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A topic by FEFFSIndieGameContest created Mar 21, 2019 Views: 260 Replies: 14
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Hello there ! 

 I'm Zoé Fischer and I'm working on the Video Game & Virtual Reality section of the European Fantastic Film Festival of Strasbourg, France. We are looking for some independant game projects for our 7th Indie Game Contest. The Indie Game Contest is an international competition of indie games. Each year, a dozen of games are selected as finalists and shown to the public of our video game section that can freely play them for the whole duration of the festival (about ten days). 

A jury of professionnals (youtubers, creators, journalists) will award their favorite game with the Octopix (our grand prize). Since last year, the competition also includes an audience award.  Last years, we had Unruly Heroes, Superhot, Into the Breach, Thumper or Event 0 as competitors. This year, the festival will take place from September the 14th to the 22nd. 

Feel free to check the content of our previous section here :

The Indie Game Contest is a celebration of bold proposals and alternative games. Feel free to submit your game to our competition, spread the word, or even better, come to our event ! The call of projects for the 2019 edition is online since 15 March.

The form to submit a game (the registration is totally free of charge) :  (To enter the competition, the game should not be released BEFORE the end of the festival : September 22)

If you have any question, just ask : 

 Best regards, let’s keep in touch :)

I Like this! I LIKE THIS A LOT!!!

Hello there! 

As a reminder, the deadline for our call for games for the 7th Indie Game Contest is: JUNE THE 15TH. Games submitted must be pre-alpha, alpha or beta versions or, if finished, remain unpublished until 22 September 2019.

Please, be sure to fill the following form to submit a game:

All the best, let’s keep in touch :)

Got a little question: in the part 5 of rules for submitting a video game, it says "All prizes will be awarded in Strasbourg during the Festival. " So we need to be there to get the prize?

Your presence in Strasbourg is not required, you can submit your game and win a prise without being present at the Indie Game Contest. This statement only means that the results will be announced at the end of the festival in Strasbourg, but the prizes will be send to the winners if they are not present. If you have any other question, do not hesitate to ask. Best, Zoé. 

To participate, we need to complete the word form on and send it by email along with the game's files? Just want to be sure.

Yes, you need to complete the form on our website and send it and the game's file to the email address specified. 

Hum... I downloaded the Word form from your website, but I can't modify it to complete the form since the file is in read-only (tell me if I misunderstood something). Do we also need to fullfill the "date and signature" at the bottom? Last question (I think), my game's files' size is superior to 20mb, so can I send a link to download the files instead of sending it (since emails can only take files less than 20mb).

The form should be modifiable, I hope you can work it out. The form should be entirely completed, date and signature included. For the submission, you can of course send it through a download link. Have a good day !

Figured out for the form. Now I'm trying to understand about the pics. I looked deeper into dpi, and it seems like I can't know the measurement in pixels of the picture without having the cm size. So I don't really understand which resolution (in pixels) I should send xD 

Send us the higher resolution of the pictures you can, 300dpi if possible but anything else is also ok. 



We will put some final touches on the game and submit it next week!

Thank you for this message, we are looking forward to try all the submitted games !