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Wow I'm glad you saw it :D Sorry about the typo >,<

I fucking love this game. It's surprisingly addictive!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing my game. I'm glad you had fun!

snek but worst? nice try tho 

Thanks for the response, I'm glad you liked it! It's actually especially harder if you prefer to work alone but you don't have the best capacity to do so. It'll be like you're resisting your own desires, which can be at times counter-productive.

But yeah, as you said, Apeirozoic will live on my future projects. People seem to really like the "Combiner" concept integrated into deckbuilding. Inscryption actually already did it!

Expansions are mixed with the Core Set,just like in any other card game

Holy shit this game looks awesome! I would buy this on Steam :D

Yes of course! :) However, the current download files are awfully outdated. :(

It's been almost 6 months since I last updated the digital version of Uncontained.

So now, after nearing the full publishing of Uncontained along with the 7 official expansions on TheGameCrafter, I want to focus on the digital version, so players that don't have the capacity to do Print and Play, purchase a Physical Copy or play the game on Tabletop Simulator, they would still have an alternative option with fully immersive experience.

So far, I've been able to polish a prototype version of the player's hand, one of the major problems I've encountered 8 months ago when I started the development of Uncontained's digital version.

Now that's all handled, the only problems left would be handling proper AI and player management.

Feel free to comment down any ideas!

You want to add something new to the game, such as new card types or effect triggers, feel free to suggest them here!

Ohh yeah, I'm still working on the card game, we actually just playtested the game a few hours ago with the SCP-610-themed expansion. Come join our Discord and ping me, it'd be awesome to walk you through on TTS and play some times. But yeah, I really want to work on a new game now too, but I'm still jsut 50% driven on this SCP tycoon concept. At the moment though, it's actually fun to work on it.

Hello, I'm working on a new game. I already have a prototype right now but it's still far from being a "game".

Anyway, as the title implies, this will be a tycoon/management/simulation game based on the Foundation. At the moment, much of the prototype is based on TangeantFox's SCP Clicker game, but I think my game already has systems and mechanics that make it distinct from SCP clicker.

One such system is the "Events Log" part and how anomalies work of the game. Anomalies work like this:

  1. An anomaly will be reported as an event on "Events Log".
  2. Then you deploy "Field Agents" to confirm if it's existence. There will be a danger rate to each anomaly where there's a chance the agents will fail the mission and result in a random number of casualties instead.
  3. Once identified the anomaly will become recognized as an "uncontained anomaly", moving to the "Uncontained" tab with the "question mark" image.
  4. You then may "analyze" this anomaly for SCP classification through the use of "Field Researchers". After that, the image of the anomaly will be unlocked along with its designation.
  5. Lastly, you may contain this anomaly using "Containment Agents" and choose which "Site" (i.e. site-42, site-66, etc) do you want to contain it. You get sites by hiring Site Directors.

Overall, you have 3 goals in this game:

  1. Avoid getting bankrupt (hence "Unfunded").
  2. Avoid the end of the world by preventing the "Breach" rate from reaching 100%.
  3. Avoid a Lifted Veil Scenario by preventing the "Publicity" rate from reaching 100%.

Obviously, anomalies will increase your Breach and Publicity rate, while personnel will decrease them. So the core of this game will be on managing everything as optimal as possible.

At the moment, the prototype has 2 anomalies just to type the programming of the game, but I've already designed the project so new types of personnel, shops, unlockables, and anomalies can easily be configured and added to the game.

I plan to add as many anomalies as I can, make it the game as deep as possible. I also plan to add GOIs, such as Marshall, Carter, and Dark where you can purchase certain anomalies to them.

Ultimately, if I had the networking aspect and online systems work, I can incorporate some kind of the online economy and even trade to other players as an online feature. Anything is possible!

I'm open to all ideas so if you got any, feel free to shoot them out!

I've actually started a tycoon-ish game based from SCP Clicker. It's still far from actually good, but you can already check it out here.

I can help with general game design too. I've published I few games on Google Play, you can check the rest of my games on my itch page. I've played the experimental v0.11 version recently and this game is really promising!

We can never be certain my friend

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It should be available on your Itch account's My purchases section.

The next expansion should be released in beta in a week or two

Hello! What do you mean? Profanity was already changed (and censored) for the Mekhanite cultist. :)

This definitely sounds like a great feature to have

It's planned and aimed to be, but considering the pandemic right now, I don't think it'll happen any time soon :(

we'll see

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Do you mean the first expansion? Sorry but I pulled it up :( You can read more about why I did that here:

I've just uploaded the most final card design update :) I hope you like them :D

I've uploaded a new version, with the included zip file of each card! :D

Hmm the Linux issue is really weird. I'll contact some Godot guys and ask about it.

Anyway, I've since uploaded a very much more polished version of the game :)

The linux version should be fixed now :D

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I'm not sure, since the .pck file is suppose to be embedded. It's already 12:51AM. I'll upload a new and up to date linux version tomorrow

Yes, I'll work on that.

1. Yes, I'm already planning that. But at the moment, I'm still working on the functionality and design aspect, since most stuff still looks shit, and I think that is more on the "user experience" aspect. 
2. Well, I think I'm gonna pass on your suggestion for automatically discarding civilians, since discarding the right civilian can impact the game. Bear that some anomalies would require specific types i.e. gender.

I made my own version naming system. I'm not sure I'm familiar with butler.

I'm glad you found it nice ! :D More updates coming very very soon!

Ohh sorry about that :o I've uploaded a new version with AI support :)

Oh, yeah, the Tabletop Simulator version on Steam? You have to ask the guys responsible for it on our discord server. :)

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you've enjoyed it ! :D 

SCP artworks for the thaumiels 2000 and 3000 are already on the way, so stay tuned :D

That's awesome!! I've just updated the game for the final art. Each card now has its own art, especially character cards. :D

Ohh yeah, so the art for the civilian family, couple, female and child, as well as most character cards, are still placeholder art as of the moment. We're still waiting for Sinsekai to complete these final art. :) 

If it's okay, mind telling me how are you playing the game right now? Are you playing with your friends, family, coworkers, etc? :)