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World Wizard 89

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Wonderful pack, it's been on my wishlist for a while - just purchased, very happy!

Your stuff is good! Easy purchase for me too.

Oh really? Is this using the Scale2x algorithm too? If so, it would save me a step. It looks like it isn't, which is why I applied it after generating. Scale2x is great for upscaling pixel art in a power of 2 size to a power of 2 size 1 greater (like 32x32 to 64x64), as it never adds colors and tries to preserve details.

Thanks. Yes, how could I forget? I'm working on updating all my games - I will be updating this one too!

There's 100 deity images in all, so I made a little image gallery on my own web space to show them off. CryPixels is such a great tool once you learn how to use it! (Note: the tool can't natively make 64x64 pixel images, but it can make 32x32, which I then run through the Scale2x algorithm once, to generate 64x64 versions.)

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That was... embarrassing. Got LOLpwned on my very first fight. I can always try again, right?

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It doesn't work, sadly. (As I expected, the primary executable isn't... executable, so macOS refuses to run it - this is why I said ZIP format, not RAR, as the OS solves that for you on extraction.) Then I got an unsigned app warning, which was completely expected. Telling it to continue on resulted in an immediate crash... and it still crashes after eliminating translocation as a possible cause. Oh well! I can play on my Windows 10 PC, so all isn't lost.

Ah OK. There's a number of issues with producing macOS builds on Windows - the biggest of which is that an application produced this way, even if well-formed, won't run because it won't appear executable. You can work around this by using a ZIP archive, though.

Looks interesting! Was this made in RPG Maker MV? If so... there's no technical reason Mac users like myself can't play, besides the way the game was packaged... and I want to play, but I can't on a Mac.

Ah, forgot about that... yeah, a reminder would make this less annoying in case you do it to yourself accidentally!

This is neat! Managed to get myself stuck by spawning an ice platform right next to my character, though, during the tutorial. Only way out I found was exiting the game entirely, since I couldn't move or destroy the offending platform.

Unfortunately... I have since discovered that, even if you manage to get it to run, a crashing bug upon entering battle once below Dungeon Level 1 rudely terminates your play session. Since battles occur randomly, this effectively makes the game unbeatable. Oh well.

It does that on macOS. You have to use the command line, unfortunately. I didn't get around to testing on other OSes... and packaging the game up so you don't have to faff around with "why doesn't this JAR run with a double-click?" is what gave me so much late trouble. Ugh.

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That can be done right now, as everything's there on GitHub. I'm not 100% sure HOW that would work though... EDIT: It just occurred to me that I can use the standard butler process but not tag any platforms. Problem solved!

EDIT 2: Submitted!

I'm falling flat at the final step: packaging my game, written in Java SE 11, so others can run it... and unfortunately I am also out of time to fix it. (Technically I have 1 hour tomorrow morning - after that I go to work and an evening event, forbidding any further work - but... the way things are going, it's highly unlikely to be fixed then.) Sigh... making the game was still fun, though, despite being unable to submit.

Hooray, these are all great changes!

Pardon me, but the way the downloads are structured breaks for itch v25 users. Itch has a tool for this exact situation called butler. Its documentation is here: If you could update the downloads to use it, app users could play this properly again! Thanks!

Wonderful news! Thanks for doing this! It'll make my life as a user much easier.

By the way... the new 25.x series has the .pkg format for installers blacklisted, so Mac users see no installable files.

This is fun! Not only that, it's a source of inspiration for me to get developing again! Thanks for sharing!

These are exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Thank you for making them available! (I have made sure that if I use these in a game I make, I attribute properly.)

The dialog box said to send the error details to the author, so... (running this with Java SE 9.0.1)

com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: overrideIsOver
at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication$
Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: overrideIsOver
at Roguelike.UI.ButtonKeyboardHelper.add(
at Roguelike.UI.ButtonKeyboardHelper.add(
at Roguelike.Screens.MainMenuScreen.create(
at com.badlogic.gdx.Game.setScreen(
at Roguelike.RoguelikeGame.switchScreen(
at Roguelike.RoguelikeGame.create(
at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication.mainLoop(
at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication$

Regarding wormholes: They will only work if they're not "full" (something's sitting on the other end). Also, if you just warped via one, you have to move off it and back on to get warped again. The other two issues are definitely bugs. I'll look into them.

Thank you for reporting! This is now fixed - LaserTank now has an "Open Default..." menu item for this very purpose.

There are but their default location (inside the itch apps folder) makes them a little hard to find. Fortunately I have a solution in mind for solving this problem. I will make an update to address it.

Tiled is a truly wonderful program. It is also how I discovered the itch service. Bravo!

Very cool! Nice work.