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The original 26 maps are 256x256 tiles. The BONUS maps are smaller, to keep the proportions of the land masses closer to the cartographic reality (mercator projection). Of course I could try to make a few 256x256 maps that cover all of earth from north to south, as you propose in your other post. This might lead to a disproportional representation of the oceans, since they are vast, "empty"-looking water masses...

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They're here (map pack2)!

Alright, I will start working on such map next week!

(too busy at the moment)

Follow me to get notified when I'll get it released!

I've e-mailed you the answer. Thanks for buying! :)

Thanks for playtesting!

Sure thing! As long as you don't forget me in the credits of your published work! :)

Hahahaha! It's supposed to be hard to master, hero! Try taking it step by step and heal often! Remember to upgrade your armour and weapons as soon as you can! You can do it! :)

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Damn! Sorry about that. Unfortunately I've never worked with MAC/OS X, so I'm totally in the dark here. Sadly 2 of my friends who know some technical stuff in linux knew nothing about MAC. Well, I'll have to delete the unusable "MAC" file. But I will keep on experimenting and I'll send you a copy in your e-mail, if I ever manage to make it playable in MAC/OS X. I'm glad you've also got a windows PC, so all was not in vain! :) Once more, sorry about the inconvenience and I hope you'll enjoy the game! 

I'll e-mail you to see if we can find a way to deploy the game for MAC/OS X, too. Take care!

Thanks for buying the game. Give it a try, let me know how it goes. If all is fine, I'll be adding MAC/OS X support to my Heroes and Monsters II - Medieval and (soon) after v0.6 to my Hercules RPG. :) Fingers crossed! 

I've deployed it as MAC/OS X, then I used Winrar to zip it!

I dunno... Will it be working now? If you want, just give it a try, and let me know if it's working fine. If it doesn't work, I think will be willing to cancel the transaction or something... :) We'll find the best solution, anyways!

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Sorry about that, I will extract my games for MAC/OS today, too. 

The reason I didn't extract them before is because I never used MAC/OS, so I was not able to test and provide technical support for my games in that operational system (OS). I'll let you know once I've uploaded something new! :)


After extracting the files (because I am not familiar with the file format) I seem to be unable to locate the game icon/launcher (I change the default RPG maker icon with a custom one in my games), and I have no way of testing everything afterwards! Still, I'll be looking on it and I'll ask some friend if they might have a MAC/OS pc to help me test, so I can upload with confidence!

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Heroes and Monsters II - Medieval

Heroes and Monsters I

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After the initial success of Heroes and Monsters, I am delighted to announce Heroes and Monsters II - Medieval is released!

Find out more at my profile:

And the game page:


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HERCULES game, released!


Buy the game here: (1 USD):

Read more here:

Check it out!

First 4 people to buy will get v0.3 for free upon release!

Enjoy life & play games! Cheers, y'all!

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This is Heroes and Monsters

Hello guys. Just a short message to notify this wonderful community that I uploaded my 2nd project, Heroes and Monsters.

You can download the game here:

Please check it out!

You can find more about the game and the characters on my posted devlogs: AND

THANK YOU ALL. Have a nice winter break!