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A customizable toolset for first releases & playtests refinery is a customizable toolset made for developers to distribute their unfinished games, build a real community and gain useful feedback. We think early access is broken, and this is our solution.

Current and future games to use refinery

OverlandManifold GardenBoiling BolthackmudJenny LeClueGoNNER
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Create your own distribution model

Limited keys, closed and open playtesting environments, tiered purchases and digital rewards are all possible with refinery. Build your own model, don't be limited by someone else's.

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While we are planning on adding support for many more platforms and services in the future, right now is the only online store that can handle all of our First Access needs, including automated update deployment, limiting the number of keys that are available, related community features, and the APIs to support and share those things online and in-game.

They've been a huge help in getting this program underway! WE LOVE ITCH.IO. »

— Overland team, Finji

Build the right community

Enable your own community page dedicated to your game, where you can announce changes, and collect feedback. You can also use our mass e-mail feature to reach all your players in one fell swoop.

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« I’d also like to note that I’m really happy with my decision to use as the P&P distribution platform. The flexibility and analytics were really useful to me as a creator, allowing me to track when codes were redeemed and how often the PDF was downloaded. While it was a bit more effort to send every backer an individual download code, I think it helped establish that the download was not a throwaway freebie, but that it had real value. I plan to keep the $5 Print & Play available indefinitely through »

— Carol Mertz, The Dirty Details of Self-Publishing an Indie Tabletop Game

Developer tools that work

Creators often can't believe how easy it is to set their page. Now, it's just easy to push frequent updates with our command-line tools. Easy to set up and automate, they'll fit right into your export workflow.

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Join the community

Join us in building refinery in our community. Share feature requests and general feedback with other members of If you're a programmer then you'll be glad to hear that much of our stack is open source on GitHub, we look forward to your pull requests.