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I've got a great idea, if you were to create a bomb with explosion animation and the back and front of a playing card, I'd feature your work in my next game, of course you will get an free key for the game (most likely on android).

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Nice ;)

These are very nice graphics, like your style!

Suggestion: A Collection of like bombs, spikes or boulders would be awsome!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Stay tuned for new stuff! :)

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Hi there!

Thank you very much! I love to hear somebody likes my assets! I'm pretty sure, that you will find many more great assets here!

For example: Here are some mandalas, they can be used perfectly as a background against hackers, take the rainbow one, which hacker wouldn't leave your computer, when his eyes die the second he sees your background xD

On this one I'm pretty proud too: more than 1 GB of beatiful landscapes in Austria!

I also suggest you to take a look at a ridiculous amount of colored assets right here!

I hope, that you have a nice time, if you follow me, you will see, when the newest assets are available!

It would be awsome, if you could show the world my projects, these things here are my hobby at the moment, and the life as a student is sometimes pretty busy, but I try my best, to create the best content I can!

You can join my discord too! It's not quite an extreme server with lots of bots, but more like a place for buddies to talk and chill. (German and English at the moment).

Have a nice day Bro (or Brosita)!

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Thank you very much for your feedback, but for now, this was just a little project, it was nothing big to expect, it was just about having an incredible hard version of pong, and if I have enough time, I will definetly change this, but I'm not so good at programming some custom AI, so, you probably can't expect this, but I'll do my best to fix it.

Said that I'm a very young student who just wants to make some cool games, more like an exercise for the future, and I appreciate your good ideas but for now, I can just tell you to try some of my other games, that are way more advanced.

I can only say "Thank you!".

And: The game is not fully "unbeatable", other people got it after about two or three hours of trying.


If you want to talk further, you can send me an e-mail: phil.hutterer@gmail.com

Or you join my discord, the main language is german, but you are welcome speaking english too!

Join today!

I also made some android apps by now, check them out!


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Now there is a sale on some of my games!


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Ein kleiner Sale!

Hoffe, du bist bis Mittwoch froh! :D

Schönen Tag noch!

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Habe gerade eine Vollversion veröffentlicht!

Hol sie dir doch gleich:


Viel Spaß damit! Ich würde mich sehr über eine positive Bewertung meines ersten Werkes freuen!

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The game has been updated!

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A new game demo:


It's in german, but maybe you can have fun with it too.