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Sebastian Scaini

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This is absolutely genius!

It'd be awesome if you could make a mode that can save what you make, then the editor could reopen it to be played later (I know this is hard I've done it for my own FC). It'd step this up to the next level though.

I've put you on the leaderboard.

Thanks for playing!

I managed to reproduce it and found the cause.

It's patched now.

That's strange and I can't seem to reproduce it.

What platform were you playing on?

Haha thanks!

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It helps if you don't question it because we didn't and we definitely didn't consider how bad it sounds on paper.

Our protagonist is a floating hand named Hando so we like to think it makes sense since they can't speak.

Thanks for playing!

Its nice to have some tips before my first GDC. Thanks for this!

You are a good Gabe, but not the best Gabe.

It has keyboard controls too. Check the 1.0.1 patch notes for the control list.

Has a character been selected for both players?

My thoughts while making this.

Specifically, the 4th one.

It was made within the jam time and is very unfinished so I think it qualifies.

You worked on the game so I'm not going to put you on the leaderboard.

Woah this has way too nice art to have been made in paint.

Thanks for playing! I've put your score on the leaderboard.

Thanks for playing! You're score is on the leaderboard now.

Updated: we ended up finding someone!

Created a new topic Looking for a Composer

My team is looking for a composer to make a single looping track for our game. If you're interested, get in touch!

Great updates! Keep it up!

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When you upload a Unity build you need to upload a zip of the .exe, the data folder and (sometimes, it doesn't always have it) the unityplayer dll.

The game looks cool from the screenshots! But what you've uploaded can't be played.

Oooh fancy gif.

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It's  1,2 no 3,4 by Trial & Error.

All the music in the game is remixes of this song that we bought licenses for.

Not yet but now I know what I'm doing with my evening.

Then I rubbed myself on the man.

Next was the man.

First thing I did was kill myself.


The questions at the start do affect the difficulty, but I won't share how here so I don't spoil it for other players.

Also I think your video link is broken.

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Play before reading if you don't want anything spoiled or ruined.

I am really bad at writing so I hope this all makes sense.

The goal for Demons was to make a serious game with emotional impact, but we wanted to make sure the game was still fun to play. Sure we could have made a walking simulator with fancy graphics and a strong narrative, but we wanted to see if we could deliver a high action experience that conveys it's themes through play.

So we designed the light system in our game. Light is EVERYTHING. Your health, your ammo and a timer. It keeps you on the move, always searching for a point to refill it. It keeps you on your toes. It is stressful and that's a good thing. It causes the player to feel what our protagonist is feeling, which adds agency to the experience.

We also designed the gameplay to contrast the light system. It makes the player want to go fast and shoot frantically, but that is far from the best approach. It turns expectations on their head, causing the player to take a slow, careful approach as opposed to a guns blazing one.

Another mechanic we experimented with was variable difficulty based on player choice. It is presented as a questionnaire at the start of the game. What you answer there directly influences how hard the game is, and how long you need to survive to win. We think it's an interesting approach to difficulty, especially since we never explicitly tell the player that their choices will matter. A hidden mechanic that matters a lot, yet remains hardly noticeable to the player and doesn't break their immersion.

When all is said and done, I think the game turned out very good. It has some cool design ideas that I'd like to explore further in a project with a longer deadline in the future.

Game Page

itch.io Community » Game Development · Created a new topic Demons

Demons is a game me and a friend made for a small school assignment, where we experimented with triggering emotions in players through mechanics and play.

We aimed to make the player feel stressed and on-edge, and did so using our light system in our game.

I went a bit more in depth in my devlog, which you can read here.

The game is available for free, so give it a try if you've got some time. We'd love some honest feedback.

Game Page

Love the new home page! Keep up the great work!

itch.io Community » Game Development · Created a new topic FataliTea

Me and my team made a small management fighting game where you brew tea to use to defeat your rivals.

We made it in 2 days and I think it turned out pretty well all things considered.

Check it out if you have a chance!


Cult Classic is my team's LD40 entry. In it, you must spill the blood of your fellow cultists in order to become Satan.

We wanted to see if we could make a dark, ultraviolent party game that would fit the theme of LD40, and this is what we came up with.

Here's some screenshots.

Check it out if you're interested, we worked really hard on it!


Thanks for playing!

I don't think I did, but it is possible.

This one might be my bad.

I can try making a Mac build but I'd have no way to test it. I can get you set up if you want to playtest it for me.

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I made the page for my team's game FPS TRUE LOVE a couple weeks ago in anticipation for it being finished and to work on it over time. This has however caused the site to think that it was published 16 days ago, even though it just went public now.

This bug causes it to not show up in recently added categories, which can hurt any game's exposure.

Is there any way to fix this?

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Sebastian Scaini


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Reply to this comment with a name, score and proof to be added to the leaderboard.

While our school is on strike, we did Strike Jam. In this jam, we had to make a game between the time the strike started, and ended (although as of writing this it is still ongoing).

My team made what we consider to be what a dating sim would be like as a wave survival shooter. We are happy to present to you: FPS TRUE LOVE.

In FPS TRUE LOVE you need to blow kisses at oncoming Cuties in order to give them the power of love, turning them into extremely muscular lovey-dovey people. However, if you're not careful they may overwhelm you with their love. So grab your best lipstick because it's time to start smooching!


You can play the game for free! Thanks for taking the time to check it out.