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Sebastian Scaini

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Hello Sam!

Wow what an amazing plant!

Meet Pepper the spicy flower!

Share your flowers in the comments!


Real-time Gardener is available now! Spend some time growing a flower while you go about your day!


It is just a week long. If you make your rent, then the money you have left is the score you got and it'll save your highscore.

This was really cute!

Very powerful!

Spooky Slime Slasher Ultra is back for this Halloween!

And this time it's here to stay! Go get spooked!

Play it now!


Oh no they've got a knife!

So cool!

Cute but deadly!

So cute!

Meet The Honourable Mr. BirdFoot the Dragon Slayer

Aww I hope they get some rest soon!

Show us your birds in the comments!

Check out Bird Bakery, a little bird making tool that lets you make and save cute birds!

Show us your birds!


Do you think you know the most about games? Grab a friend and play METACRUSHER, my new quick and simple board game!

I had a blast collaborating with y'all! I can't wait for everyone to make some Hot & Steamy Seedies for Feedies!

Wow I think this is the highest score I've ever seen! Congrats!

I've been meaning to submit stuff to GDWC for a while now so thanks for the reminder!

Wanted alive or alive! Check out Rootin' Tootin' & No Shootin' for some nonlethal bandit catching action!

Check out Rootin' Tootin' & No Shootin'!


Ooh I might update it with that I didn't know it was a thing.

It's not actually a virus.

For anyone wondering the title is pronounced MONSTER.

Download |\\/|0|\\|5+3|2.exe

Do not be alarmed it is just a game.


Is there a grid view on the new app like there was on the old one? If not, I'd really like to have one again!

Check out Sqaranch! our little game about herding squares!

They're in the community tab you're in right now! Just create a topic and you're good to go!

We don't have anything like that set up but we do have the forums on the page here.

Check out Monster Forest, a small game I made in Bitsy!


Get your sacrificial table ready for Cult Classic Tabletop Edition!

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Check out Amateurs, a game our team made for the new song by Sleepy Tom and Lights! Play as either of them fighting against epic bosses to the tune of their new single!


Take control of a magical melee wizard in WizKnight, me and Mikail Khan's Alakajam entry!


Thanks for playing!

I'm not super sure about classifications for like search and stuff but it sure would be nice to have a "printable" file tag or something of the sort to differentiate printable materials from other files (like digital companion apps).

Check out Asterhythmic Blaster, a small space arcade game I made in a couple hours!


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We've now patched out the flashing background to make it more comfortable to play. I hope this helps!

Come play with the Spicy Boys in Spicy Mansion, our Global Game Jam 2019 entry!

Play it here!