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It’s been a very long time since I’ve worked on this, and I’m not sure what caused the issue. As I never thought to put in any kind of error handling, some or all progress will be lost when something like this occurs. I apologize for that, but cannot say if I will be able to fix it any time soon.

It’s likely not relevant, but can you tell me what version you were playing and what operating system you were playing on?

Love this!

Looks like Transcendence, which is absolutely a compliment!

I needed to contact support, and was greeted with:

And this list continues for about 50 titles. This will slowly grow more and more untenable over time.

My suggestion? Make the first heading on the page “Need help with a specific game?” and a dropdown list with these entries. Perhaps a searchable dropdown. Or hell, keep it like this when a person owns only a few games - but when the list gets long, it needs to be different.

Alternately, just put this list under’s support information?

I know I’m probably in the minority here, but with that massive bundle last year that has thousands of people with thousands of games, I’m sure I’m not alone.

This sounds amazing. I have also been wanting updates to Paradise for a long time. Hope it’s going well.

Can’t afford it, but I’m another coming from The Click!

MMM that copyright infringement~

I don’t think I implemented scrolling. If I remember correctly, the number of temporary icons vs permanent icons means that you should have no problem as long as you clear out the temporary ones.

I honestly thought you were going to mention the card game! I've been watching some of your playtesting videos and reading the various devlogs, I love it! I actually run a YouTube channel too where I sometimes review/hype up games, and would love a chance to play it with you over Tabletop Simulator. :D

I'll check out the other games I see on your profile soon.

I would love to hear it. I recently discovered the SCP Explained wiki and have been refreshing my knowledge and writing down ideas. Tangent#7123 is my Discord username. I don't want to hype things up when I'm still very unsure of when the next update will be, but my interest has been re-sparked, which is good!

Thank you! I've seen your SCP-themed card game and love that concept!

I would certainly appreciate it, what do you have in mind?

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Every once in a while I resume work on it, but I unfortunately haven't been good at keeping notes organized on it, so I have made little progress. I'm glad there is still interest, and someday there will certainly be more, I just am not sure when that will be.

Also, does Paradise autosave? I am concerned about losing what I have built!

How do I get this menu to appear? On Windows it doesn't show and hitting alt doesn't bring it up.

I've finally figured out that it looks like "usage" was replaced with "trigger" and that accessing variables needs to be done with "@(name)" instead of "@name", but I'm still unable to translate the example given for a typewriter into something that actually functions. Also saw nothing to indicate to me that you have to have a vessel in your inventory to cast it. It'd also be nice to be able to cast using a trigger of a carried vessel, or to be able to use those triggers as an implicit cast.

Additionally, nothing told me I could use "learn to" to look at help for actions. I found this by mistake. And "learn to cast" shows the instructions for "drop" (or was it "take" I forgot, either way, it's wrong!)

Looking at examples, I thought I could figure this out, but after trying a few combinations to make a swingset you can use that will print a little bit of text at you.. nothing is happening. :(

It seems other commands and things have been changed or removed since reference material was last updated, leaving me feeling more lost.

Windows 10

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make progress with this game in a very long time.

Assuming I do make progress, I intend to release a 32 bit version as well.

The saving feature is broken in Chrome too. :( But this is amazing, thank you!

I pose this question to the host: Do you need or want any help combining carts? I wish to offer my assistance if it can be of use. I would imagine the first step is to collect stats on what each cart uses, then figure out what kind of simplification is required to fit them all (my best guess is that what really needs to happen is that this needs to become a multi-cart project at some point).

There are probably several "standard functions" that can be pulled out, as well as standardizing sprites to have more generic re-used versions. Just doing some casual brainstorming at the moment.

Kind of upsetting that such a minor change is considered a political statement, but thank you for bringing this to!

The "Make this a todo-list" button on on a list's options does not appear functional. No matter how I click it, or what I do to dismiss the options menu, the setting does not appear to have been applied and re-opening the menu shows it unchecked. :(

Didn't realize the same developer was behind both of these. I haven't checked out ct.js beyond a few seconds to make sure it runs yet. xD

Loving Cosmic Everyday so far.

So it turns out trying to keep up with the myriad kinds and types of SCPs, as well as what happens with them, in a simple game isn't an easy task. I have been having a very hard time deciding how to move forward with the next update to SCP Clicker and have almost abandoned it several times.

In my absence, I see there have been many many people downloading it, but I am sorry to have not supported this enthusiasm very well.

The core idea behind my next update was to introduce a system to make defining new SCPs easier, and to make danger type-based, with multiple options for handling it, and making research take multiple routes and be used for developing new options, rather than just having 2 ambiguous values (danger and research) and cash.

I posted the following image a long time ago:

This was part of work on a rewrite, where you have the three primary resources on the left, and a tabbed interface for listing all of the other options and clickers on the right. Some example categories developed: Personnel, Equipment, Vehicles, Missions, Containment Breaches, Reports, SCPs, Research. Dividing things up will be essential as the game gets more complex. The problem is how to develop and balance that complexity.

I am calling for help now, and will post more ideas as I dig through old notes and suggestions. Thank you for your attention and for playing!

I dropped support for 32 bit executables believing nobody would still be using a 32 bit computer.

It has not been abandoned, however, I have not had enough time or focus to publish an update in some time. It will be updated, I'm just not sure when.

Thanks, please give me feedback. (I've been stagnating on the development of SCP Clicker for quite a long time.)

I don't know if I will have anything for this game jam in particular, but I do want to shamelessly advertise the fact that I do have two SCP-inspired games available for download.

  • SCP Clicker is an alpha-stage idle/clicker game where you must balance the desire for research with keeping enough money to run the SCP Foundation and keeping danger low so as to not have the world destroyed.
  • The Foundation Falls is a prototype currently based on SCP-3032 "Ballistic Trees". If work is continued, it would be a real-time strategy game based around defending against and managing several SCPs at once, with the goal to be survive as long as possible - but the game would be designed to be unwinnable. You can only last so long, before the Foundation falls.

Version 3.0.0 just released!

  • Rewritten so that usage is simpler (like a regular module instead of requiring you to manage threads and channels yourself).
  • HTTPS support using libcurl and luajit-request.
  • Using's new API endpoint. Super up-to-date! :P

Open the submission, there's a link near the top to remove it.

I won't tell you to check out my games just yet, but when I have some things further developed and/or more stable, I totally will. :P

I like this idea of creating small worlds instead of "games" per say. :)