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Noob question sorry, I'm new to 3D in general and wanted to bring my pixel/tile art to the 3D field
So, I made this little, pretty bad test map and I'm trying to render it to see how the pixel textures will behave on a pre-rendered, PS1 style map...

But when I render, it ignores the textures and just tries to render like this! I dunno what's the matter, but I'm eager to make maps with this and I wanted to get the simplicity of this map building with the PS1 RPG aesthetic so ;v;
Pls help?

EDIT: Actually, nevermind... i deleted the project, reopened blender and did another one. it worked fine, until i tried to subdivide the tiles in that closet to add detail, then it went all bonkers. also, it started creating tiles only facing a specific direction no matter how much i turned the camera around... so, its probably because im a blender noob and it's such an arcane, mystic tool @_@

(yours is not tho, so sweet and intuitive <3)

I saw your Twitter post so this might have been sorted out already, but replying in case it helps other people as well.

Which renderer are you using? I've only really tested with Blender's internal renderer and the quick material setup is really designed for an unlit look. The material settings may have to be changed to use the Cycles renderer or for a differently lit scene.

The work plane being stuck on a single axis sounds like Axis Lock might be on. It's not covered in the basic tutorial but the written advanced tutorial does. Basically the toggle on the left of the axis indicators in the Sprytile panel.

Sprytile's tools are untested with subdivided meshes and is not really designed for that use case.

This style of rendering is really neat and an unexpected use of Sprytile for me! Would love to be updated with how you push these renders.

Thanks for using Sprytile!