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If it's a Tiled map in JSON format, you should be able to just open it by going to File -> Open. If the file type filter is too specific, change it to "All Files" or "Json map files". If your JSON level is not actually a Tiled map, then you'd need to convert it first or write a custom importer.

You can change it in the Preferences:

Hey Hordecall, first of all thanks for your donation! About your problem, I assume you've already tried changing the base color of the theme? This also affects the tile palette background somewhat (if you're on macOS, change to "Tiled Fusion" theme first). Another option is to try a development build where I've coded a background color option per-tileset, though unfortunately it's a little unstable at the moment. You can find the latest build for Windows here.

You should ship MSVCR110.dll with the game, otherwise it won't run out of the box on Windows 10.

Actually since recently the Tiled snapshots can export maps to GameMaker: Studio room files! https://github.com/bjorn/tiled/pull/1386

Thanks! I'll be sure to check out your maps. In the meantime, I've added your game to the Games made with Tiled collection. :-)

Probably. There's a related issue on GitHub about having the anchor in the center. I'm just not sure exactly where to put this option yet.

That is not a glitch but an unfortunate inconsistency in where the objects are anchored. Whereas rectangle objects have their origin in the top-left, the tile objects have their origin in the bottom-left (or even bottom-center, in the case of isometric maps). At some point in the future I'd like to unify all this.

You're welcome to! Of course Tiled won't fit everybody's project, but feedback is always appreciated and I'm continuously working to improve it.

That's something you'll need to implement in your game / engine. You can use Tiled to set custom properties, for example to configure where the time machine will take you.

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It doesn't directly save/load GameMaker files, but there are some conversion tools available for converting Tiled maps to GameMaker rooms. There is a discussion about adding support for GameMaker on the Tiled forums.

This is a known issue that will be gone once Qt 5.6.1 is released and Tiled is compiled against that version. In the meantime, it usually helps to close the Maps view while doing the resize, since the crash is related to the rendering of the file icons.

Thanks for sharing! I've done some first steps to get this code to compile and link on Linux. Unfortunately it crashes on startup, but I hope that won't be too hard to fix.

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It's fixed now. It was due to a bug in itch.io, that I have reported now.

I think it doesn't really matter whether it's on GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab. They're all great services. GitHub is the biggest, but GitLab allows you to log in with accounts at either of the others as well as with Twitter or Google.

In any case that's great news and I'm looking forward to trying it out!

You could just put a disclaimer along with the code that you're not comfortable with it. Besides, maybe somebody would like to help you clean it up! I would definitely like to try out your tool, but I don't like running applications that hide their source code. Also, I'm generally working on Linux.

I think Tiled2Unity is probably what you're looking for. It's up to date with Tiled's features and well maintained. There are a bunch of other options though, which may be more suitable depending on your needs.