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You're welcome, I'm one of those who finds these relaxing. I beg you to keep a short mode available, a ten minute bite is so, so nice for a sim.
There are enough gameplay branches just from this that it's entertaining. (I despise math but sometimes math is good to me, haha.)

I recommend looking into communities which were not driven by wealth accumulation, especially indigenous ones which managed entire environments to live *inside and alongside*, and well. Unless there was a war on, the city-states were abandoned because they just didn't work out in the long run. Kind of the antithesis of most sim games!

One really interesting feature is the fire in the center, which actually connects to a lot of ancient religions. Not the, ah, granola cottagecore set, but more that everything was a gift that was to be sacrificed first, and then partaken of. It's hard to describe? We tend not to have a frame-of-reference when we're so removed from food production. But it's pretty common in the old religions. And fire is a repeating theme there; I dunno if it was deliberate here, but I liked the echo! (Unfortunately, while there's many sources on those, do keep an eye out for the authoritarian types when digging through them. I mean, besides the personal harm, their injected 'philosophies' could also affect your gameplay criteria.

Another possible twist is are they nomadic? If they are, they're not building permanent structures. Now that would be ambitious, to have both available paths.

If you do want to up the ante on complexity, without making it an accumulation thing - I recommend trade. There was a lot more cooperation among different peoples than really expected. I still get excited when people find sea shells from thousands of miles away - the beads! I mean wow, the beads. Because that means extensive trade networks were totally normal, even among 'primitive' peoples. Cooperation was *normal*. (And besides, as I noted in some other sim games, without preservation methods, you couldn't hoard perishables. If we changed all the billionaires' legal tender to dried salmon and pemmican, they would not be keeping it that long.) 
I'm no expert, btw just enthused.

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Enjoyed this a lot! Not having clear spots to put people stymied me for a second, but I think a little flashing indicator would clear that up, I do like the aesthetic of *not* having cubicle type jobs. It seems more true to life. You just do the job that needs doing next. btw your farthest lake on the left is off the screen in regular mode.

Edit: first a couple of picks. I really think the elders are requiring two wood too many. On a speedrun I'd have to open three areas before I can get to the elders, who hold the exploring bonus. It's unbalanced. Also there is an issue with the game not actually restarting a new run, or zooming in and then getting stuck instead of loading.

That said, this is a brilliant game in its simplicity. It demonstrates how peoples have been rotating hunting and gathering grounds, how to allocate resources, how the same people fulfill different roles. Even a little feel for how seasonality works, without any artificial four-seasons set changes. This is all in direct contrast to what capitalism has wrought of our segmented, consume-till-it's-gone-and-move-on system. It makes the player apply thought and balance - why cut more wood when there's no need for it? The direct result is a naturally forested environment that's ready for future harvesting. It's also an economy that shifts *back* to food production, instead of 'progressing' into making objects no one needs. 

Rearrange this into more of a vertical format - mobile users will love you - and you'll have an easy winner.

this is a stunning little collection. i love it. the layering of the initial pieces is so great


Are you Neutral? This is Neutral quality.
Oh, kids, we used to have devs release games at this caliber every 2-3 weeks. rip flash.

One tiny detail so far, you might want to change the ----'s string texture to wire (which is legit, there are fighting ones), because we still have a blade in inventory.

Not at all, I love your style! I just started on some OC-rich games, and judging by the surnames, there's demand for reviving some of these, er, dead lines. They might like your vaults too!

this is the best wave action I've ever seen. i love it.

I'm not sure of the project I'd use this for, yet, but just in case, is it okay to change the palette ourselves? 

(1 edit)

So, further delving - if one holds very very still when they click on Discard, your hand will not eventually disappear to one card. I think I managed to zero it once. Tested with a mouse and a touchpad. That might be okay, there's some on-focus junk that's crossed up. In the meantime if you have shaky hands you're SOL.

The loss condition I tested to see if it could be gamed by simply finishing the 1st quest before the other quests. This is not the case. Fully a year and half finished, quests fulfilled 3-1-2, and the game continues until you hit the loser screen. It seems like anything which is automatic will give you the win, and anything that requires clicking to fill the quest will not trigger a game win. Lose. 

tl;dr This should be a game about managing interconnected hex's on limited land, and instead is a Really Too Realistic Scenario where you do everything right and still lose humiliatingly. As I said, I'm sure you meant well, but this is going to hit very close to home for the people who identify with your cast.

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sigh. same bug, except the handicap whittled down to 2 cards in a hand. there was no telling what the invisible cards were, there was no correlation to what was being clicked and what was showing.

mathematically, it should not be 4 years. the first year you're making no income, because everything is growing. there's no overlap. you guys set it to difficult level by default.

eta: yeah, this is a bit more sticky than at first glance. I've suddenly "won" without the winning condition being fulfilled at all. And I just "lost" with the winning conditions completely filled, and the game telling me so for two seasons.  Like dudes, you need a math duck.  add: Just replicated the latter "loss" condition. add2: replicated the bogus win condition

add: Finally got a win condition that matches my... winning! I finished the harder crops portion (1st one) before the middle quest. Game and popups continue behind happy win screen.

Y'know if you actually wanted to make this harder, have food in your inventory spoil. There's no way a butcher is ordering year-old meat. And at those prices? your proteins will always be more expensive, like way more expensive. Oats is an instant discard, too. It'd be cool to see more hex action too, like maybe fish next to rice will enhance. Or to see it, at all, since the font is microscopic like a mid 2000s pastel webpage.

soclose. so close to winning. however i'll never know if i simply had no pumpkins for a year and a half or... i drew a pumpkin, and the game didn't show it. because i was winning on 4-card hands.

not only would i appreciate a mouseover tooltip for which crops are which (all your grains look the same! reverse one of them, please? that has to be dumps for learning-disabled players), but the indicator pop-ups are probably breaking things. The money bag is already updated, and yet here's 22 pop-ups.

Also, the quests are not fulfilled when something is harvested at the same time. This seems massively unfair, since they're shown *after* the quests are updated.

Also your bottom-most hex's can hardly be clicked when there's a card popped up over them. Why isn't the season done up like a thermometer, along the right side? It takes up so much real estate, when there's only one part of the infographic we need, the bar. Look at it encroaching on my poor cows.

I think you'll be fine, with a little more tweaking of the UI, and yes, the rng. Honestly, you could probably get away with the rng if you gave it another year. Do we need to talk about how racially charged instead of racially inclusive it is to have a stacked game where it's very, very likely that the Black family loses their ancestral land? Like, my dudes, you need to make the gameplay more fair, or we can absolutely call token on this. If taking *just* the African-American players, and not even other Black people, this is a pretty upsetting game wrapped up in very cozy gameplay. Like, I don't think you guys are getting that this is within great-grandparents generations, not a thousand years ago, not that it would make it better.

600×316 png
188.2 kB

Were there any plans to update this? It's one of my favorite games, like, ever, but even the download has big places to patch. I'd be willing to go through a bug review if there's anyone still actually working on it.

accomplishment of the year. with a mouse, btw

500×371 png
132 kB

wasn't even counting bunnies, which is probably how I got in the zone
1/1 in production. started with my standard 2/2 ... and yes, spoiler, i front-load with stones, nearly the full 15+9=24, +5+1. but my average is 110yrs

Love it! I especially like that marking the eggs is tracked. Creative and simple, it's a fun quick game.

if you're planning on improving, there are some aesthetic notes,tho. like the dragons are cute, and what great art, but we don't get to see a close-up of them in a loss condition. They look like they can be scaled up to see more baby dragon.
The color contrast is also a bit difficult? It's good you have different shapes for colorblind people, but something about the contrast is flat. For one thing the shinyness of the eggs makes the hatched open eggshells look raised, like they're all the same.
And this is just my personal take: the sound effects are not quite enough to get me to that popping packaging bubble-sheets satisfaction state. I like that everything is milder and  more chill, but again, I feel like there should be more contrast there too. Like, not terribly extreme! That would take away from your style, which I like. But just a bit more on the dial

some little life lessons ~ it's not a weakness or cheat to pick up a bunny up and help them

and ~ you don't need to pick everything up. you only need to worry about as much material as a bunny can carry.
only worry about the imminent bunny, coming down the stairs

~ the math is difficult to argue with: fixing your system first is always better than rage-scrambling after individuals

there's more about the reality of generating wealth/savings and being unable to do so; how unequal distribution of resources means privilege does effect equity; the vital importance of infrastructure; adapting to the situation at-hand instead of constantly returning to a fixed paradigm; and the irate panda gods are background features and not part of the game you can control,
but those ones make for a more tranquil, almost zen gaming experience

hi, srry this is a bit late. first, very excited to see this spiffed up! one of my favorites. 

alas, my first go produced this: 

422×358 png
14.5 kB

i don't think there's any way to advance that town. i have a disturbingly huge sample size of games (lol i played this a lot!) and none of them did that before.

also... i'm not really keen on how the windmills animation goes now? i know that's a nitpick but the previous animation was not jerk-y reality-glitch. the still pixel art might be neater but in motion it kind of interrupts the vibe.

i'd also humbly suggest a few adjustments in resource requirements, as usually you don't pay much of a resource X to build the thing that makes resource X. most of the game mechanic nails this; but in many cases, like with population, it's grindingly unbalanced. i estimate you need about 3 houses to achieve steady population growth, and with the cost list of each house ... ironically it's difficult to actually attract settlers.

what might put this over the top into legend mode would be more area effects bonuses, like woodcutter next to forest (or type of tree! i've farmed maps into one type of tree, just for the Aesthetic. mushroom farms are my favorite too.) or house next to apples or sheep next to open grass.

also... could you please make the area around the woodcutter cottage larger? i realize it's partly because of the path margin, but a lot of bunnies are not sticking because of the trigonometry. a mouse swipe has that much farther to move diagonally than across. so while the sticky area might equal the same, the distance is actually farther from the temple avenue than one pass of the mouse. tl;dr there's bunnies standing on top of the woodpile doing nothing

(yes you do use trig when you grow up. stay learning, kids)

(2 edits)

118. 114. 110. I do wish, wish wish there's more a sticky effect of resources landing on top of the platform? With multiple bunnies stalled, they'll literally be right on top of it, and it turns into an interface problem. Likewise, that resources won't end up on the stairs or on the gravity-defying side of the temple, where picking them up turns into disrupting traffic. Like I said, that turns it into an interface jam (the bad kind) and not even any kind of pixel-hunting skill.

Really reminds me of the olden days when more defense tower games roamed in flash. Timing is everything!

great variety of pixel art. like that there are 'regulars' it turns it into a memory game, tho also the physical sorting and picking is tricky when patrons are piled on each other. bugs - the lowest middle room's status changes don't always show in graphics, and im at the top floor and can't click on the sprites for leveling up. kanako also missing an outfit?

Bruh I don't know what's up, but I simply cannot get it to reload both the tags and the seed at the same time. First off I have to manually re-enter all the formatting, which is fine, as it's not part of the URL. Then alter the tags even though it is part of the URL. But when I go to enter the seed number, it will revert the tags to some arbitrary default. It's all correct, because it generates exactly the same image for either fork (and I recognize them, from the same problem with the previous build). But it won't put the two together. Could you please have an easier way to re-load? The vast majority of casual users won't even get that far. And I cannot save a local copy for a file this large. I'm pretty sure it didn't load even when I tried. I'm on Firefox, if that helps. I really want to be able to use Mansions on this beaut: which should generate from

absolutely love these. thank you for including a variety of fruits

There are many benefits...!

absolutely love the look!

(1 edit)

well here's the thing. great little game. i had fun. but when there's no allowance for building on cleared land and/or revealing even a little bit of the diagonal, you end up with  boxed-in resources that are in plain sight that cannot be accessed. like if they're x-x-x, there's no way to place a town.

eta: like that food.
if there's another tile in the dark, it can't be harvested at all

Weird too that the lag is ... idk, revealing some priorities? I can place a house next to a resource, and the counter will go two whole ticks before it registers that the resource is being harvested. so i've lost while still having a house next to the limiting crop.

I'm loathe to bother you with such a great game ... would it be possible to please have a brunette or black-haired option for the middle left fuzzy ponytail? Boruto may have ironed down all their hair, but there's too many character lines with gravity-defying spiky, messy dark hair for them to... oh awkward ... die out. ^^;;;;

I imagine everyone from curly-haired ethnic groups would like some options for them, too. (Personally I hardly think that's on you, Boruto's character designs really fall short in a lot of ways.)

Anyway, am having fun, I really like the ninja mesh and the modified kimono options.

I don't think the radio is 'broken' personally, I think resource distribution is just unbalanced. Fire is the root of too many conditions, and isn't available enough. I went nearly twenty days ordering food and drink like a pizza before I got a single fire card.

I believe there's plenty of room these days for a chill survival game. The internet is already glutted with 'don't ask for help survivalcore grr', it's tiresome. This is a nice treat that way! 

I'd like to request a solar cooker, though, for sunny days. Maybe with a chance component that it's not as effective as starting a whole fire for purifying or cooking. After all, this isn't a hardened survivalist; they won't have all success like some special ops force. At the same time having separate chance components would inject some fun into it. Searching I think should have 100% success, but does fishing need to? For instance.

One of my favorites, honestly. The pacing and aesthetics are great. Sometimes you just want no-frills direct to fun games.

Alas there's a bug where it shuts down ... around the 3rd round I think? It's always in the upgrade area, like if I try to double upgrade. Past the second upgrade. The music keeps playing but the screen goes dark. What's weird, though, is I don't recall the bug being there before. I have updated Firefox but other than that I can't think of anything to narrow it down.

(1 edit)

How funny and sad that no one seems to remember what real pixel-hunting was back in the flash days.  Or that pixel-hunting is a term. (One specific spot, try spending fifteen minutes trying to flip a trashcan, or finding the pixel at the edge of the screen.) This is an excellent game, and quite frankly, there were dozens of these coming out each week, at one point. Really fantastic ode to the genre.  

The chesty bounce is a bit extreme, it's a consistent mechanic but no witch who is flying on the regular would lack a control top. Like, please y'all.  Everything else is timed really well, from text to jump-scares.

The journal is populating itself! 😢 single tear. I did clear cache, refreshed, and it auto filled again. One-shot-challenge, my beloved

This is such a great game. Would it be possible to sandbox play after the time runs out? I've gotten four star runs with unexplored planetoids, and it's a tiny bit unsatisfying for my completist soul.

Look.... this is an absolutely magical game. It's completely soporific .... except for one thing. Is there a reason why the mouse interface requires a depressed button to operate? There's nothing here which requires precise control.

Because the irony of people chancing injury to their hands and wrists as much in a game that's supposed to be soothing, as the repetitive motions of the actual action is not good. I don't blame the developers for this oversight. It's a lot of production in one impressive package. It is, however, completely dispiriting that the gaming community supposedly scrutinized this, and seemingly didn't bring it up. Routinely overlooking the simplest details for universal access. When there have been literal checklists for that since the web was in its infancy. Even this game, which doesn't even have difficulty levels. What good is a judging panel if they don't think about players? Ableism is not a great look with more gamers than ever, by proportion, having to deal with medical issues.

(2 edits)

Very cute. however, weird bug, river water won't accept input dice? Reroll works just fine ... edit: Ah my bad! Me and my monitor. Though, if I can't tell the difference in color, that'll be an obstacle for color-blind people.

I owe a ton of screenshots, so I'll come back withe edits. Mostly: the way the cubes stack and combine is genius. There are hidden variants, different combinations among building types ... [spoiler] the time it took me to realize the blossoms went together was ouch but building them was fun.

If you build a tall tree, they creep up and down on the trunk. It's fantastic.

The flaw is not so much with *this* game, but this genre of game is built on formulas from a capitalist fever dream. The language that working-aged people without designated jobs are unfulfilled is telling! This site is full of people programming games and assets for fun; are they unfulfilled?

Not to mention, where are the janitorial jobs? Other games have those. Where's sanitation and toilets? That too, well, stinks of classism. Again, that's not a deliberate ploy or something, that's just how the formulas were set up since the Sims days.

The parks, gardens, and other public spaces not having superintendents: also classist. Who's maintaining the elevators? Piloting?? Somebody does it, as long as it's not me... "unskilled" labor doesn't seem real, right? If the answer is robots, trust me robotics industry will tell you someone always has to be employed to Fix The Robots. I understand that the game has to scale up from the ground, but maybe an upgrade that adds maintenance? Also, if having a little dude hang out constantly ruins the aesthetic, then assign them shorter hours, so you'll have the open space for great screengrabs. If you really, really need that Holoroom to be unmanned, at least consider ... a tech support division?

That's the biggest imbalance in the game. I only now got to 97% employment rate after like 700 years, and that's adding a whole lot of blocks that didn't contribute back into the system. If just the restaurants employed 3 people - front of house, service, back of house, that would've solved everything and allowed me my design as well.

Last but not least the art is sublime. love it.

So here's my laundry list:

  • only one escape room? boo! many escape rooms! it's such a fun color scheme, too.
  • this is a small thing, but alien research is over-saturated, and frankly clashes terribly (at least on my monitor). It also feels like it should have rounded or cut corners, like it's a spaceship module that got converted to research tent. once you stack octagons, those look *great*
  • are the pubs supposed to look like the bar and chairs spell "inn"? also there's a mysterious pub that doesn't look like the rest, screenie coming
  • again: sanitation. osha. waste management is tracking viruses IRL, are they not essential? this could be another tree for the hospital
  • what would blow this game open is water management
  • alien housing can't stop there. this is sci-fi, after a certain point they should trigger something. like some conjunction with alien research and number of houses, maybe transform the supercomputer. that'd be sick.
  • tinkerers also seemed like a dead end with lots of potential
  • the charts and graphing is great! it's edging to 'good teaching tool', seriously. it would completely eat up processing, but could there be a room usage / population count? maybe daily, it doesn't have to be realtime
  • random stuff like if you have a pub next to open air, you can pay them to randomly drop things from high places. just to do it. it's low gravity, probably no one will die!
  • this'll probably be a pain, a huge pain, but is there any way to get super young children to be housed with older people? i don't mind them traipsing into pubs or whatever, let them dance. or short of that, add an extra cost to housing for the robo-nanny, until they're a certain age. that would also be a better visualization of how many generations are cycling through.
  • mushrooms
  • got flowers? why not add bees? warm yellow would also go great in the palette. it could be a whole build-tree. get a solid beeswax room full of honey
  • if the flying saucers stop running, have an added feature to fly tours. or pay per tour, even better resource sink. i'd burn food just to make the flying thing fly, haha
  • spas could be cheaper precursors to the hospital, too. hygiene is so important. also where do they get their hair cut?

there's probably more, bbl

This is a beautiful generator~

I'm sorry to trouble you with this - do you happen to know if there's a scrolls generator out there? I'm embarrassed to ask... searching for 'scroll' gets mouse-related, game titles, and the like.

Hi, sorry if this is mighty random - do you happen to have any bamboo? Yeah, there's lots of different kinds, but the knobby bits between sections are destroying me. They're called nodes.  Mine look like green / brown straws, or they just look wrong. *sadface*

I did want to specifically shout out to your alphabet poster. The nostalgia! The color palette on that is perfect, and I remember exactly the same kinds.  I keep looking at it, and it's a neat piece of tiny art. *happyface* having the combo improvements replace instead of drop from the top, it makes it harder to finish the next combos which were likely lined up. Everything is relaxing except that part of the gameplay. And maybe which buff increases how many weapons fill orders per match. Very cute, love some tiny weaponry

I'm having the weirdest bug where nothing can be built directly in front of the train platform. Traffic jam.

also, where did you get that water asset? did you make it yourself, it's perf

Super awesome. I really like the paper ninja kind of mechanic, it looks neat. All the water looks very nice in this style.

If I could make a suggestion, it would be a big help for colorblind players to tweak the different colored ninja, maybe with a simple accessory? Other games put a tooltip with the color name but I feel like that's not your aesthetic. (I am a sucker for sakura fall, yesssss.)

I love this game!! it's like match-3 remix with checkers vibe. imho you could really run with this. lol pls don't gum this up with microtransactions or something, this is too pure.

unless it's buying an undo function*, or different skins (carapaces?) for the bugs.

if it's not already in queue, I'd go hard for some decent snappy music. check a thesaurus for your game title? 'join' will not move mountains, i think. i wanna picture some cute bugs joining appendages and frolicking around in a circle. chain, maybe? idk. catchier. and if you haven't already, it's worth it to run this through accessibility checks. I personally think your beetle has enough contrast, you did a great job on those designs, but i'm not colorblind and don't have multiple screens to test. *it's easy to make a mistake on the diagonals, which I do like, for the concentration, but remember there are tons more people in the world with shaky hands

is ACT working on cats that aren't even fighting???

(2 edits)

Service drones in inactive orbit after I built a coolant in the center of their triangular route. 

That's them circling. Haunting? All the drones energy-drained, too.
Up top is the new one I made, which is stationary because it's not servicing them, either. Only the other drones. By shape of corridor hope you can see what I mean by triangular routes.
p.s. I really love the zoom focus function with the pointer and the mouse wheel. I haven't tested it on other interfaces like trackpad but it was very pleasing and intuitive to me. Others may find it dizzying, it was kind of Iron Man on-focus control, simple and elegant.

p.p.s. Aw, spoke too soon. Multiple un-connected elevators turned all the drones into Blair Witch Project. Staring at wall, no power. Adding drones temporary fix...  and then zoom stopped working completely.

One of the best games this year

Ending is a little abrupt? Watered first, and didn't get to see if interactions worked. There was little time for reflection. Other than that, this would've won awards in the flash days. and should, now