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Hum... I downloaded the Word form from your website, but I can't modify it to complete the form since the file is in read-only (tell me if I misunderstood something). Do we also need to fullfill the "date and signature" at the bottom? Last question (I think), my game's files' size is superior to 20mb, so can I send a link to download the files instead of sending it (since emails can only take files less than 20mb).

The form should be modifiable, I hope you can work it out. The form should be entirely completed, date and signature included. For the submission, you can of course send it through a download link. Have a good day !

Figured out for the form. Now I'm trying to understand about the pics. I looked deeper into dpi, and it seems like I can't know the measurement in pixels of the picture without having the cm size. So I don't really understand which resolution (in pixels) I should send xD 

Send us the higher resolution of the pictures you can, 300dpi if possible but anything else is also ok.