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Please see the warning on the page about the GameMaker Studio 2 export, which notes that you’ll need to overwrite an existing room file for now. I’m not currently aware of a way to improve this process, but if you know how to solve this problem then please open an issue on GitHub with more details so we can work on that, thanks!


Thank you for the response. I had actually done this on my own but for some reason the tiles are not complete. We have a very large map that we made but after overwriting an existing gamemaker room with the TILED export, we only had about 20% of the map from the top left corner. The rest was just completely missing, other than that the tiles and layers were correct, do you know how to fix this, or if I did something wrong? Our map is about 9000x7000 pixels  


Hmm, it’s hard to tell what could have gone wrong there. Could you open a GitHub issue about this with more details? Some screenshots might help me understand the problem better as well (or get in touch on Discord if you don’t want to share this in public).

Heyo~ I've been trying to figured it out for a while now, but I can't get it for the life of me. Can you contact me on discord after all? my id is : YANA#7777