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itchy - A simple version checker for LOVE2D games published on

A topic by TangentFox created Apr 13, 2018 Views: 140 Replies: 5
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Read all about it here.

Tl;dr: Dirt simple to use, uses a thread so it's non-blocking, configurable, supports HTTPS connections.

Let me know what you think, I am open to new ideas / modifications if you think it needs it!


Very cool! We're about to release a new API version, so be prepared to release an update :)

I'm curious why the proxy is needed? Is it because luasec is a hassle to ship with Love2D games ?

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I've not tried to bundle luasec with Love2D, so I'm relying on something I know works for now. I've read into it a few times and abandoned the idea each time, although it has been a long time since I looked into it.

Edit: Also, I wonder where is the best place to learn of the new version so I can make sure I keep up? I imagine there'll be a blog post, but I don't always keep up with those.


It looks like might be an option as well!

Re new API, if you're not into blog posts, this issue is a good one to subscribe to:

Thanks, subscribed to that issue, and I'll try my hand at using that library. *crosses fingers*


Version 3.0.0 just released!

  • Rewritten so that usage is simpler (like a regular module instead of requiring you to manage threads and channels yourself).
  • HTTPS support using libcurl and luajit-request.
  • Using's new API endpoint. Super up-to-date! :P