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I noticed that the gremlins can't climb but there are some on cliffs and a pack in a cave that sinks in the ground a little.

- the Gremlins should be able to climb and jump on to railings ( if thats not difficult to code in.)

- the gremlins should be able to throw pebbles or chunks of scrap metal if they can reach you.

Also the Drones can hover but they can't go up any higher.

- the drones should be able to hover higher but not to high because more energy is required for more upward thrust (depending on what fuel/energy is used like oil, electricity, ect it would cause strain on the engine causing it to malfunction.)

I think i found all the armor in the demo but i dont have any gloves. The character has what looks like a bracelet on his right arm and a cool futuristic apple watch on his left arm but no gloves.

I found out i could climb almost 90% angles which i thought was funny in a way like I'm more capable of naturally surviving on 2020 Earth with my ripped muscles and superior upper body strength than the gremlins XD