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Stello Hexis published an update 37 minutes ago
Knights of Tartarus · A downloadable knightsoftartarus for Windows, macOS, and Linux
Bug fixes -An escape path was placed in the puzzle room right before Wetbeard in Spikey's ship. It was possible to get softlocked in this room. -Hookshot animation bug fixed. -Yes/No text display fixed. Localization bugs: -Spell names weren't showing the correct name. -Several texts were not being translated.
3 new uploads 68 MB
Version 13 70 MB
Version 14 87 MB
Version 14
ColePowered published a game 6 hours ago
Shadows of Doubt · A downloadable game
A first-person detective stealth game set in an open world, fully-simulated neo-noir metropolis!
Shadows of Doubt is a detective stealth game set in a fully-simulated sci-fi metropolis! There's been a murder and it's up to you to solve it by any means necessary, with the condition that you keep a low profile. A unique mix of procedural generation and hand-crafted design enables every room of every building to be explored. Citizens go about their lives independent of the player as you watch fr...
Dani Marti published an update 9 hours ago
Crumbling World · A downloadable game
Hello everyone! In this update, we will be talking about the Boss Enemies you’ll soon have the chance to encounter throughout Crumbling World . While I don’t want to reveal too much about them yet, as they are a big part of the game, but I can assure you it will feel great to defeat them. As they say, putting the “bad guys” in their place always seems to come with its own reward. In-Level...
Wildermyth published an update 10 hours ago
Wildermyth Beta · A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux
0.4 +46 Aumona Shuremill New Story: Drauven Bird New Story: Former Colleagues New Story: The Inhabitant Added "turns remaining" info for certain buffs/debuffs Fixed a crash bug from a player report Fixed a soft-lock during Interval:Tidings Fixed a bug where sentinel could attack through walls in some situations Town recruit jobs pre-select a hero of the right class if available Fixed Gheist Swipes...
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Windows Release 715 MB
Version 0.4+46 Aumona Shuremill
Linux Release 753 MB
Version 0.4+46 Aumona Shuremill
Mac Release 745 MB
Version 0.4+46 Aumona Shuremill
Tendogames published an update 15 hours ago
Them & Us · A downloadable game for Windows
Added platform Windows.
Early Access - Steam Announcement (We want to keep community updated about what is going on recently) We apologize for the delay, but we put a lot of work into adding several new features and enhancing the gameplay experience overall. What we released so far in previous releases was more of a build showcasing what our team can do, encouraged by your support. Despite everything, we are happ...
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Elston Studios published an update 15 hours ago
Guile & Glory: Firstborn · A downloadable game for Windows
Hi all! We just wanted to give you a small update on the current progress of the game. Our project lead (who is also the programmer) has had a bit of a health setback, and will be out of action for the remainder of the week. However, we have some good news as well. After that, we will be returning with a major announcement regarding character progression, which we are very excited about! Big chan...
FunkyHippo published an update 16 hours ago
Crypts of Dasheria · A downloadable game for Windows
Added platform Windows.
24. april - 2019 Bug fixes & miscellaneous Set the standard resolution to full HD (1920x1080) Made the pause menu resolution independent so none of the UI elements disappear if the resolution is set the less than full HD (1920x1080) Fixed a misalignment of the “MENU” button in the pause menu Fixed the broken gold text when zoomed in Fixed a sorting order issue with the fade-in and -out canvas...
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Crypts of 22 MB
Hempuli published an update 1 day ago
Baba Is You · A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux
Fixes & tweaks: - Added 3 new levels! I'll try to refrain from adding any more because that's not very elegant, but here we are for now. You can find one of them in Rocket Trip as a variant for Horror Story. - Changed "Force default colours" to "Force high-contrast colours" and made the setting use a slightly altered palette. This'll be adjusted further in the future if needed. - "Fixed" a bug wit...
Jesse Millar published an update 1 day ago
The Staff of Lewis · A downloadable game
Flint is alive and goodness if he isn't perfect! Made the loot spawning mechanic (which also spawns giblets) respect the impact momentum of whatever hit the object because the gun didn't feel badass enough without it Improved the weapon pick-up system so Flint can pull guns out of nowhere (I'm lookin' at you, Reaper from Overwatch) Tweaked weapons so they know who's holding them which allows for t...
Kara Stone published an update 1 day ago
Ritual of the Moon · A downloadable game
Originally I was going to write 28 #RitualoftheMoonReflections but the last one, Pre-Release Feelings: Emptiness, felt pretty final to me - although, I'm told, kind of eended them on a bad note. (If you don't like bad-note endings, maybe Ritual of the Moon is not for you!). I did that ritual on release day I wrote about and burned some things I wanted to let go of. Felt nice but didn't really work...
Emberheart Games published an update 1 day ago
Courier of the Crypts · A downloadable game for Windows
Added platform Windows.
Few days have passed from the happy release day! Sadly, the release version went out with some issues that weren't tracked upfront so I'm releasing the first hotfix for the game. Fixes: Game crash when dying ( common bug to multiple issues ) Exiting credits not possible with controller Player can be hurt while in the cutscene Visual glitches removed Raised in Darkness & Flamebound achievements not...
KaiClavier published an update 1 day ago
Super Text Mesh · A downloadable Unity Asset
* Best fit mode will now react to vertical limit in addition to auto wrap! Leave vertical limit at 0 to ignore this. * Added a "linebreakFriendlyChars" private array so STM can autowrap at more characters!
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SuperTextMesh v1.8.15.unitypackage 4 MB
Heather Flowers published an update 2 days ago
Two Slow Dancers · A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux
Two Slow Dancers has received an UPDATE!!!! The game is now approximately 80% sadder. You'll see what I mean.
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Two Slow Dancers 29 MB
Two Slow Dancers 28 MB
Two Slow Dancers 29 MB
ScalemaiL published an update 2 days ago
Walkerman Act 2: Herdchaser-girl · A downloadable game for macOS
General bugfixing and grammatical editing pass.
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Walkerman Act 2: Herdchaser-girl 767 MB
Version 2
Walkerman Act 2: Herdchaser-girl (Mac) 1 GB
Version 2
Thraxx Media published an update 2 days ago
Death, Love & Carrots · A downloadable game for Windows
Hey there, lovely peeps! A new update has just dropped for Death, Love & Carrots , bringing the game to its current version 0.1.3. It's not a big one, sorry (those usually take longer), but it brings some cool and interesting new features and additions nonetheless: BOSS FIGHT! Yep... you may now stand toe to toe with the first boss enemy in the game. Or... toe to root? The Bunny-Squirrel-Banter cl...
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DLC_Game_v0.1.3.exe 20 MB
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