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Paradise is an interactive fiction playground. · By Rek & Devine

Deleting- Adjectives and Vessels?

A topic by Orteller created Apr 30, 2018 Views: 588 Replies: 27
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Any ways to delete adjectives? 
Unlike notes, they don't go away after editing them to be an empty space. 
And, any way to delete Vessels? Or is the lack of a delete function intentional?

Ah, another question- Is there a way to view the ID of an item, and if so, can you call the item by using the ID in a 'program' command ?

(eg, Gallery= ID: '6' , program Ghost to 'warp  ID 6')


It's intentional that adjectives can only be changed, but not removed — And that vessels cannot be deleted.

But I like the idea of warping to static vessel IDs. I have just pushed an update that gives you the target vessel id on `inspect`.

With that id, you can simply do `warp to 6`. It also works across all actions, but some actions won't let you interact with non visible vessels, like `take 6` will require #6 to be present.


Let's say you wanted to remove a vessel attribute, what would be a good UX for this, that works and makes sense within the narrative of Paradise?

`transmute the cat` to remove an attribute, doesn't really make sense.

I'm open to ideas :)

vessels can (more or less) be removed by taking them and not dropping them.  canonically its a bit strange, unfortunately.


Better, instead of carrying them in your inventory, as it may get messy. Make a discard spell. A spell that you can cast on things, to send them into a garbage somewhere.

Developer (1 edit)

This spell can be fired at unwanted vessels, sending them into a vessel discard bin, to be recycled later.

create a recycling bin
create a discard spell
enter the discard spell
program warp to the recycling bin
take the discard spell
cast the discard spell on the unwanted vessel

How about using the word "void" to remove a vessel? Like "void the cat"


I don't want the option to remove vessels, I was mostly wondering about an action to remove attributes.

i feel like, for newcomers / in case i make a typo or are trying to explore the system more, it might be useful to be able to delete vessels?  especially since i can’t seem to find a way to reset the game back to its original state. 


Okay, I'll see that I can do :)

You can always reset the game with `ctrl+shift+n`, save your world with `ctrl+shift+s`.

thanks for showing me this!

How do I get this menu to appear? On Windows it doesn't show and hitting alt doesn't bring it up.


I'll look into using `destroy` as a verb to remove vessels, what do you think?

sounds good! i think i've attempted to use that command before, so it should be intuitive :P


Excellent haha.


I'm still trying to wrap my head around a good way to remove an attribute. If anyone has any idea :)

would just transmute (without any arguments) work? sorry i'm still not super familiar with the systems of paradise so if that doesnt make any sense i apologize :P


Well, so `transmute` alone would make sense to remove your own attribute? And `transmute the cat` to remove the attribute of a visible vessel?

i thought you could only transmute the vessel that you currently are? if not that idea might not be the best....


Yeah, no. You can transmute things around you as well :) As in `transmute glass into gold`, will affect all visible glass vessels.

i think that feature might be broken? this is the state after i type "transmute cat into glass" 

Developer (1 edit)

Oh, that's because `cat`(it's a vessel name) is not an attribute. I will clarify the reaction text.

the same thing happens if i have a gold cat and try to transmute gold into glass. is that what you mean?


Oh? Let me double check :)


Yup, it's broken.

I shall fix this.


Fixed :)


You can now remove an attribute with `transmute gold into anything`. It will remove the attribute to a visible gold vessel, like a gold cat.