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Introducing devlogs

For many developers, projects on are living pages with frequent updates, new images, and gameplay videos. We think it's important for creators to start building and talking with their audience early and a development log is a great way to do that!

When we launched refinery we made it really easy for creators to distribute new builds quickly, but it wasn't obvious how to to announce the changes. We've experimented with having a Devlogs section in our community, and seen many use their project message boards to post topics for each new update.

Today we're happy to announce our next feature: devlogs.

Integrated into your game pages

Devlog posts will appear in the same customized layout you've build for your project. The devlog page is mobile friendly so they're easy to read on any device. A list of your posts will also appear on your project's main page.

Easy to create

We automatically monitor you pages and give you a notification if you've changed anything recently. Creating a new post will automatically select all the things you've changed for sharing. You can find the notification in your dashboard and on the top of your project page.

Attachments to keep track of changes

Attach files, images, butler builds, videos, and Sketchfab scenes directly into your posts to catalog what has changed.

Comments & likes

Devlog posts can have comments and likes to help you get feedback on the updates. Similar to other community features on, comments are completely optional. If they aren't appropriate for your posts then feel free to turn them off.

Get your followers' attention

New posts are published to your followers' feeds. Additionally, we have a new devlogs section on the global feed so you can see what's up on all of


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Hello, people! 

Hi there!

Where can I see the rules that a game must follow in order to be published? like the content of the game or other things


You can check our Terms of Service and Quality Guidelines.


can we edit or delete a devlog after it's published? I can't find a way to do this. Thanks.


Go to your profile select your project for which this devlog is made. Now find the heading "Development log" and click the link to the devlog you want to open. When opened there is a button on the top middle called edit post, click there to edit it.  In the bottom right corner of the devlog you can delete it.

Brilliant, thanks, so obvious now that I see it. I think my eyes didn't spot before because it was in the top banner of the page (staring me in the face).

You are very welcome. I assume it was you on twitter? Thanks for that, but did you delete it again, can't seem to find it anymore?

Sorry, I don't use Twitter, so I'm not sure what you're referring to. Here is my latest (corrected) devlog

Oh sorry. Someone just tagged us on twitter saying thanks for something related to devlogs, the same moment as you replied in here. :)

(1 edit) (+1)

For users to find a devlog, do there need to be a build of the game first?

no it just needs a game page. you can attach builds when you do upload though

So if you want to create a Devlog for a project you are working on you need to go to "Upload New Project" first?


That's right, you need to create a project page before you can post a devlog. The label "upload new project" is a bit misleading though, since you don't have to upload something to create a new project page.


Great,I'm a new Dev..


Looks good! Will look forward to using it once I learn enough C++ to start making my own games :)


Great, thanks itch for this one of Best Updates.


Cool. I love seeing improving over time. This'll come in handy since I post devlogs every week.


Yeah making just small improvements is the great way to get better at something.


cool looks good ill try it out thanks

(1 edit)

Any easy way to move or link my logs from IndieDb to here without copy and pasting?

I'd love to use it, but I already got a quite extensive devlog going on  in the boards :-/

Is there a way to move it over or do I  have to post everything again?


There's no way to move the one on the forums over :(. You would have to copy the posts, or just switch.

Alright, thank you! Then I'll do new posts to both I guess.

(2 edits)

Amazing! Awesome!

(2 edits)

Bagus sekali.  terimakasih.

Amazing! Now you can have full-feedback on your game! :)


This is a great feature and should really help us one-man-dev-teams/small teams get noticed and keep fans informed of what we are up to. Keep up the great work!!


Thanks ! Very good feature :-)

(2 edits) (+6)

Very nice feature! is turning into a very dev friendly platform.

One other suggestion: implement a brainstorming/ideas page, where users could submit and vote on ideas on how to improve the game. Doesn't have to be complicated, just ideas, votes and comments.

Like idea.informer, for example.

There are very few options for this kind of tools on the internet and they usually come with other unwanted features or they are payed.


I'd say Itch has pretty much been dev-friendly from the start, haha.

I suggested an issue page previously - that might work really well with your suggestion (since issues and ideas / feature requests are fairly close in terms of implementation, I think). Issues and ideas would be great.


I agree.

I think that publishing platforms (like Steam, for example) fail to deliver a unified set of tools for the developers. Frankly, when I develop game, I don't want to bother with configuring a website, forum, blog, etc. If these tools are already provided in the same place, you just have to concentrate on what you love, developing the game.

This is the set of tools that I would want to be readily available in one place: game web page, forum, features/bugs(with tags), blog(with tags for different subjects), wiki, polls. I know it seems like a lot, but if they use a CMS, this can be configured one time and be readily available for all users.

If manages to implement this before others, I think it's popularity could skyrocket.

Plus, I think that game development should be a more open (to the public) activity. Hell, even Hollywood movies have started to show behind the scenes videos of their upcoming movies. And if you don't want the story spoiled, simply don't watch them.


Yeah, I agree with you, too. The good thing is that the framework is in place, so anything itch adds can go to every game already in existence on itch. Really would love to see a lot of what you mention (wikis could be really great for early access / deeper games).

Yeah, I second this feature. Another similar implementation is User Voice.

(1 edit) (+1)

The problem with using all these websites is that it requires multiple login accounts. And frankly, I think everyone is tired of creating accounts.

Imagine having an account each of these: Wiki, Bugs, Trello, UserVoice, etc. The user will simply give up, it's just too much.

The only solution would be to create a server with CMS, but that's time consuming. It would be better if these services are already grouped under the same umbrella and ready to be used.


This is great

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