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Hey guys,

Just wanted to let all MOBA players know I just released a mini-game/tool to help train your last-hitting. I plan to add more training modes in the future, based on your feedback, so don't be shy, just leave your feedback here or on the game's page!



Hey, thanks for taking your time to answer this. And for hosting the jam, it's a pretty neat concept.

I don't think connecting to a room should be a challenge. The game isn't called "figure out how to connect to the other player". Nor can you make a room list. I already considered doing what you suggest and I concluded that wasn't the point of either the game or the jam.

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I don't think user interface that is unrelated to the gameplay itself is outside the rules.

For example, my game is multiplayer and obviously needs UI to establish a connection. I think any user interface that does not tie in as feedback for the gameplay is (or should be) allowed:

That includes:

- a menu screen

- options screen

- help file displayed in-game for ease of use

- multiplayer user interface

- save/load file interface

- anything that doesn't serve as feedback for the gameplay and isn't triggered by the gameplay itself

Can Daniel Linssen please pitch in and confirm what I'm saying is correct? Thanks

Like mokesmoe said above, I think the jam rules should be reworded to allow any kind of output as long as it is on or off, 1 bit, no inbetweens.

"make a game in 1-bit colour, on a 1px × 1px display with no audio; the minimum (non-zero) feedback that a game could possibly have."

perhaps changed to

"make a game in 1-bit colour, on a 1px × 1px display; the minimum (non-zero) feedback that a game could possibly have. For accessibility purposes, you can replace using visual feedback with using audio feedback in its place, or any other kind of 1-bit, on/off feedback. You can even use multiple feedback methods in the game, as long as they convey the same, exact, synchronized information. (issue a beep sound at the same time you turn the screen color to 'on', then stop the beep sound at the exact same time you stop showing the 'on' color, switch to the 'off' color instead). Alternatively using different methods of feedback, like sometimes flashing the screen and sometimes beeping is not allowed."