask questions, or suggest tips or whatever.

I thought the point of the included resources was for you to use them to build a game, but I don't know the licensing enforced by RPG Maker.

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I feel like you misunderstood my statements. The problem is nothing in video games seems autism unfriendly, so how do I make something autism friendly when as far as I see, all games are equally so? Perhaps the issue is that I only have experience with mild autism and more severe autism makes a more noticeable difference, but what is that difference?

I don't remember if I looked into this before of not, but glancing at it now, I'm liking it.

I was primarily curious if the realm of sci-fi interested you, and would be asking for ideas and details after the main stuff is more fleshed out. Honestly I probably shouldn't have even said something as the idea in question is so early in development I still don't have anything playable, yet alone needing the lore.

Tl;dr: I am working on a procedurally generated galaxy that will mostly contain this generated content, but will be mixed with more carefully curated content as I finish developing the core systems. Basically, I want it to build itself reliably first, and then I will spice up what it creates on its own with hidden gems / special stuff later.

Wow, cause those are effective..

Hoping you'll have an API endpoint as well as any UI for this so it can be hooked into tools. I get why it's being done but am annoyed at the same time haha.

I think I've either submitted an issue relating to this or commented on one. Essentially a lot of people see "name your price" and think it is required.

I think rather than having a form in the page, having two buttons "Download" and "Donate" which open the downloads directly and the standard donate form would be a nice option.