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Hmm, the tileset Orientation setting, either “Orthogonal” or “Isometric”, is only used to apply the expected transformation to collision objects and terrain overlays, when they are rendered on top of the tiles in the tileset view. A “Hexagonal” orientation option does not exist for tilesets, only for maps. Hence, I am not entirely sure what problem you ran into. Could you report this issue on GitHub or Discord, and provide more details, possibly screenshots?

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i am not able to get on either discord or, at the moment, github. i meant the map obviously! we can tell the difference between tsx and tmx. i was able to return to this finally, and it not only refuses to un-tile from rectangular, it also CROPPED THE PNG. so i literally lost my newest work on the tiles. i am extremely lucky this was for a hobby project and not a commission!

dude there is NO option that explains how a hexagonal tileset got re-sliced into rectangles. i literally saved it after one second, it's exactly the same file with exactly the SAME SETTINGS. i worked with this for months with no issue. yes there were even windows updates throughout in this span. *nothing* was different. i would love for it to be user error except i spent literally hours trying to dig out what it could possibly be, in your endless rows of dropboxes that don't explain themselves with so much as a tooltip! and yes! we used the updates!

the question stands. why would it re-slice the tileset, which was in perfect hexes for months, and then have no way of undoing it, AND destroy the png in the process?

i'm only providing screenshots to help others for this issue, i don't appreciate being pandered to like i can't figure out the difference between a tileset and a map, when i'm clearly incredibly upset already.

in case you can't tell, there's not only several pixels new margin on the left, there's one and a half tiles missing on the right. saving it again clearly won't work, one because i already tried it and two because the original file is ruined without any backup. no, i don't know how it happened, if i did i wouldn't have asked

the last image is what you want to gawk at. that used to be a nearly completed 870x900px map

whatever. i'm going to fix this manually. i won't be touching tiled again this year, most likely. everyone good luck with your projects, and back-up everything in triplicate.

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Alright, the tileset image getting cropped would mess up your map since the cropping affected the indexes of most of the tiles. In addition there appears to have been a change in the tile size used by the tileset, causing all your tile rects to be misaligned.

The easiest way to restore the map should be to revert to a non-broken tileset image.

It is however impossible for Tiled to mess up your image like that, since it does not write to tileset images, ever. I’m sorry if you lost your work on the tileset, but the image must have gotten messed up some other way. Keeping backups is a good idea, regardless.