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Thank you!

It sadly will not be updated, the project on Github is archived, tho it is opensource and the process of adding the new items and everything should not be too much work, tho sadly I have to say that it is no longer maintained. Feel free to fork the project on Github tho.

Well, I can only give you my word and point you to the public GitHub repo here:

Do note that the application is outdated and is not "complete" for the newest version of Terraria.

The tool isn't more then a simple program that creates a slightly more fleshed out skeletton, it can do a few things and those decently but if you want to make any major changes, this isn't for you.

I made some of this stuff almost 5 years ago, I do agree that a gameplay video would be cool but right now I don't have the time tbh, I want to start development on a new game soonish, which will absolutely get a trailer though.

Sorry but I hope you still have some fun! 


Extremely awesome little game, I love it!

That sounds amazing! Do share the game when it's finished! I'm excited!!

It is comments like this that make it all worth it :D

Thank you so much for the kind words and I'll happily continue making music!

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Hey! Absolutely! Be sure to credit me and the page and you're fine, you can even sell the game, no worries, see the license in the description for more details!

When you finish the game be sure to post it here! I'm hyped to see it! 

If you need some different tracks feel free to suggest a style :D Be sure to look through my other music pack as well:

Very cool little game!

Looking cool!

Will there be a VST-version?

That's a really awesome mod! Kudos!!

This is absolutely hilarious :D

How did you already finish? 😂

Kudos tho, I like it!

Thank you <3

Hey, I think it'd be cool if I joined in with you,, the place for composer still open? :D

At the time of this reply, this is the last message I ever saw from any of them on the discord, on 30th of August 2019

"Hey everyone. First let me appoligize for keeping everyone in the dark about the game and XandZ. My only excuse is that 'life' happened, and has forced Zygy and myself to reevaluate everything. As to Wizards... it is on an indeffinate hold. I would like to thank you all for all the support you have given us it has been truely a pleasure meeting and getting to know you all."

Regarding the graphics, as far as I know, all graphics are hand drawn by Xavier, one of the two that founded the company, and I've just searched up the game you mentioned, what's odd is that the trailer and the banner are branded with BD and the company seems to be SP GAMES, which doesn't make sense. 

One just looked into it and the enemies are stock images and bought off a platform called and the other art style is just similar, I think that game is a cashgrab, as many on steam are. 

I personally think and hope that they just have irl problems and the community hopes so too, it was quite a fast change from announcing a new update and the devs stopping.

The website is not up anymore, you can't reach them and I haven't heard anything since August 2019.

I do still believe that donations get to them but I can't assure that. 

I know that a lot of work went into this project and I'm just as sad as you that this project is probably never going to get any updates. 

Again, I'm hoping X and Z are doing well, whatever they do, maybe just the company was closed and they have different jobs but I really can't tell you sadly. 

All in all, in the name of X and Z, sorry for stopping development and thanks for playing!

The devs behind X and Z Productions are extremely likely not going to continue to work on this project, keep it in mind if you want to play the game, it is not finished and probably will never be.

In the name of X and Z Productions: Thank you for enjoying the game!

No worries, have a ton of fun with the instrument!

Happy Holidays!

As written in the description, the vst is kind of like a demo version, yes. 

I'm sorry if this wasn't clear but I'm trying to get the samples to work in other samplers too. But right now I do not own Kontakt but I will try to get it asap to put the samples into Kontakt too.

Nonetheless I hope that you can get some enjoyment out of this.

Be sure to ask if you need any assistance.

You will find your mod folder here

Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Sources\[ModName] 

(That is, if you're on a windows pc.)

Hey Mr chicken!

The Skelton gemerator is a tool to create the basic structure of a mod, the stuff you don't really want to tinker with it you don't know what you're doing. You can now use the in-game method of creating this so called Skeleton, hop into the Terraria DLC (free) TModLoader for free or download and install it yourself if you don't have the game on steam.

The files you need are all stored in the skeleton. You can, as said before, create the skeleton in-game, just follow these instructions (only that paragraph).

If it was successful, your source folder where the mod is should open, you can then select that folder in TModMaker and it should work like a charm!

Please let me know if you still need help! Have a nice day!

Yeah, or should work like a charm! If you're having any problems, please report here so I can help you out!

Have fun with it!

At the time of writing this, I just figured out and finished building my own vst which you can load natively into your DAW without needing Direct Wave, it's free too! It has a few limitations but it sounds great nonetheless!

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I'll try my best to make it more available, the player has all the capabilities of the full version except the features of exporting wavebanks and you can get Direct wave as a native vst, you can however download and install fl studio for free and you can load the fl studio vst on your host, then open the instrument in fl and you should be able to just make music as if it was directly on your host!

You can mail me to this mail and I'll happily help you out with the setup.

I'm working on some other means of using it, in the meanwhile I've put up all the samples I've recorded.

Nice to hear that you agree, the peops programming this site do the best they can to satisfy everyone, but that's simply impossible. 

I wish you a nice week, and don't forget why most people are here, for sharing passion projects and showing off your hobbies or whatever.


Think like this:

What stops anyone from just buying the game, downloading it and keeping it after returning or when you give it out via Patreon they can claim it also, I think it's really hard to make a system that functions well for people like you who have doubts, people who simply exploit such things and people that really just want to be patreons.

Many people see patreon as a one time purchase thing because you can just do that, for like a month or whatever and keep what you got.

tldr; not easy to revoke access to something you have already on your disk, and if you don't include some sort of drm there's nothing stopping anyone from sharing it with friends or post it somewhere.

Some people can be jerks, but there's some nice people on this world too :)

So you're actually still working on it? Nice! Great game, I really dig playing it with some friends! Destroys friendships as great as Mario Kart and or Smash ;)

Yeah, sorry for that, I needed some space - thanks for the help! Great game!

Yeah, if course, it was just the easiest way to start!

Hi! I'd love to play it, I bought it on the Racial Awarenes Bundle and just tried to install the apk on my Android 9.1.0 device but it just says, app not installed when I try to install it, could you help?

Hello! I'd really love to play the game on my phone (I got a Huawei Honor device with Android 9.1.0) but when I try to install it, it seems as if it works but then suddenly says install failed - think you could try and help?

It's very awesome, but could you maybe add an option to scale it up? I have a full 4K Display and all the plants are extremely tiny.

I am sorry that I don't have a video preview of the game, I have no experience in editing videos but maybe if I learn some video editing, I'll try and make a trailer, but currently there is none.

I hope this isn't a too big issue, I hope you have fun playing :)

No problem" Thanks for the quick fix! It's working superb now!

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Ok, so I just tried a bigger picture and now I'm always getting to a point where random shards flicker on the entire screen and no new ones are added, do I have to change up some settings or can it only work with that many shards?

That tiny green triangle above the pink one in the bottom right corner is one of those.

I really love the idea but if it only works like that, it's not as great as I hoped it would be.

I hope you can help me!

Ok, so I just wanted to play around with it but it actually works awesome!

Thank you for all the work you've put into this! Well worth it!

Ok, so I like the asthetics of the game and how the jumping feels, but something about that not being able to move when double jumping sometimes makes it feel not that good, also, I'd add something like a ghost in slow-motion so that one can see how he is supposed to do that crazy stuff, after a while trying to figure out how to do that jump, button-mashing brought me up.

Nice and simple game though, but it's rather hard if you don't know how to do that stuff, tutorial could be better.

Thanks for a nice experience!