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Nice idea. Enjoyed trying to get the bee in the gold cup! Did it twice!

I had some issues with it.

  • Sometimes my bee would bounce perfectly vertical so the bee wouldn't move at all. It would just bounce up and down until it timed out. This even happened once immediately after I launched the bee
  • Sometimes my aimer would go crazy and I couldn't point the bee above the horizontal (so it would shoot backwards away from the board).

I also feel the line doesn't accurately display the angle which the bee will launch at. Made me feel like the game is cheating me. I think that's because the line is the launch angle, but it looks like it touches cups so I'd assume the bee would go that direction, but it doesn't because of perspective.

This was HARD! I only managed to get past one day because one of the cars in front of me crashed and made a car shield. But I did get to see that sunset :) Was worth it.

Awesome execution and vibes. Everything worked really well together (art, music, feel).

At first, I wasn't too into it, but then I saw there was a limit to get to (apposed to a see how far you can go) and I can go faster with cars.

Then I tried hard to get to the end. Took me a few times but finally made it. Good experience.

Constructive Comments

I fell it was hard to avoid the trucks sometimes because you didn't have much time to react. I felt like a lot of my staying alive was luck. With the way it is right now, its probably OK since if you broadcast the vehicles from the bottom too much it won't be easy. If you had more forward obstacles (like more cones, holes, etc) then it would make sense because you'd have to watch out for both sides.

Oh a similar note, I liked the difference of horns. I got excited when I heard a card and scared when I heard a truck. I'd say that worked like intended.

Nice job on this one. I liked it alot. Great aesthetic that really worked for the theme.

Some Criticism.

  • Not a fan of the instant death.

I don't really like games that penalize you by instant death. I think its ok for people to make mistakes when playing. An instant death is brutal and forces everyone to play at the same level. (I'm saying this but I actually am a huge Souls-series fan...). So I'd recommend making hitting larger objects 1-hit you, but smaller things like cones and signs just make you loose control and take some fuel away. So you want to miss them but its not the end of the world (unless you loose control into another car).

  • I want a little more dynamic movement in the car.

I'd like a little bit of a car turn when i change lanes (subtle, but it would look good) and maybe a little bit of "shuffling" of the car too so it looks like its moving forward (make the car go backward and forward slightly, erratically or something like that). That would add a little bit of a better feel to the car.

Interesting idea and I liked the action you need to take when you run into someone. I didn't feel any change of difficultly though as time progressed, though. I'd hope for something more like different kinds of people or different people speeds.

Good job finishing on time!

I liked the premise. I wish walking was a little faster. I loved the humor in places (the faces, the bed, the tv..) :)

Loved the idea, and it worked well. Took me twice to really figure out how to do everything. The hardest thing was the computer, but i managed.

Awesome job!

Hey, sorry about that (assume you're talking about the win64). I must have messed up packaging it, but I re packed it, tested it this time and uploaded it. So it works now if you want to try it again!

Congrats on finishing. Cool idea and fun puzzler. 

The controls felt a little weird changing directions. I'm kind of a twitch gamer; I like pressing buttons fast and the controls made me a little frustrated. Once I slowed down though, it worked well.

Good execution.  At first I wasn't a fan of night, but then I played it with sound and figured out what you were trying to do.

I feel like the night is to extreme, it feels weird, I'd like there to be a fall off or something on it, but other than that I think it turned out really good.

Cool concept. Kind of hard playing it by myself, but I tried.

Constructive Criticism?: I think the idea of resurrecting all your dead corpses as cool. It seems too cheap though, if you can manage to keep the game going 60 isn't that bad for a lot of soldiers. Might be cool to do a soul thief kind of mechanic where you could build units that steal graves to your side? I'd say play a lot with that idea because its unique and makes the game it stand out. Another light comment is it was hard to make out the different between the red and blue. Might be my monitor settings but both looked like slightly off-white. I'd say make it more noticable.

Good job finishing it!

Some Constructive Feedback:

It is fairly trivial to keep the orcs away from the egg now. I would like to get to the overrun feeling much quicker where I have to bounce around and defend my eggs. If the eggs stayed were they dropped (after an orc takes it) then I would have multiple spots to guard making it more difficult and more tense.

Game turned out good felt complete, though needs some basic sounds.

Attempt at constructive feedback: I didn't like the waiting for each turn to execute. I wish there was something to do while each wave was coming. It reminds me of Pixeljunk Monsters. They let you upgrade your towers by standing on them (something to do during the round) and pick up coins. I also feel the need to add a speed option (which helps) also shows there is a problem since its a bandaid to a problem of boredom during rounds.

Good job on finish it and making it feel like an entire game!

Any consideration of making an "aggregated" blog? I want to post more technical things about the games I'm working about, such as going in depth about how something was designed or implemented. I don't want this stuff to be lost in the individual game's devlog.

So maybe each user has his own blog which all the devlogs show up in so tags can be used to search for similar topics, like if I did a mechanics study in Game #1 and Game #2 you can view them there in the same list.

I really love the platform and think this would be a great place to find and share development stories.