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love how clean the linework is, almost retro, and your animations are so bouncy. secret door!!!

I LOVE this! I wish we were still in Flash game era bc this would fit a third of the indie devs then. maybe twine, now. very much appreciate the vinyl "pop"s which are just right, not too distracting or over-produced.

your 70s vibe is right on, btw. there's a whole set of (technically speaking? country) music from that period that was perfect for endless highway roadtrips. mesmerizing and profound. well done



i do love the color red and i like how all of them are legible

feeling 1000x more ready for skeleton war

i -love- your palette. it has just the right amount of contrast on the outlines. thats just magic to make the subtle details readable in pastels

(tho... that coconut's lookin a wee bit chunk on the trunk - girth is less than 2 mature coconuts wide at most. no worries on style choices but proportions might cut into how recognizable. could we edit, tho...?)

your tree game is outstanding, that well is badass; i want to point out the plank paths, which i don't think i've seen represented in any pixel art sets. this is historically accurate with a lot of woodland settlers - plank roads may look more like boardwalks irl but this is a great way to show wilderness trails. 

if we were to change anything, we'd slow down the water cycle, at least to de-sync it with the flames - but this isn't a criticism, we just want to point out to devs that this is an easy stylistic mod that could sync up with one's music.

chef's kiss. love it


also thank you so much for splitting the files. probably a lot of work but some dl's are like, we physically can't lol. anyway we appreciate

ooo this is impressive. i was already like uh huh cool and then we got to the shadow contours. very nice

when it rains is absolutely Most Rainy. nailed it.

lost would be good for in-between towns or new environments

i love strings, so wander got me. one thing tho, around :42 there is a very high-pitched ...something, that kind of threw us off

love the details

jaunty! 😊

yay!! very excited. we really like how many of these are modular. and i think you have exactly the bridge we've been looking for!

we noticed your name changed. would you like credit as Modo Design?

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noooo the ear wiggle. i am slain :D

eta: just repeating a comment to other farm gamers - a well?

the variety not only artistically impressive -  it's sure to help out colorblind ppl

the SKIPPING it's perfect

very nice. if we were designing these'd be great for traveling a big open space, like a river, lake, or large grassland

xmas decor is delightful!

oh how tranquil. and just different enough for separate scenes. love it

wow so unique! i love how you interpreted the colors. is there a reason why 8/9 are missing? 

do you have a proper num keypad? bc entering columns of data into excel sheets sounds different than home-row typing (is it home-row typing? you're not two-finger tapping, yes?)

i am so excited! now i know what i'll be doing through the winter. haha. just a few weeks ago we looked at Koka Ninja House. of the Koga-ryu school. it has some of the secret passages. it explains it very well, I think. (in the English section, menu is called Notes)

i love all the little details! (also i'm glad someone remembers that warriors have to eat and drink.) it's like you read my mind. cheers and good luck!

oh wow! i just finished a pixel model - a side-view of a pretend castle 🏯 with traps. now i can do the front-view!  ^_^

"elevate your game" niiiiiice

also what a great idea, if you're not doing a game with cathedral ceilings and want some verticality without double-jumps; or horizontal gap-crossing without leaps. i like the variety here. if you did them modular... pixel-wise, like roads, i guess? this could be a megapack in a snap

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i am not able to get on either discord or, at the moment, github. i meant the map obviously! we can tell the difference between tsx and tmx. i was able to return to this finally, and it not only refuses to un-tile from rectangular, it also CROPPED THE PNG. so i literally lost my newest work on the tiles. i am extremely lucky this was for a hobby project and not a commission!

dude there is NO option that explains how a hexagonal tileset got re-sliced into rectangles. i literally saved it after one second, it's exactly the same file with exactly the SAME SETTINGS. i worked with this for months with no issue. yes there were even windows updates throughout in this span. *nothing* was different. i would love for it to be user error except i spent literally hours trying to dig out what it could possibly be, in your endless rows of dropboxes that don't explain themselves with so much as a tooltip! and yes! we used the updates!

the question stands. why would it re-slice the tileset, which was in perfect hexes for months, and then have no way of undoing it, AND destroy the png in the process?

i'm only providing screenshots to help others for this issue, i don't appreciate being pandered to like i can't figure out the difference between a tileset and a map, when i'm clearly incredibly upset already.

in case you can't tell, there's not only several pixels new margin on the left, there's one and a half tiles missing on the right. saving it again clearly won't work, one because i already tried it and two because the original file is ruined without any backup. no, i don't know how it happened, if i did i wouldn't have asked

the last image is what you want to gawk at. that used to be a nearly completed 870x900px map

whatever. i'm going to fix this manually. i won't be touching tiled again this year, most likely. everyone good luck with your projects, and back-up everything in triplicate.

im still poking around my system but in the meantime are these objects separate?

song descriptions yeaah i like the energy and how the vibes are strongly defined, good variety

ill be honest tho if i were out to dl this, i dunno if my system could take 300 mb in one go

what an excellent squirrel

could i..... alter the work? with credit ofc

it's a little hit and miss (esp with tumblr starting to suck - it's not happening as quickly as other sites but some things are creeping in to make it messy. if it's broken everyone has likely accepted it as broken)

keep in mind though! this is why i didnt have my friend post it - gifs are put into public rotation, in one-button use by everyone. credit is embedded next to the gif when it's done that way. so if they'd posted these on their tumblr, the gif would be released to the general crowd with their name on it, and not yours. like, they wouldn't do that to you. this is 'reposting' over there and while frowned on, it does happen

so if you did have your own post, then we could show it to someone to go oh hey neat, and you'd retain credit; and if they like/reblog it, the notes

you will also discover all the ways tumblr is messing things up for gifmakers. ehehehe v__v

but yah, the number of people who love puns, pixel art, creatures, birds. 

it's also halloween / pumpkin spice season which is practically a sacred holiday (tumblr has many of those). fastest way without going into askboxes, just reblog your own post with someone's username like @todaysbird and i think there's a popup or dropdown box to make it an active link... and it will come up as a 'mention' in their notifications. it's not foolproof but like no one will see that as a breach in etiquette, just a hey here i am

whatever you do, tho, put up a new icon as soon as tumblr allows it! otherwise you'll look like a bot, and blocking them is a civic duty

hmmmm. personally i'm looking for a cellar door .obj (or an attic door, doesn't matter) but i'm not making a dungeon so let me think about the dungeon packs that are out there. i like that you have a great selection of blocks. how about a block with a frame, horizontal or vertical? like a border? so someone could, like, decide for themselves if they want to put a trap or a fireman's pole or a magic talking pool in it.

piles of rubble might be fun!

and ofc i always love secret doors. i just drop that on everyone. no idea how complicated it is to have a center hinge, might need two blocks for that, open / closed.

it's almost spooky season so anything to facilitate a jump-scare might be topical, lol

this would do numbers on tumblr

like im losing track of how many circles this would cross into

fascinating color palette, defn growing on me. mybe its my monitor but id switch saturations on the chartreuse (sun) and some of the redder purples, other than that its atmospheric and easy on the eye strain. i like the animation too; the puff of dustcloud makes it. excellent unique design, masterful use of contrast

have you considered making book spines? bc that seems to me the greater need than individual tomes, is populating a varied bookshelf....

oh man we were just thinking about this ! we would've loved this in the flash escape game heights. you've have to make the answer key available for accessibility but i can definitely see point and click or webnovel uses. totally, all nineties kids spent their days cross-eyed with neon candy tongues and slapping stickers on their trapper keepers. for sure

on windows, all i did was reupload a png file to move one pixel, and my entire main tileset shifted from hexagonal to rectangular. i cannot find anything in the tileset window to change the orientation back to hexagonal. i literally touched nothing. the project is still, correctly, hexagonal. the orientation options on the tileset are only isometric and orthogonal, and again, nothing was switched. i've right-clicked and investigated the entire list of properties. even worse, there is absolutely nothing different about the other two hexagonal sets, and they don't have a rectangular grid overlaid on them. neither do they have any difference in options. i am going to cry, my entire project is ruined.

oh i like this

i know most devs wont even note it but what i really like is you've chosen a palette where they *just made* the weapons. the leather is still bright, the bindings aren't dirty. they look like they're made for someone's hand, not aged in a museum

this is so gorgeous 

i was just modifying another really great pack to give me the ramp in the angle i wanted ... your stairs are pretty similar so, ramps?

(the point of modding was bc im trying to demonstrate a rainwater effect, so to visually pop it, you could add like small side canals or center grooves for the moisture, since your dungeon has this awesome 'wet' sheen)

(come to think of it does anyone ever flood their dungeons anymore? maybe im hanging in the wrong places lol)

hmmmm. the trouble is the bestest cakes are also kind of plain on the outside visually. Sachertorte just looks like a chocolate cake that's glossy. Princess Cake is cute but it's only a green mound with a rose decoration. Gooey Butter Cake? It's a flat square with a dust of powdered sugar.

My childhood favorite was Sans Rival, which is a layer of I kid you not almost pure golden solid butter layered between burnt-gold meringue and lots of chopped nuts. That only looks good sliced. Dacquoise is its french counterpart. (Medovik from Russia has kind of the same look.) A variation visually are allll the different crepe and stacking cakes, which is like layers if the layers are tiny thin. idk how that'll be in pixels, tho.
Ube cakes look neat and purple but tbqh purple yams are only good in ice cream; add white coconut sticky-glossy "macapuno" if you do that, nice palette and tastes better.

Shaved ices would be good though! There are a whole list of them throughout Asia, and before you mix 'em they have the nice visual of the sweet beans and all the fixin's on top. Lots of people do sweet beans in their desserts but again, like 90% of them are on the inside. Japan makes a lot of mochi-based cakes that are just precious but Indonesia's Kuih lapis looks like a jewel and imho would taste better than the girls' day mochi stack.
A lot of the steamed cakes are either very ... stylized looking? or they're *in the wrapper*. Although if they were half-out then that would be interesting, like some of the wrappers are bright green banana leaves.

Black Forest Cake is probably the only slam dunk... and Pavlovas, that's a fruit pile for sure. (the more East you go in Europe, into Central Asia, the more berry and stonefruit cakes there are. gorgeous) omg Charlotte Russe sorry forgot you. Boston Creme is also a distinctive look. Icebox Cake is impressive, with the swirling; along with all the trifles, but they just cheating with the clear glass bowl ;)

Red Velvet? Angel Food? again, all on the inside. Baklava looks like a square that's sticky. Divinity's and the meringues are all white. Tres Leches? All on the inside. Boring visually.
Ohhh wait, King Cakes, those are simple but colorful. Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, along with the skillet Apple Cakes would look real nice too.

Good silhouettes would of course be the Bundt pan cakes. And the mostly Italian pull-away wedding cakes, and the monkey breads? Those are the stacks of doughy balls in a pyramid. There's a Scandinavian cake made of stacked rings that's impressive...Kransekake. Oh! My favorite holiday one is Buche Noel which is basically a forest log XD Honestly I would much rather see a good braided Challah; there are some awesome looking variations with bread roses.

Now, the youtube crowd popularized a variant which would rock in a game mechanic, the cutaway cakes with candy inside the hollow? Surprise Cakes. They spill M&Ms and stuff once you cut into them? 

Gamewise, personally I wanna see more desserts used as steps / ramps. With springy bounce, but that's kind of a big ask with the way games are programmed now. (also I'm a gingerbread house <3er)

Probably the most visually dangerous cake is Baked Alaska! That would look super cool in a game. Flames! The actual most dangerous cakes are the drunken fruitcakes which are basically nut breads soaked in liquor... over time. Popular in the Caribbean too. Oh yeah there are spit cakes - no not like that! Spits like they're roasted on a spit, like an extreme pancake.

This is just cakes, i can also talk your ear off about candy XD

Hope that helps the brainstorm! If you want to search on your own, Brazil totally has a secret stash of cake-making; cakes for nobility is a good search term; and Easter cakes are also (very religiously) visually distinct.

love the colors! very urban Netherlands. if u add a canal (and some bike racks lol) you can drop this as a northern Europe set for sure

you're real !!! a real person oh thank goodness