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#loveindies on ➔ Find things to rate + new library page

#loveindies is a week long movement to help support independent developers by getting people to rate, review and recommend indie games. You can learn more about it here:

Find things to rate & review

For #loveindies week we're prioritizing helping you rate and review games. We've built a new Things to rate page in your library. It lists projects you've downloaded or played that you haven't gotten a chance to rate yet.

It includes some useful stuff to help you manage your queue of things to rate. The Dismiss menu lets you control when things show up. If you're not ready to rate something yet you can defer it for a few days, until the next time you download/play it, or forever.

You can sort your queue by most recent, oldest, and In need of ratings.  The In need of ratings sort shows projects that have the least total ratings first. Projects with 0 ratings are labeled as well. This will make it easy for you to help out lesser known developers. Please try it out, the developers will really appreciate it.

Ratings are important for project visibility. Ratings directly effect the order of projects on Top Rated pages, and indirectly affect the global popularity ranking. The simplest way to support a developer whose work you like is to rate their projects!

Updated library page

We've updated the My collections page to use a layout that adapts better to wider screens. A sidebar has been added with links to other relevant parts of your library. Additionally, for people with really big libraries, it should perform a bit better.

#loveindies on the homepage

For the duration of #loveindies week we'll have a banner on the homepage to remind you to rate some games. We're really happy with the response so far, with thousands of ratings already created. Here's a chart of ratings per day across

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to rate some games!

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Thanks for that awesome feature! I have an idea, it would be great, if you could implement like a rss feed for the dashboard, that would be awesome! 


The developer dashboard? How would you want an RSS feed for that to work?

(1 edit)

It would be awesome, to see the graph there, or, do you have any idea,to make like a widget for windows like in the old Win 7 days, I work almost everyday on pc, but I can't just close my work to look at my stats, would be awesone, if you could implement something like that.


Really cool that you guys are doing this! It really helps all of us smaller devs out there!