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Wizards Of Alamar

Wizards of Alamar! Imagine if Zelda hooked up with Metroid and D&D then had a crazy love child! Yeah it is that good! · By X and Z Productions

General Questions Sticky

A topic by X and Z Productions created Mar 19, 2019 Views: 564 Replies: 38
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This is just a little area set aside to talk about and answer general questions of Alamar.

Ha Ha Ha! My wife wants to play. but she don't want to play a guy.  Will you have charac ter choices in the game? If so, when?

More characther choices would be great!


That is something we are working on as we speak. Here is our plan of attack so to speak:

1. This week we will be putting up our scheduled update and in it will be a new main character with a lot more animation. This will be updated and refined over the next few weeks.

2. Next week, if all goes well we will be adding in a female character and then expand the character selection choices over the next couple months.

Great question!!! And keep them coming. We love the fact that people are interested in our game.

Deleted 2 years ago

Next week! Great! This is the Alamarians wife and i was just searching the site for girl games and saw the notice bell. I have to be honest i am loving the game. I like the old feel and it is just fun. Will i ever be able to name my character?


Glad to here it! I hope you like the character. She's gonna be a bad@#@ when we are done. We have been considering a login system but will probably hold off on it a while. But in a few weeks we will be starting to put in conversation between the player and NPC and i think we will be putting a name in for that... cause it would be funny to see what names people come up with.


Now i got to call it a day and get back to animations. Thank you all for your support and comments

I suck at Wizards of Alamar however I cannot stop playing it!!!  I have found many ways to die in the game.  I would like some tips on how to survive.  I like the new character and look forward to more choices. 


Time and patience is what you need. And hopefully this Friday we will release the first female character for you to play. Thank you for playing the game.

Thank you for your response.  I am working on the patience  and i play daily to get better.  


i do hope you like the game update this week... cause it's all about the girl!  Girl being the new character.

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!! The new character choice is AWESOME!!!!!! 

Her jumps are amazing!!

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hey this probably isn't the right place for this but it will have to do. this is going to sound really bad but here I go. you have a crucial problem with you're game: the metadata or rather the lack of it, I don't know how your engine handles it but the metadata needs to have a publisher in it to be able to get it past antivirus software. I have run into this problem before and so from a developers point of view you need to get it sorted or else you will lose a great proportion of you're playerbase. I physically cannot run it as my antivirus software pounces it as it opens.  p.s. thanks for the follow

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the heads up. This is a pretty common problem with the Gamemaker engine and it is a hit or miss type of thing. Since no one has reported this before we thought it was not happening. Can i get the type of anti virus software you are using so we can compare gamemaker games with their database. I just need to know if this is a wide spread issue or a specific software issue.



Could you retry to download it and see if we have fixed the problem. the updated ver 1.1.12 is up

its fixed thx


No thankyou. without awesome people like you and your feedback we would have never known. HOPE YOU ENJOY THE GAME

I have made it to quest 2!!!  Very excited as i was only doing side quests to start. 


Great JOB!!! 

Quest 3 open !!!  This game just gets more fun as I go!!!!! SUCH FUN!!!!!!!  Excited to see what is next!!!!


Quest 4?????   Ha ha ha I made a FUNNY! I am glad your liking it. And we all appreciate your feedback and Support on Patreon. We are looking into doing something special for anyone that joins Patreon before we have the login system finished in the game, in the next week or so, to tell if the player is a Patreon member or not. We can't express just how much you all mean to us!

HAHAHA  Quest 4 may take me some time but I know it will be fun getting there!

This is neat! Managed to get myself stuck by spawning an ice platform right next to my character, though, during the tutorial. Only way out I found was exiting the game entirely, since I couldn't move or destroy the offending platform.


you can only have 2 ice platforms at a time. therefore all you need to do is use the spell two more times, away from your character and you will get unstuck. we made this a feature of the ice shelf so you can trap your enemies. and if you ever get stuck again you can use the V or the Esc button to return to village. I will better explain this in the tutorial part about the ice shelf.

Ah, forgot about that... yeah, a reminder would make this less annoying in case you do it to yourself accidentally!


Yeah i will look into it that whenever anyone traps themselves a voice bubble will come up and say.... "Aweeee crap! Again? I got to get this wand fixed! I either got to do it two more times or go back to the village by pressing V."  honestly we didn't think people would be getting themselves stuck as much as they are. 

I have iced myself several times lol.  I am learning though. 


We almost have the new login system done for this next update!!! Thank goodness! This will allow us to reward those who have stuck by us these first few months, WHICH A HUGE THANK YOU IS GOING OUT TO YOU NOW! SERIOUSLY, THANKS!!! But for all those that have joined us on Patreon and discord this log in is how we will tell the difference, and special unlocks will be throughout the game for you. so if you haven't joined us on Patreon yet do so now and reap the benefits!! it's only a buck.

Join Discord here


The update will be Monday evening. We ran into some gamemaker2 issues but have them now sorted. We will be making the login optional for the first few weeks as we make sure that all the kink are worked out. Test Test Test and then Test again. :)

I have made it to Quest 7 and I just cannot get enough of this game!!!!! I really like the new music from the last update.  

I purchased Wizards of Alamar some time ago and finished level 16 but found that level 17 remains locked. Can you tell me please when the next levels will be unlocked?

Also, I received your update about the rings, shields, and wands but many of the items listed were not in their repsective levels when I found the places where they are supposed to be, namely the "tornado wand" and the "ice shield".  Can you  tell me when these items will be available? Thank you!


Quest 17 should be unlocked this coming friday, July 12th. We have been writing alot of code for our server side communication and should be done with it the beginning of this week. until then we wont be able to open a new quest. But i feel confident that we will have the next few quests open this coming friday.

Gentlemen, have there been any new levels released yet? I have been replaying level 15 and 16 now for a long time and am ready to tackle a new level. Thank you. 

Gentlemen, for about two months now, every time I try to run 'Wizards of Alamar' the game crashes and I receive the following error message:

action number 1
of Async Event: HTTP
for object oMenuZygy:

Data structure with index does not exist.
called from - gml_Object_oMenuZygy_Other_62 (line 13)

I have run your game on two different computers and each computer ran the game perfectly until December. As this is your game, can you please tell me how to resolve this problem? Thanks!

The devs behind X and Z Productions are extremely likely not going to continue to work on this project, keep it in mind if you want to play the game, it is not finished and probably will never be.

In the name of X and Z Productions: Thank you for enjoying the game!

That is a true pity as I enjoy playing it very much and would have been willing to pay $30+ for the full game. Have the devs said why they unwilling to finish the game?

I saw a game on Steam called: "Raccoon: The Orc Invasion" by SP Games that uses the same graphics pack as 'Wizards of Alamar'. Has X and Z Productions changed their name to SP Games or are they separate companies just using the same graphics?

At the time of this reply, this is the last message I ever saw from any of them on the discord, on 30th of August 2019

"Hey everyone. First let me appoligize for keeping everyone in the dark about the game and XandZ. My only excuse is that 'life' happened, and has forced Zygy and myself to reevaluate everything. As to Wizards... it is on an indeffinate hold. I would like to thank you all for all the support you have given us it has been truely a pleasure meeting and getting to know you all."

Regarding the graphics, as far as I know, all graphics are hand drawn by Xavier, one of the two that founded the company, and I've just searched up the game you mentioned, what's odd is that the trailer and the banner are branded with BD and the company seems to be SP GAMES, which doesn't make sense. 

One just looked into it and the enemies are stock images and bought off a platform called and the other art style is just similar, I think that game is a cashgrab, as many on steam are. 

I personally think and hope that they just have irl problems and the community hopes so too, it was quite a fast change from announcing a new update and the devs stopping.

The website is not up anymore, you can't reach them and I haven't heard anything since August 2019.

I do still believe that donations get to them but I can't assure that. 

I know that a lot of work went into this project and I'm just as sad as you that this project is probably never going to get any updates. 

Again, I'm hoping X and Z are doing well, whatever they do, maybe just the company was closed and they have different jobs but I really can't tell you sadly. 

All in all, in the name of X and Z, sorry for stopping development and thanks for playing!