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That's strange. I just re-downloaded that build from itch to verify that it works and it is fine on my end. Perhaps try downloading it again and if the problem still occurs, try running it as administrator.

What version are you downloading and have you unzipped all the files?

You can press T to chat, type what you want, and then press Enter to send it.

Tonight at 7pm EST log in to The Scarlet Cypress Hotel and hang out with other players!

Wow this is the highest score I've ever seen, congrats!

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Hopefully more players adopt it over time but you can also organize a play session if you have 5+ friends.

I'd love to get it translated but I don't have any money to work with since I just make freeware in my spare time. I appreciate the offer though!


Years after the bloody tragedy, it's closure and it's demolition, the Scarlet Cypress Hotel mysteriously reappears and opens it's doors to guests once again. 

The spirits of the past haunt these halls and the new guests are equally dangerous. 

Will you be able to uncover the hotel's dark secrets or will you become the next mystery that this hotel hides?

The Scarlet Cypress Hotel is online multiplayer and requires a stable internet connection.


Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it!

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This was a great video thanks for playing! I loved the debrief at the end!

Steal some fancy trash in Fancy Trash, our team's Ludum Dare 47 entry!


Donations will help us pay for better servers for the game so if you enjoyed it (or the servers are full and you would like to enjoy it) consider leaving a tip!

This game is so incredibly polished and juicy! It is absolutely fantastic!

The art is fantastic and the gameplay feels really nice! Plus I love cactuses so this is a great game in my books!

Love the way the workout minigames handle simply yet elegantly. All in all a great game!

Too spooky too spooky. The atmosphere of the game was really great!

The gameplay feels great and I just love the sound design. It's so silly but is also just perfectly working with  the game's aesthetic. Great game!

Spending HP to upgrade is super clever! Nice job!

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Haha just kidding it was really cute and has this amazing charm to it that makes it super memorable. Eggcelent game!

The art and intro sequence are so well done! Great game!

Wow what an incredibly polished and great experience. The sound of the saw blade approaching is super tense and the atmosphere is to die for. Amazing!

Damn using Unreal Engine for 2D is super tough yet this still turned out so polished and wonderful. Amazing work!

The enemy art and animations were super cool and they felt really good to defeat! Great job!

Not sure if I'll have time to join one of the play sessions for the game BUT doing an online multiplayer game for a short jam is bonkers and has earned mad respect from me!

That was a really fun and funky experience! I love the gameplay perspective, it's really cool! And the music suits the mood of the game perfectly!

It would be super cool to have a download in app button on the site so if you're browsing in your browser you could have the option to load up the game in the launcher. If that's possible of course!

It's bagel time! Eat bagels carefully so you don't lose your hat!


Glad you enjoyed it! We originally made the game in 72 hours so we didn't have a lot of time to expand upon our narrative. I know I for one would love to revisit the Dark Roads setting again someday but until then, this is what it is.

Is the game still in development (like the itch page says) or is it released fully now?

Haha thanks!

Glad to hear it!



Hang out with Seb at home or on the go with Pocket Seb! Eat food, dance and change up your living space in this small interactive toy!



Hang out with Del at home or on the go with Pocket Del! Eat food, dance and change up your living space in this small interactive toy!



Today may be my birthday but I want to share the celebrations with this incredibly chill and relaxing birthday card I made to send to your friends!

Introducing: Sebastian Scaini Presents: B I R T H, an interactive birthday card for all your day of birth needs!


This is amazing.

64-bit computers should be able to run the 32-bit version fine.

Unfortunately not because I made it in Processing :(

Glad to hear it!

I love this tool!