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Banner animation by Devi Ever, fan art of Muffet from Undertale.


Presented by me, Devi Ever and my new alternative game publishing company, Home For Black Sheep.

Contact me via twitter if you have questions!


Competition : April 1st - April 17th
Voting : April 18th - April 24th


Here, online via :

Use the hashtag #LOWREZJAM on twitter, instagram, tumblr, and facebook!

Also check out the #LOWREZJAM forum here on :


Make a game with a resolution of 64x64 pixels using whatever programming platform you'd like, with as few or as many colors as you'd like, with any fidelity of sound you'd like, and 2D or 3D graphics!


Below is a great example of how 64x64 isn't impossible to build for, from the brilliant !

... and my own little mockup of what Undertale might look like at 64x64 resolution.


Just think back to the days of cheap dot matrix displays, Tamagotchi, watches with digital displays. Imagine you are creating for an alternate dimension game system that existed between Tiger Handhelds and the first generation Nintendo Gameboy.

... and anyways, we did this in 2014 with only 32x32 pixels if you need some inspiration :

You can also check out what people are doing using the PICO-8 platform which has a resolution limit of 128x128 with 8x8 sprite limits :


I see game jams as personal challenges, and while we will be having voting for this, and there are some guidelines I'd like to see people follow, at the end of the day this is really about you spending some time beating away at that dead horse that is video game development. At the very least, please keep the resolution to 64x64 with very limited sprite scaling / rotation that breaks the 64x64 pixel "grid' (see below for more details). Beyond that, take this jam as an opportunity to flex your dev muscles and if you find the limits too challenging, find a way to make it worth your while!


Is there a theme? NO.

Can I work with a team? YES.

Are there restrictions on what platform I can program in? NO.

Are there any restrictions on sound or music? NO.

Do I have to create all my own assets? You can use pre-made assets as long as they are legal to use.

Can I upscale the screen? YES as long as it's still a 64x64 pixel grid at its core.

Can I go lower than 64x64 resolution? YES.

Can parts of my game be in at a higher resolution? That wouldn't be in the spirit of the jam.

I'm making my game for mobile. Can I include controls outside the 64x64 limit? YES, as long as they are just controls.


If you want to take the "authentic" 64x64 #lowrezjam challenge, please follow the guidelines below. These are from last year's 32x32 jam, but hold true for this one.