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Looks interesting! Was this made in RPG Maker MV? If so... there's no technical reason Mac users like myself can't play, besides the way the game was packaged... and I want to play, but I can't on a Mac.

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Sorry about that, I will extract my games for MAC/OS today, too. 

The reason I didn't extract them before is because I never used MAC/OS, so I was not able to test and provide technical support for my games in that operational system (OS). I'll let you know once I've uploaded something new! :)


After extracting the files (because I am not familiar with the file format) I seem to be unable to locate the game icon/launcher (I change the default RPG maker icon with a custom one in my games), and I have no way of testing everything afterwards! Still, I'll be looking on it and I'll ask some friend if they might have a MAC/OS pc to help me test, so I can upload with confidence!

Ah OK. There's a number of issues with producing macOS builds on Windows - the biggest of which is that an application produced this way, even if well-formed, won't run because it won't appear executable. You can work around this by using a ZIP archive, though.

I've deployed it as MAC/OS X, then I used Winrar to zip it!

I dunno... Will it be working now? If you want, just give it a try, and let me know if it's working fine. If it doesn't work, I think will be willing to cancel the transaction or something... :) We'll find the best solution, anyways!

Thanks for buying the game. Give it a try, let me know how it goes. If all is fine, I'll be adding MAC/OS X support to my Heroes and Monsters II - Medieval and (soon) after v0.6 to my Hercules RPG. :) Fingers crossed! 

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It doesn't work, sadly. (As I expected, the primary executable isn't... executable, so macOS refuses to run it - this is why I said ZIP format, not RAR, as the OS solves that for you on extraction.) Then I got an unsigned app warning, which was completely expected. Telling it to continue on resulted in an immediate crash... and it still crashes after eliminating translocation as a possible cause. Oh well! I can play on my Windows 10 PC, so all isn't lost.

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Damn! Sorry about that. Unfortunately I've never worked with MAC/OS X, so I'm totally in the dark here. Sadly 2 of my friends who know some technical stuff in linux knew nothing about MAC. Well, I'll have to delete the unusable "MAC" file. But I will keep on experimenting and I'll send you a copy in your e-mail, if I ever manage to make it playable in MAC/OS X. I'm glad you've also got a windows PC, so all was not in vain! :) Once more, sorry about the inconvenience and I hope you'll enjoy the game! 

I'll e-mail you to see if we can find a way to deploy the game for MAC/OS X, too. Take care!