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Check out Ben VS Anime! My team's weird and weeby FMV game!


Ooh I see. I think I'll take a hard pass on that then because I don't want the price to be misleading.

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How do we make it claimable?

Check out Dark Roads, my team's Ludum Dare 43 entry!


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Check out He Plays the Piano, a small interactive art piece I made with Eric Pinheiro!

Play the piano in a dimly lit jazz club, isolated from the rest of the world.


The name is absolutely amazing. 15/12

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Wow I only got 6 games done. Thought I could do more but things got busy. Anyways, it's officially released now so these will be the only 6 games included in the collection.

Check out Plünge, my team's game from Sprint Week!

It's usually played on our custom plunger controllers, but works fine on a keyboard as well!


I meant like more seasonal sales, like fall, summer and winter etc... But for more events and stuff.

Like how steam does weekend sales and other things. Basically, featured sales that devs can opt into.

I think more sales and bundles will be a big thing. That's what brings people to Steam, and also makes them go off of it.

More frequent large sales and cheaper and more frequent bundles might help people make the jump.

Also cloud saves and other Steam-like features for the client will go a long way too.

Check out BrAIns, a small zombie survival shooter I made just in time for Halloween!

Play it here!


Get ready to fall in love while you fall to your death! Check out Falling in Love, my team's Alakajam 4 game!

Check it out!


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It's time to get excited for Get Me Excited!

Check it out here!


Have you ever wanted to play Cult Classic but not actually have to play?

Then check out Cult Classic: Ritual & Repeat!


WAIT HOLD UP I just updated to version 25.0 which I didn't know didn't happen automatically and my problem is solved! You can ignore this.

A filter is nice but I really like the small icons like on the website for quick reference. I'll admit it's mostly me being nitpicky though.

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It would be nice to see available platforms in the itch app, like it displays on the website's pages.

It'd be nice to have icons like these:

Listed on games somewhere like here or something:

I think it'd help organize stuff a bit more, especially since the itch app allows you to download browser games. It'd be nice to have something to differentiate between web games and games of the platform you're playing on.

It could even just list all the platforms a game or tool is available for. That could also be useful.

Check out WaveLane, an audio-only infinite runner my team made for GMTK Jam!

Play it here!


Man, heck turtles. They're so hecking annoying.

Check out Heck Turtles, a game me and Del Nordlund made in an hour for the new wave of students entering game design.

Seriously though heck turtles.

Check out the game here.


I think that would do the trick. I'll have to see if and when it rolls out but it sounds perfect!

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It would be cool to get a place to post Devlog style posts but have them be more general, like an account / page based news section or something.

The forums are nice and all but they can be hard to find. I'd really appreciate a place where I can post more general updates instead of putting them on a game's devlogs.

Something like how a Facebook profile's posts work I guess is what I'm looking for. Somewhere for me to share general updates not specifically related to a single game to my followers.

I hope this makes sense.

Have you ever wanted to send someone a birthday card but they just weren't interactive or deadly enough? Well have I got the card for you!

Presenting FEED ME CAKE. The most interactive and dangerous birthday card in the ever.

Check it out!


We made a game for Ryan Mason's Cathode Mark 1 system! Check out FIREWALL, a game about fending off hackers. Although it works best on the Cathode, we've adapted it to work on a regular computer.

Check it out!



I can't actually edit it anymore. All the files are long lost to the abyss.

Or at the very least the scripts I have don't work anymore. A downfall of not using an engine, I guess.

Check out the absolutely incredible soundtrack from When Life Gives You Lemons on Soundcloud!

By the ridiculously talented Patrick Flattery.

Our team fought long and hard against the lemons this Ludum Dare to bring you our game: When Life Gives You Lemons. Join our fight against the lemons!

Check it out!


Really cool that you guys are doing this! It really helps all of us smaller devs out there!

Haha thanks!

Oh geez, we banded together to make a game about taking seedy art commissions in order to pay rent and gain followers.

Check out Draw the Seedies So I Can Has Feedies!

(Game is NSFW)



There were never real keyboard controls to begin with. Because of how the game plays, it isn't possible to be played with a keyboard.

This patch removed some debug keyboard controls we accidentally left in. You couldn't play properly with them though since you wouldn't have been able to get up from a KO.

The team that brought you Bear Knuckle Boxing has reunited for Alakajam #3! We're happy to present: Hunk Hustler, a knight collecting action game!

Try and hustle as many of those hunky knights as you can!

Check it out!


Congrats guys!

The Super Slime Slasher Ultra team reunited for another jam (because we we're hungry) and I'm excited to share our Pizza Jam game: Geckle's Ghosts!

Check it out!

I had a lot of fun with this! I love the art, it's so cute.

Clicking on the edges of the screen will make you walk from room to room.

I totally understand how having it as it is would increase donations. I don't expect that to change, but I think it'd be cool to have the option to have it either before or after. Or maybe the option to make it a separate button on the page somewhere.

Anyways, consider it! I hope you can find something that'll work!