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I need help designing SCP Clicker Sticky

A topic by TangentFox created May 03, 2019 Views: 323
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So it turns out trying to keep up with the myriad kinds and types of SCPs, as well as what happens with them, in a simple game isn't an easy task. I have been having a very hard time deciding how to move forward with the next update to SCP Clicker and have almost abandoned it several times.

In my absence, I see there have been many many people downloading it, but I am sorry to have not supported this enthusiasm very well.

The core idea behind my next update was to introduce a system to make defining new SCPs easier, and to make danger type-based, with multiple options for handling it, and making research take multiple routes and be used for developing new options, rather than just having 2 ambiguous values (danger and research) and cash.

I posted the following image a long time ago:

This was part of work on a rewrite, where you have the three primary resources on the left, and a tabbed interface for listing all of the other options and clickers on the right. Some example categories developed: Personnel, Equipment, Vehicles, Missions, Containment Breaches, Reports, SCPs, Research. Dividing things up will be essential as the game gets more complex. The problem is how to develop and balance that complexity.

I am calling for help now, and will post more ideas as I dig through old notes and suggestions. Thank you for your attention and for playing!