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Patreon integration on itch.io

We're delighted to announce that we now have Patreon integration on itch.io. We're big fans of Patreon, with a similar goal of helping creators make an earning building what they want. Many of our creators are already using Patreon to support their work so it's been a common request to allow patrons from Patreon to get access to developer's itch.io projects.

Starting now you can now offer access to your itch.io pages to your Patreon patrons. In order to get started you just need to connect your Patreon creator account to your itch.io account, select your campaign, then share the claim URL with your patrons. We use the Patreon API to verify your patrons to make sure the correct people get access. You can configure a minimum pledge level required to get access to your itch.io project page.

We've updated our creator documentation with a new page on Patreon, check it out: Distribute to your Patreon patrons 

After connecting your Patreon campaign, patrons can get access by verifying their pledge status. It looks like this:

Patreon link support

We've updated our list of external link types to include Patreon. If you have a campaign for your itch.io project please add the link to make it easy for others to discover. Head over to Edit > Metadata > External Links to set it up.


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If  a Patron stops backing you on Patreon is his access to the page (and the game) revoked ?

It would seem that New Patrons who made a pledge but have not been charged for the month have access to downloads.

Unfortunately, I leave my link in my blog posts and any of the Patrons can  download the game and cancel their pledge right after. Is there a way for Itch to check if they actually were charged?

Isn't this solved by setting your Patreon to upfront payment?

Apparently, I just received this feature, but the feature is in beta and not available for all Patrons.


What exactly does minimum pledge mean?
Let's say I set the minimum pledge to 5$ and I have a 1$ , 2.50$ and 5$ reward tier on my patreon.

Who has access?

  1. Only the patreons that pledge 5$ every month ? ( 5$ reward tier )
  2. Everyone who has altogether pledged at least 5$ ? ( 5 month for 1$ , 2 month for 2.50$ , 1 month for 5$ reward tier )

I was wondering the same thing.

Like all rewards on Patreon, The rewards are only available to those who donate that amount monthly or per project. It doesn't add up.


can i seal my games end outer stuff whit out patrion just asking nothing ageist patrion i am just asking if i can haw option b end just connect it to my cart 

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I'm curious if it's possible to have a game available ONLY to Patreon supporters? Or does it also have to have a public purchase option to non-patrons?

So could you have, for example, a game available from itch.io for patrons only for, say, 1 month, then after that period it's available to purchase to everyone? That way you could have timed exclusives for patrons, but the games become publicly available after the exclusivity period.


Sure, you should be able to use "Restricted" visibility mode to keep your page hidden to the public. Tell me if you run into any issues doing that.

Thanks! That would kind of work, but it's not exactly what I'm thinking. I was imagining a public page that anyone can view, but there's no option to buy/download unless you are a patron.

Your solution would mean the page is invisible to everyone unless they have a password.


Thanks for the clarification. There's an option for that as well. You can create a public page then check "No new downloads & purchases" option. It's a little confusingly named, but it only blocks people from getting your game from the game's page, it doesn't block keys generated through patreon.

Hey, sorry for the slow response. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

I must have missed it because it's hidden until you click the "Configure settings..." link. I couldn't even find it after you told me, as I was using Ctrl + F to search.

Thanks again for the help. I'm glad this option is supported.


This is really awesome!


I don't quite understand. Does this mean that our Patrons have the ability to edit our projects? Or what does 'give access' mean?


It means they can download a game without buying it, unless I'm misunderstanding.


Thanks! I put what you told me with the little video on the itch.io page, and saw the 'Minimum Pledge', and it all began to make sense. Thanks!

No problem! :)

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Has an API reference been added into Itch.io's API as well? So we can see they're patreon supporters when using the App?

very amazing update, helps stream line things a lot better 

OMG. You guys have no idea how much I needed this feature.. Before i had to create seperate keys for each Patron. Thank you so much Itch. 

This is excellent!


Nice ;)

itch, you guys are amazing!


esta es una enorme buena noticia. ya no tendremos que optar por kickstarter que es muy buena, pero para cuestion de videojuegos indi los que patrocinan en kickstarter no le ponen mucha fe. esta plataforma que esta mas orientada a juegos es ideal que hagan esto


Great Thanks


I thinkz I should get a patreon


Thank you!


This is super sweet. Thanks so much! :D