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Wow that's odd, I was pretty thorough in replacing these textures -- perhaps there was an upload mishap? I'll update it soon. Thank you!

Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm sorry you had to play through what sounded like a very painful experience ToT

It seems like the black room issue was a little setting that broke the maps, which after reverting made them work again. It 's funny because it hadn't happened when testing but it IMMEDIATELY happened to me after submitting X_X

It's interesting to see how a "little" something totally twisted and torturified the gameplay experience. Potions needed better healing too. 

Thank you! Hopefully I can brush this up into a small playable story or something. Emphasis on "playable" lmao

I do NOT understand how this bug also happened to me now,  it wasn't happening 5 minutes before submitting arrgh ToT

Thank you for playing!! I look forward to submitting a new polished version <3

thank you! it`s simple and bugged, I hope to upload a new version at some point..

These screens are so unbelievably charming!!!

My own jam game had this, issue too, which I eventually fixed with <Random Encounter Requirements> tags. Visustella absolutely rocks! Knowing this game has random monsters and TP mechanics to partially control the outcomes really makes me excited to try this one out, in any case. All node-based Sacred Earth games had super fun dungeons from my experience~

Thanks for the feedback! Interesting, I didn't have glitches like that -- just out of curiosity, if you re-enter the room back from any of the doors (hoping they're all properly evented btw T.T) does the map load?

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope I can polish it to be what I actually wanted it to be (none of these maps were in the original plan lol)

Wahhhh ;_; it's been ages, rite???

It's one of those cases where I spent a lot of time on art/mechanics/setup, but not enough writing or making content. This time around it was simply because I didn't have any available bandwidth to work on the game through the latter half of the jam, though. Unlike with Heaven's Door, where I genuinely obssessed over systems for the entirety of the IGMC lol

can't believe i submitted this, phew

it's exactly not what I wanted to make, and it has zero chance (and merit) to win any prizes, but I feel like I should at least upload what I got, instead of giving up, right? After all the most powerful part of these jams is looking back at our experiences years later, so I decided to upload this for myself.

This was a rocky rocky month, I'm frustrated with this project, but I'm happy I made something.

I'll have to do some testing! Performance-wise it is quite a heavy animation (I struggle a little to edit it on Effekseer, but not to play it back) so perhaps it may be that it needs some optimization. It's the one animation I made more with the pre-rendered spritesheet in mind (since that's where performance is not an issue) but it's definitely possible to make that animation much lighter without losing too much information. I'll look into it. Thanks!

Calunio's games rule BTW. Kind of off-topic but it's a great example of creatively justified high ratings! Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer is probably 17+. Polymorphous Perversity on the other hand

Ah thanks! That means a lot :D looking forward to what you make!

this looks beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaut

Hi Benny!!!! Will love to see u participate, hope you do!!! :^D

Love u! xx Good luck to y'all!

Coming from a near death experience, I feel like this theme was practically made for me lol. Recovering from a severe allergic reaction to Amoxicillin! 

It's also a beautiful and fitting theme overall for the first IGMC in 3 years. Can't wait to see what everyone makes, seeing all the different visions come together is always amazing

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Fantastic advice all around!

On the vaguer, more subjective side of things, I'd like to emphasize intent, too! Really bugging with what your game's supposed to deliver. It's easy for the intent to be "To win!!! With the beast greaphics!!! Amazing cutscenes and the most fun gameplay" but that's extremely intangible. So perhaps a good tip for a jam is to try to cook down the experience to extract the richest flavour from that core idea, that core vision that precedes the desire to win. And that also means that even if you "lose" - meaning, you don't earn one of the prizes, you still have the biggest prize, which is the ultimate coalescence of your vision. Invaluable! Incomparable. And potentially worth hundreds of times the prize pool, if I do say so myself. (If any of the RPG Maker bestsellers are to go by,  the one thing that unifies them seems to be the passionate dedication to their core idea. Even the humblest ones like my personal favourite Helen's Mysterious Castle, which I do think saw only modest sales, but that will forever be one of my most beloved games of all time :) )

The RM2k3 EULA and this jam's rules are two separate entities, so I want to comment a bit on the former:

The Rm2k3 Maniacs patch, as well as several others, are actually perfectly legal and EULA-compliant! That's because a few years ago RM2k3 got an EULA update that, to some extent which I'm not equipped to confirm, allowed users to create and use engine patches. I think it may even be the only RPG Maker engine where you can actually do that! You'll definitely have to confirm with a more reliable source, however.

Once again though, engine EULAs and competition rules are different entities, and KOMODO (or anyone who hosts a game jam) is entitled to permit and disallow beyond the restrictions of each RPG Maker's EULA.

I almost decided to do "Resonate 2" but I don't think that's what it would really be. So hopefully I'll pull off a spiritual successor. "Reverberate"?

Ironically, Resonate fit to this IGMC's theme to a tee. Anyway, I definitely am looking forward to seeing people build up on their own previous worlds and ideas on this game jam. It's really the creator's long broth. The more you cook it, the more you really understand your themes and ideas, even unconscious ones.

boop! Rmner here! Hoping to participate 💞


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Effekseer needs proper filepathing to work, and that means the animation files need to have the same relative position to the texture files.

Since a few updates ago, RPG Maker MZ has allowed subfolders inside any asset folders on RPG Maker. As subfolders make projects tidier I decided to implement them -- by dragging the whole folder instead of just dumping its contents on the Effects folder, you can have your animations separated in tidy self-contained packages. Makes updating, erasing or adding new content much easier! But yeah, it's a bit different from other packs. I'm glad it worked out! Thank you!

How are you trying to set them up? There are several different ways to use Effekseer, although these animations specifically were designed with RPG Maker in mind. Are you trying to open them on RPG Maker MZ? Or Effekseer itself?

In order to use these on RPG Maker MZ, you need to add the respective animation folder (either Essentials or Astrology) inside your "effects" folder. You should then be able to access and load the folder and its contents easily in the editor. In case that doesn't work, please make sure that you're using the latest version of RPG Maker MZ, as some of the older versions are incompatible with newer Effekseer animations. In case you're trying to open these animations inside Effekseer itself, likewise make sure you're using a recent version of the program.

Thank you!

They are static.

Thank you for reaching out! Please send me an e-mail at seraphcircle at with your purchase verification, and I will reply it with a download key.

Have a great day!

No, it doesn't! Converting from EasySTAR, which is designed to share textures between different asset packs, to SeraphCircle Animation, which is intended to have completely independent packs that use redundant textures, introduced some pathing issues.

Our animation packs from now on will only use the latter method. While the former is good for internal development as it's smaller in filesize and slightly lighter in performance, the latter is far easier to use and update.

Thank you for the report!

Since you're peeking at the leftover / legacy texture paths it's an easy way to see what I'm doing here: Originally all these animations shared a texture folder that I was constantly updating (for performance). But I switched to having them be independent, to improve compatibility and ease of use.

Some of these references are hard to find because they're tucked inside the Advanced Render Settings tab, which has some branching textures in it. I thought I had squished most of these, but some still slipped. How do you get the missing texture report? This sounds like a very useful tool for debugging, as for me they just look like they work! 

I'll upload a new update as soon as possible, fixing these leftovers. Thank you once more.

The Complete Collection will eventually return once more packs are released individually. I hope you get to enjoy it when it's out! 

Thank you for your support.

I've just updated the Effekseer files. There were some pesky well-hidden texture issues that took a while to figure out, but it's great that we found these out early as that's certainly going to change how I convert the next packs. Thanks once again!

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Thank you, I see what's happening now! It seems I missed a few textures while converting the packs. It works fine on my computer as it still has the original files to look for. I'll have to go by animation by animation hunting for these - and your list certainly helps a lot - so it'll probably take some 12 hours for an update. Thank you once again! Check out later today, or tomorrow, for updated files. Have a great day!

Try loading the animation even though it looks like it's not showing, then pressing Play! 

Sometimes RPG Maker MZ's animation loader hangs up. Let's check out if that's the issue.

Thank you very much for your support! Let me clear out the confusion: The current EasySTAR Astrology pack at Humble Bundle is the last release I'm making under the name "EasySTAR", I've released these through several Humble Bundles in the past couple' years but since I built them to use the same shared set of graphics, they became rather unwieldy to update and make compatible.

I'm now going back at each of the EasySTAR packs, one by one, and making them standalone (so they're easier to update and use individually), while using up the opportunity to finetune all the animations. I'm also doing this with some other animation sets that I've never released; one such case is the Essentials animation pack which I made almost 2 years ago. So, yes, you will be able to buy the other 3 individually!

...I have accidentally checked the "hide file from public view" box somehow, that's why you weren't seeing it. I apologize. I also accidentally released this with an unintended 100% discount, which I did already update. 

I'm sorry for the rocky experience. There might still be issues with the download. Please keep me posted. Thank you!

Thank you! Since the animations exist both in Effekseer and Pre-Rendered formats, figuring out the right way to do a sample project is kind of tricky. The trailer uses Effekseer animations and the MZ Visustella action sequences, while I'm unfamiliar with the MV notetag-based action-sequences.

However, using these animations on RPG Maker XP/VX/VXAce/MV should be very simple - you really just need to place the first and last frames of the animations and use the "tween" function to automatically place the rest of the animation. 

Most of our pre-rendered animations will look like this in the editor:

I don't think a sample project for the pre-rendered animations would make much sense since they're really all the same animation-wise: Place the cell in the middle and hit the Tween button, but I am considering it. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

That's a lot of animations not working! I must have messed something up while splitting the Pre-Rendered and Effekseer folders. The animations work fine on my end; I've re-zipped and re-uploaded the Effekseer folder here, It should work, now. Please let me know! Additionally, are you having issues with opening them on Effekseer, RPG Maker MZ or another engine? (I've just tested them both on Effekseer and RPG Maker MZ and they seem to work on both for me)

Thank you for your support and patience!

It is definitely allowed & encouraged! That's what the PSDs are provided for. You can edit them however you like! However, the terms of use still apply to your edits of these graphics: Edited graphics, just like unedited ones, cannot be resold or redistributed by themselves.

Thank you! I hope you have a great time using these packs!

Thank you for the clarification. That does sound reasonable, however, we will remain out of any involvement with NFTs for the time being.

Have a great day!

Hello Chris, good day! You bring a great point as I've never considered the possibility of our assets being used in NFTs. Upon deliberation however, we've come to the conclusion that we won't extend the usage of these packs to NFTs.

You're allowed to use the assets to create games, novels, animations and other pieces of educational or entertainment media for free or commercial use, with no attribution required. Redistributing or commercializing the assets directly, or anything fashioned from them such as plushies or NFTs, is generally* not permitted. Thank you for your understanding,


*you need to ask for additional permission for such uses. NFTs are, due to many different points but in particular to allow every customer to have equal usage rights, unlikely to be something ever permitted, however.