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A topic by MattKooz created Feb 23, 2017 Views: 227 Replies: 3
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This Topic is only for people who think of what would be good to add to the game. Like me and everyone who enjoy the demo so please only ideas on how to make the game better.

- I think the rifle should have a "zoom-in" feature but depending on what other mobs they add this would make that feature over powered.

- The Pistol and Rifle, I think, shouldn't have the same ammo.

- Depending on what armor you put on, like the gas mask in the demo, it should alter your experience like high tech goggles improve your vision so its not that pixely. not a drastic change but a improvement to what is current (like the "zoom-in" feature if this idea improves your vision too much it could be over powered).

I love the game so far and hope for a release of the full version



Hey nice ideas :) We were actually considering a zoom sort of feature (kind of like how GTA does it in first person) so we'll definitely give it a go and try and get something like that into the full game.

Thanks, Anthony :D

I noticed that the gremlins can't climb but there are some on cliffs and a pack in a cave that sinks in the ground a little.

- the Gremlins should be able to climb and jump on to railings ( if thats not difficult to code in.)

- the gremlins should be able to throw pebbles or chunks of scrap metal if they can reach you.

Also the Drones can hover but they can't go up any higher.

- the drones should be able to hover higher but not to high because more energy is required for more upward thrust (depending on what fuel/energy is used like oil, electricity, ect it would cause strain on the engine causing it to malfunction.)

I think i found all the armor in the demo but i dont have any gloves. The character has what looks like a bracelet on his right arm and a cool futuristic apple watch on his left arm but no gloves.

I found out i could climb almost 90% angles which i thought was funny in a way like I'm more capable of naturally surviving on 2020 Earth with my ripped muscles and superior upper body strength than the gremlins XD