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Ah, ok then, that is no problem, we'll chat via mail, when I receive your mail, I'll send you the current list of games that are ready, we got some that are wip, they should be finished by end of November, meaning our estimated date of the sale is about the first week or so of December, this might vary since the time is estimated only.

Ok, thanks!

As this bundle idea has gotten to a decent bight, I'd strongly suggest you join the discord server so that we can speak over details more easily.

If you still want to join, please give me a sign, like a mail or joining the server.

I'd suggest you join the server or send me a mail, would be nice of you, we already got a nice pair of 8 devs together.

Hi! I think your game deserves a bit more attention, this is the case for many devs here on, if you would like to join a big coop bundle with me and some other people, just send me a mail or join my discord server! or mail to

Oh man - I love how this game is looking! Looks like you put lots of thought into this game!
Reminds me so much of the old days playing Rocks'n Diamonds xD
Would you like to get some more fans? A few other devs and me are currently collecting devs for a big coop bundle, each developer will share his fans with the others! What do you say? We can discuss details on my discord server or you can send me a mail to

Hello! Your game looks really cool! Would you like to join a coop bundle with me and some other people to get your game a bit more attention?

I don't have twitter, but you can either join my discord server where we can discuss this or send me a direct mail to

Ok, until later!

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See you soon!

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First of all: props for this game, it's looking very nice! It's looking so cool and colorful. 

It reminds me of Slime Rancher, and not in a bad way, I think you've got a excellent example of how a game should be! 

I think that the small devs on here aren't getting the attention they deserve, I'm currently asking many people whether they wanna join a coop bundle, take a look at my game (Rule The World in Peace) and tell me if you're interested. 

Have a nice day! 

Would you like to join an coop bundle with me and maybe some others? 

A coop bundle is an bundle of games from different devs, splitting revenue and gaining from each other fanbase, it helps each participant to gain an extra little perk of getting known, the more games, the better!

If you want to join I suggest you joining my discord server here

I'll try to get in contact with as many devs as possible, you can contact some others too, maybe mention my name bc I've built up a decent little fanbase, we want mainly RPGs but really any other game works, maybe something spooky for Halloween would be great, we will discuss specific details on my server! (game has to be paid!) 

As of writing this, I already got one other person who wants to join! 

You wanna make a coop bundle? Maybe even with some other people?

You wanna make a coop bundle? Maybe even with some other people?

Like with my RPG (Rule The World in Peace) and maybe some others?

looking damn good man! 

Hi! Thanks for reporting this, it seems that this only happens in the web version, I'll look into it when I find some time, in the meantime, the windows and the android version seem to run without this problem, you can download the app safely from Google Play here - thank you for playing!

Yeah, it is pretty demanding, you know, all the particle physics and stuff, but normal mode should run smooth on most machines.

Thank you!

That's nice to hear, thank you for your response!

Have a nice day!

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Just whether you find the secret it is…

(Just don't spoil anything)

Thank you for checking it out! I hope you have a good time with it!

Be sure to take a look at my other stuff too! 


Thank you for your feedback! I'm looking to make the game better and add new modes too, but please keep in mind that that might take a while since I'm a single person.

I will always do my best to help and make the game better!

I hope you have a good time with it though ans it makes your everyday-life a bit nicer!

Could you send a screenshot and point out where exactly?

Thanks for the report!

Ok, ok, one thing after another, would you tell me how much RAM your computer has and at which resolution your monitor runs.

This information is needed sothat I can elliminate very comon problems, your data will not be shared# and deleted after fixing the bugs.

Since these bugs have not been reported and the game was tested I'd like to know in what cases the game crashes for you, regarding the loading, that should work like any other frame.

So please tell me what I need to know and I'll do my best to fix it or help you to fix it!

  • Your PC specs
  • Your Resolution
  • What bugs occur?
  • When does it crash?

I hope we can solve all issius and you can have some fun after all :)

Either reply to this comment or send me an mail, thank you for reporting!

Yeah, like the buttler lol, he has some serious style I tell you!

What about

Alfred, I name my charcters mostly Alfred.


I got the nice blob sprites from here is the guy that made the spritesheet.

I don't know whether that guy is still active or not, but you could ask him.

Again some big kudos to that guy for making my game look nice lol.

Yeah, atm. I'm working on a new gamemode, it will take a bit of time, but it should be finished soon!

No problem, and you got yourself a Deluxe copy of it when it comes out too!

Be sure to tell your friends!

Hmmm.. This will require much work, as of now I can't say if I can do that, since it would have to work pretty different in an android version (choosing apps, obtaining the needed icons, onscreen controls etc.)

So at the moment I can't say for sure, but an android version is unlikely to happen since I want to focus on more features and an overall better experience for you!

I'll look into it and see, whether the things I need are possible on android and see, if I can get it to work, then it is likely to happen, in the meanwhile you can play my other games already released on Google Play!

Timing Master but be quick downloading there, if I can't get my engine to work right again, my apps will vanish from there on August 1st.

But I still have the apks here on, and lots of other stuff like wallpapers, music and so on, be sure to take a tour around the Spaghetti Plaza!

Lucky you! Enjoy the bonus staff and get excited to get the deluxe version for free!

It'll be a surprise!

I can just say, that it is an iconic game I kinda remake!

So get hyped while I'm making, it will take it's time though, I'll write again, once I can estimate a time!

Thank you! Maybe you apready know it, but I'm planning on both making the lone levels of platformer to a full game as well as creating a Deluxe version of Retro Launcher with another gamemode!

Claim one of the three keys now!

Thank you soooo much for that nice words!

It can be thought to be a one-man show, but people like you make me fell like all the work pays off!

Have a great day! 

no, didn't try that yet, I'll check that tomorrow. 

Also I don't really know if the report shows you what happened, never did that before and it is kinda confusing to do the first time.. 

I guess you'll see it yourself 

Ok, so I went into my settings, but I couldn't find the option anymore which seems rather odd, now I'm creating a bug report, will send you what it says...