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Introducing devlogs

For many developers, projects on are living pages with frequent updates, new images, and gameplay videos. We think it's important for creators to start building and talking with their audience early and a development log is a great way to do that!

When we launched refinery we made it really easy for creators to distribute new builds quickly, but it wasn't obvious how to to announce the changes. We've experimented with having a Devlogs section in our community, and seen many use their project message boards to post topics for each new update.

Today we're happy to announce our next feature: devlogs.

Integrated into your game pages

Devlog posts will appear in the same customized layout you've build for your project. The devlog page is mobile friendly so they're easy to read on any device. A list of your posts will also appear on your project's main page.

Easy to create

We automatically monitor you pages and give you a notification if you've changed anything recently. Creating a new post will automatically select all the things you've changed for sharing. You can find the notification in your dashboard and on the top of your project page.

Attachments to keep track of changes

Attach files, images, butler builds, videos, and Sketchfab scenes directly into your posts to catalog what has changed.

Comments & likes

Devlog posts can have comments and likes to help you get feedback on the updates. Similar to other community features on, comments are completely optional. If they aren't appropriate for your posts then feel free to turn them off.

Get your followers' attention

New posts are published to your followers' feeds. Additionally, we have a new devlogs section on the global feed so you can see what's up on all of


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From limited testing, it looks like the devlogs don't get sent as email notifications to followers. Are they supposed to generate emails, or just show up in the feed on the site?


Devlogs are sent to your followers via an email digest if their account settings have that enabled.

The digest groups devlog posts from other people they follow, so it does not go out immediately after a devlog is published. The digest emails go out at most once per day. You will have to wait at most 24 hours before you can confirm if the email was sent or not, and I see that your devlog was just posted 4 hours ago. Hope that explains.

Ah! Yep, that makes a lot more sense. I thought it was immediate, but a digest format makes a lot of sense too.

I can't find a way to add a second post to my devlog. I can edit my original post, but not add a new one that gives an update. 


You have to write a new devlog by going to your project’s dashboard, going into the devlogs section, and clicking the “Write a new post” button there. Hope that helps

Good stuff

love the dev log feature, but how do i share a draft with a friend to proof the post before publishing? i'm surprised it doesn't have a restricted visibility option like the game pages do. have i overlooked an obvious way to do this?


Great !

How to place my game in main page.



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