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Nice changes, keep up the good work

sounds good

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but you only need 1 power to chip them and you can just dodge all their attacks and continually attack

doesn't a high grace trump power almost all the time though?

I always just end up sending keys out to streamers/youtubers hoping they'll look at it

I like it, it sounds fun, sadly I don't know any rpg systems like that

yep thanks

im a little confused on how to attack enemies as there is a lack of a tutorial, still its a great game

There is a story, its just a bit hidden, you need to complete the game through both means to understand the story as its almost entirely contained on the emerald tablets hidden around the world

can you create a discord server, the game is incredible (i have it on steam) and i'd very much like to easily ask questions i can't get my novice head round, also i'd like to be able to interact with you awesome devs :)

use the app

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Watabou, if you don't stop pumping these out theres going to be no proc gen left to do for the rest of us. Love your work man keep it up

damn you really need to write a tutorial...

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Enchanted battlegrounds is a a strategic card game in which you must try to defeat your opponent by playing creatures and spells, you take the role of a sorcerer tasked with restoring good to the world...

beat this spaghetti lord


is it just a shell that runs a batch script?

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We are doomflamegamingstudios and we have just released an alpha page for our online card game - Enchanted Battlegrounds. We would appreciate it if you could take a look at our game and leave a review. Join us on our journey as we make this game amazing,

hey im currently looking for a few artists to help me finish off a card game as there are about 60 pieces still to do, we can offer a % of the money the game makes depending on how much art you do. we will expect you to hit deadlines and if you would like to write a post for our patreon when it goes live you would be able to do so. if you're interested email

its fixed thx


hey could you work on a set project im currently looking for a few 2d artists to help my current artist keep up with work. its an online card game

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hey this probably isn't the right place for this but it will have to do. this is going to sound really bad but here I go. you have a crucial problem with you're game: the metadata or rather the lack of it, I don't know how your engine handles it but the metadata needs to have a publisher in it to be able to get it past antivirus software. I have run into this problem before and so from a developers point of view you need to get it sorted or else you will lose a great proportion of you're playerbase. I physically cannot run it as my antivirus software pounces it as it opens.  p.s. thanks for the follow

hey i'm looking for a 2d artist to help with the completion of a card game I've been working on the past few months. if you're interested please email me at

hey Ruben I'm currently trying to finish off a card game and I am trying to get all the art in please email me at if you're interested

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I can't you're blocking nonfriend dms join my discord here

do you want to email me at ? that would probably be easier as I would never look at another site