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Quest 17 should be unlocked this coming friday, July 12th. We have been writing alot of code for our server side communication and should be done with it the beginning of this week. until then we wont be able to open a new quest. But i feel confident that we will have the next few quests open this coming friday.

We will put some final touches on the game and submit it next week!

Damn!!!!  Your awesome! Seriously! i have printed this out and will go over it all and see what corrections we will make. I would love it if you could find the time to join our discord server so we could talk in person, if thats ok with you. the discord invite is...   Again thanks. This is what we are needing and i am so glad you are enjoying the game.

The update will be Monday evening. We ran into some gamemaker2 issues but have them now sorted. We will be making the login optional for the first few weeks as we make sure that all the kink are worked out. Test Test Test and then Test again. :)

We almost have the new login system done for this next update!!! Thank goodness! This will allow us to reward those who have stuck by us these first few months, WHICH A HUGE THANK YOU IS GOING OUT TO YOU NOW! SERIOUSLY, THANKS!!! But for all those that have joined us on Patreon and discord this log in is how we will tell the difference, and special unlocks will be throughout the game for you. so if you haven't joined us on Patreon yet do so now and reap the benefits!! it's only a buck.

Join Discord here

And here is Leasu... one hot bad ass!

Here is some gameplay for you to check out.

We would really love some feed back here. It will allow the new users and interested users a chance to here from our players.

We designed it that way, that is the reason the wind wand does so little damage to enemies.

Join us on discord and in a few weeks we will be rolling out our login system which will open up some special things for our discord and patreon members.

Still looking for an answer... it took me forever to even find the post. Maybe an alert should be sent if someone moves a topic to a different forum.

Check out our new game Wizards Of Alamar. We have it in a free co-op bundle, that no one can seem to see for some reason but here is the link ,  If you get this after the bundle expires check out the game here, and if you want a key then please reply to this and i'll send you one. Have a great day and game on!!!

I am running a co-op bundle and it is not showing up in any of the bundle pages. Could someone check this out for us??? Any help would be great.

this is the actual bundle:

This is the bundle page:

Wizards of Alamar

Devlog 1.1.14

Introducing the Assassin! This character goes out to one of our most avid supporters! Thank you for all the help you have given us in game and on our discord server. Which everyone can join HERE

-- added this patch --

-Quest 12 Added the assassin as a playable character

-Added sound effects to gems, hearts, ice shelves, and boulders. more sound effects are still on the way

-E to enter portals. We cleaned up the portal building alot as well so you don't have to jump into the portals anymore. Some new art will be released in the next couple updates to make the building even cooler.

-Linux version is available tomorrow. It takes approximately 4 hours for me to build for linux right now so i do it over night. I am working on a better solution for this. It should run in ubuntu but i am unsure of any other linux distribution, so please join our discord and let us know what works and what doesn't.

-- future patches --

-Login system. This will allow us to sync with patreon and give patrons extra rooms in some quests, unique spells, and some special side quests.

-Working on a sound rework that will add volume controls for spells, ambient, etc

-Working on a resolution scaler to allow you to choose a resolution and windowed or fullscreen.

-Working on a few new door puzzles to add some variety.

-Working on a few new spell ideas to mix up combat a bit.

Yeah i will look into it that whenever anyone traps themselves a voice bubble will come up and say.... "Aweeee crap! Again? I got to get this wand fixed! I either got to do it two more times or go back to the village by pressing V."  honestly we didn't think people would be getting themselves stuck as much as they are. 

We have just put up our first Linux build! If there are any Linux Users, we need you all to test it! We will be giving away several free full versions of the game for this purpose. All you will need to do is grab a key out of the Wizards of Alamar community posting HERE or join our discord server HERE and get a key. 

you can only have 2 ice platforms at a time. therefore all you need to do is use the spell two more times, away from your character and you will get unstuck. we made this a feature of the ice shelf so you can trap your enemies. and if you ever get stuck again you can use the V or the Esc button to return to village. I will better explain this in the tutorial part about the ice shelf.

Ok we have a ubuntu version up that should work... could you have your friend test it?  Arch is like rolling the dice, but please test that also.

Not sure about any enterprise linux, like rhel or suse. and this is the first we heard of nix... so i couldn't tell you on that.

Awesome!   I kind of figured that but just wanted to ask to make sure. We have decided to move up our development of the Game Login System to this weeks update and will handle the different versions in game. That way will have just one downloaded project with different items unlocking in game depending on the type owned.

Thanks for the quick reply!!!

Quest 4?????   Ha ha ha I made a FUNNY! I am glad your liking it. And we all appreciate your feedback and Support on Patreon. We are looking into doing something special for anyone that joins Patreon before we have the login system finished in the game, in the next week or so, to tell if the player is a Patreon member or not. We can't express just how much you all mean to us!

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Please bear with, because i'm probably being a complete idiot here... but we were thinking of uploading 3 version of the game in one store page.  A free version that would be used as a demo. A $5.00 one that would be the standard download and a $20.00 one that would early releases. My question is if someone opted for the $20 one, would they have access to the $5 one also. Because I don't want the player confused when loading the game in the itchio app thinking they would be playing the $20 and actually playing the 5.  I don't see an option for separate game icons for the separate Versions and I don't want to want to flood the store with versions of the same game.

Any help in this would be great.

we will look into those this week. Please understand that each build takes about 3 to 4 hours to build and then we have to test it. so this is a thing we do at the end of each day and test in morning type thing. it will take some time. But we will get there.

it will take a few more days to work a couple kinks out of the linux build. it is not opening for some reason in ubuntu. what ver. of linux are you using?

Well we did not get everything we wanted done for this update done this go around, but such is life. There is always next week. I am looking forward to this upcoming update ver.1.1.14.  In this we will have not only the few things we missed, but the first set of sounds and mixer controls in it. I think this will really add to the overall game play. 

Then its on to finishing up the tower and the magical armory in Ver. 1.1.15 so you can select the placement of your rings and wands. This might not sound like a big deal but I believe once you get into a frantic fight, you will appreciate the ability to rapidly switch between wands. Thus shaving off those precious moments between the life and death of your character. 

I will be introducing the assassin character next week and Q12. It has taken a little longer than planned to get the scene rewritten. We have done this for a player,  Assassin, who has been a tremendous help to us in the discord channel. We just wanted to show our appreciation and allow him and everyone else the chance to play the assassin character.

-- added this patch --
The building to change your character now has a nice sign outside
The characters have spell effects in their hands based upon what spell you have selected
You can now mouse wheel to scroll up and down through the spells
Added sound effects to the coins. More sound effects are coming soon along with individual volume control for things like pickups, background music, spells, etc

-- future patches --
Working on executables for linux. Linux has been requested and hopefully I'll have it out soon.
Working on a sound rework that will add volume controls for spells, ambient, etc
Working on a resolution scaler to allow you to choose a resolution and windowed or fullscreen.
Working on a few new door puzzles to add some variety.
Working on a few new spell ideas to mix up combat a bit.

Great JOB!!! 

No thankyou. without awesome people like you and your feedback we would have never known. HOPE YOU ENJOY THE GAME

Working on the code signing a little today... joy. Gamemaker has always seemed to have an underlying problem with some anti virus. But we are trying to figure that out.

Could you retry to download it and see if we have fixed the problem. the updated ver 1.1.12 is up

(1 edit)

Thanks for the heads up. This is a pretty common problem with the Gamemaker engine and it is a hit or miss type of thing. Since no one has reported this before we thought it was not happening. Can i get the type of anti virus software you are using so we can compare gamemaker games with their database. I just need to know if this is a wide spread issue or a specific software issue.

Ok I think i have all the stuff up until present day. I will make it a point to put all our devlogs and updates here along with some running commentary as we are creating new and exciting things in the game!!! All feed back is welcome.

Devlog 1.1.12

-- This Patch --

-Added Quest 11.

-Character selection is introduced in this patch.

-New female player character.

-New tutorial instructions.

-New character changer. Go to the left side of the village there is a building under the portal building.

-Waterfall is now animated. Sound effects coming soon with a whole sound rework.

-Resized and refitted every level so the new characters fit better.

-Re-did most of GUI and textures, buttons, pop-ups and tutorials.

-- Future Patches --

-Linux has been requested and hopefully I'll have it out soon.

-Working on a native executable for windows and linux.

-Working on a sound rework that will add volume controls for spells, ambient, etc.

-Working on the resolution scale to allow you to choose a resolution and windowed or fullscreen.

-Working on a new puzzles to add some variety.

-Working on a few new spell ideas to mix up combat a bit.

UPDATE VER. 1.1.10

Well we had a couple hic-ups that made it through testing and fixed them.

-One was a low spawn point in quest 6.  The new player, who is a little taller, would stuck in the ceiling. If anyone runs into this please tell us and we will fix it immediately. 

-the portal to the defend walls was not opening correctly

This was a pretty big update... 

--Added this patch--

-Quest 10 is the introduction of the inner workings of 'The Roaming Tower'. This will be a important part in your game and will house all your magical items. You will be able to unlock artifacts, new wands and much more... that we aren't going into right now.

-A New main character. This character will allow for better animations and will have added items to it, in the coming weeks.

-Tab system for the magic store. This was a pretty big re-write that will allow us to properly display all the new wands and other items in the village.

-The handling of wands and magical artifacts within the code has been rewritten and expanded upon. This is important because within the next few updates you will be allowed to arm yourself with different wands for different quests.

-The GUI is in the process of getting a face lift and getting a more streamline look. This will allow we hope better and faster game play.

-- future patches --

-Working on a resolution scale to allow you to choose a resolution and windowed or full screen. (Again this is driving Zygy nuts! You need to understand that he is a perfectionist to a whole new level!)

-Adding a main character selection process. First will be a choice between male and female. Then we will add in different magical and non-magical races and a host of other things that will allow the player to further personalize the game. These changes will be gradually introduced over the next few months.

-Adding the ability to name your character.

-Working on new door puzzles to add some variety.

-Working on a few new spell and wand ideas to mix up combat a bit.

-Have some magical defensive items that will be released shortly.

This is a 'halfway' update. and the full 1.1.10 will be this friday as which will contain Q10 in it. Again thanks for all your feed back.

-- added this patch -- You are more powerful from the start. Press E to go into buildings fixed a few gui issues cleaned up tutorial more lite version of the game now only has access to the tutorial, 3 quests in the bar, and 1 main quest in the portal room

-- future patches -- Working on a tab system for the stores so we can rearrange and add more items to the stores. Working on a resolution scaler to allow you to choose a resolution and windowed or fullscreen. Working on a few new door puzzles to add some variety. Working on a few new spell ideas to mix up combat a bit.

First we want to say THANKS for the downloads and feed back!!!! We actually do listen and care what you think. I know you hear that crap a lot but we mean it. This rewrite we did after CoalFire brought up some issues with the tutorial wasn't a one off. It is how we do business.

Devlog / Changelog Ver. 1.1.9

---------- added this patch ---------- -Complete tutorial rewrite.  Thanks for CoalFire's insight -Added Quest 9 -Replaced the lockpicking sprites. -Potion is now F, was previously E (this is so E can be the interaction button) -W and the up arrow now jump the same height.    It was a feature not a bug but enough people inquired about it we decided to lock them together. -Rearranged the village. Those mages just like moving the platforms around. Its hard work to make them levitate like that. -It is now obvious when you are taking damage and it makes combat feel alot better. -Ghosts should now always be on top so you can see them.

-- future patches -- -Started a tab system for the stores so we can rearrange and add more items to the stores. Getting ready for the roaming towers true introduction into the story. -Working on a resolution scaler to allow you to choose a resolution and windowed or fullscreen. Just keeps jittering... Argggg -Working on a few new door puzzles to add some variety. -Working on a few new spell ideas to mix up combat a bit and getting the new wands ready to be revealed after Quest 11. -Interaction button to go into buildings and look at signs rather than just walking into them.

Alright lets bring you up to speed.... We have had previously posted 5 weekly Devlogs with our updates. i will place them in here now. Starting with Version 1.1.8

On March 1st we released Ver.1.1.8 This contains Quest 8 and the Roaming Tower along with some new animations. I would like to take a moment and thank you all for helping us with bringing this dream into a reality.  Without you, your feedback and most importantly, your support, we couldn't be doing this. Your support means the world to us.

Whats in Quest 8

Quest 8 is the first in three quest that deal with The Roaming Tower and the Icelands. The Roaming Tower is not just a tower, it is a library of collected magic of all 5 studies. Inside are artifacts and books that you will unlock over the course of the game. New sections will open and mysteries be revealed. Not only is it important that you take control of the Roaming Tower... you need to KEEP control of it. But first you need to take it from the current Wizard Of the Tower, LeWalt the Gray. He is persistent to say the least and I need to stress he is a hard one to get rid of. 

Some of the changes

We are refining some animations around the wizard character today before our release of Quest 8. These will be associated with the fire, ice, earth and wind wands and will be the "conjuring swirls" that will surround the wands. Because we all know that there has to be CONJURING SWIRLS. We also added in some other animations that will help identify magical items in the game.

Answers to your questions

Someone asked why we call our Versions "running".  Well it is because every week we will be adding a new updated version of the game and a new quest. We thought that was a fun play on words when we came up with he idea. 

Ok, as I have plainly stated before we are new to the site and i just found this forum dedicated to Devlogs. We have been posting Devlogs every week with our updates but didn't have and actual thread dedicated to it. So i intend to correct that now. I hope that players will come here and comment on our progress and help us make an awesome game. I will post up the previous Devlogs to bring this forum up to date.