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Updates to devlogs

A few weeks ago we released devlogs in order to give you an easy way to post updates about your projects. Over 1,000 posts have been written since then! We've made a handful of minor changes to make them even better. Check them out:

Posts viewed in your feed now include attachments

If you're browsing devlogs from your feed, you can now see any attached videos or images along with any attached files. 

You can delete posts

We all make mistakes. (Ours was not including this feature from the beginning) If you need to get rid of a post you can find a delete button alongside the save button when editing a post.

RSS feeds for devlogs

For those that use feed readers we've added RSS feeds to all devlogs. The appropriate meta tag has been added to all pages. You can access the feed directly by appending /devlog.rss to your project's URL.

Updated post editor

We've updated the software that's used to edit the text of posts and comments. It should fix the handful of bugs people have been reporting, along with being more consistent across browsers. Additionally, it should be easier to embed video or any iframe based content. If you notice any issues please leave a comment.


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Is there a way to get full devlog posts in rss form? By default they seem to be excerpts with links.


Any consideration of making an "aggregated" blog? I want to post more technical things about the games I'm working about, such as going in depth about how something was designed or implemented. I don't want this stuff to be lost in the individual game's devlog.

So maybe each user has his own blog which all the devlogs show up in so tags can be used to search for similar topics, like if I did a mechanics study in Game #1 and Game #2 you can view them there in the same list.

I really love the platform and think this would be a great place to find and share development stories.

This definitely sounds like a great feature to have

Great updates! I was especially annoyed by some editor bugs. :-)

Now one thing I'd like to see improved is the title and image shown when tweeting a devlog. It's only showing the header image and the generic title and description of my application, but in this case I think it would be much nicer to use the attached image and devlog title / first line of content.


Woops, that's definitely a bug. The meta tags were duplicated. I cleaned them up and it should show correctly now when twitter scrapes a URL. Thanks for the report.


I definitely noticed the new "add video" button in the editor toolbar. About time! But I had no idea we could also embed iframes. Would be very useful for showing off browser games in the forums.