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I see you with that top score 👀

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Hmmm that score's physically impossible without hacking given the time since release so I'm going to purge it from the leaderboard.

[LEAVE OPEN] is a barebones competitive idle game.

Leave the game open as long as you can in order to take the top score on the leaderboard!


Learn to freecycle with Free Exchange Simulator.


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Alright thanks for letting me know I'll look into it!

Is it crashing? Any extra details you can provide will help us get it fixed!


Place Place is a relaxing arcade town builder.

Drag, drop and stack blocks to make little towns. The higher you go the more you'll score!

Explore your creativity with custom colour palettes and a scoreless creative mode!



Spewing Words is a wild and creative party game that puts you in the storytelling hotseat. Draw a card, tell a story and hopefully win some points to beat out your friends and be the life of the party!


If you like Ambyst then be sure to check out Super Slime Slasher Ultra 😉

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The project is open source so you're welcome to clone it and try to add whatever you want with it

This was so ridiculously funny and definitely my favorite submission I've played so far!

Thanks for playing!

It's okay to be wrong <3


Greetings agent. Your mission is to help mediate between the President of the Earth Federation and the leader of the Triangulans in their peace talks. War must be avoided at all costs. The fate of humanity rests on your shoulders!

In ◭ Intergalactic Interpreter ◮ go through dozens of topics across multiple playthroughs in your mission to save humanity and make everlasting peace in this randomly generated visual novel!


Howdy new bundle folks! Share your birds and backstories in the comments 🐤


Create the perfect Gamepad layout chart by filling in the functions of each aspect of the gamepad. Check out Gamepad Layout Maker now!


  • Easily fill controls with a visual editor.
  • Load a custom controller graphic by providing an image URL.
  • Drag and droppable markers for easy readjustments.
  • Export as an image to use in projects and documentation.


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And here I thought my game would be the weirdest one in the jam 😂

It was a ton of fun! Great job!

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Prepare thine SOUP for the consumption of the SOUP DEMON through a collection of microgames. 




Yeah games and applications made with Processing will do that.

It's safe but you can always scan it with some antivirus if you want to be sure.

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This game was actually part of my university thesis; using analytics data from all my other games to design a game likely to be popular (in terms of views) on itch.

If you're interested in reading more, here's my talk about it.

If your game used this asset pack share it here! I'd love to see them.


Sebastian Scaini's Credit Splashscreen for Unity is the perfect way to add quick clickable credits to the beginning of your game.

It's perfect for game jams and small projects with a time crunch and can be implemented in a matter of minutes.

It's also easy to modify to give it a new look and feel if you want something more polished!


Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it!


It converts images to an attempt at music for fun!

File Incinerator is a cute and cheerful file deletion tool. Delete your old files by feeding them to your adorable pet flame!


Check out Cozy Scenes! It's a small interactive experience to help with rest and relaxation.

This is a really great guide! I hope it helps people make even prettier pages!

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The game is an online multiplayer game so without other players it doesn't really work properly sadly.

I recommend coordinating with a medium to large group of friends and playing it anonymously with them!

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That's strange. I just re-downloaded that build from itch to verify that it works and it is fine on my end. Perhaps try downloading it again and if the problem still occurs, try running it as administrator.

What version are you downloading and have you unzipped all the files?

You can press T to chat, type what you want, and then press Enter to send it.

Tonight at 7pm EST log in to The Scarlet Cypress Hotel and hang out with other players!

Wow this is the highest score I've ever seen, congrats!

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Hopefully more players adopt it over time but you can also organize a play session if you have 5+ friends.

I'd love to get it translated but I don't have any money to work with since I just make freeware in my spare time. I appreciate the offer though!


Years after the bloody tragedy, it's closure and it's demolition, the Scarlet Cypress Hotel mysteriously reappears and opens it's doors to guests once again. 

The spirits of the past haunt these halls and the new guests are equally dangerous. 

Will you be able to uncover the hotel's dark secrets or will you become the next mystery that this hotel hides?

The Scarlet Cypress Hotel is online multiplayer and requires a stable internet connection.


Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it!