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Absolutely! As long as you don't redistribute, edit it to your heart's content!

Some of my packs come bundled with the PSDs to help you edit the art a bit easier, even!

Thank you! I've been asked about this on YouTube recently too, perhaps by you as well. Effekseer packs are challenging because of how high maintenance they are, but I do have actually quite a few unreleased works! I should release them. Thank you very much for manifesting your interest!

I admit my spine chilled for a second thinking I let some bug slip! But it was a compliment instead, what a wild ride! Thank you very much hehe 💖

the thumbnail alone is so iconic and memorable, what a menagerie (please perdon the pun........) of artists!

Thank you! I really tried to just paint with this one, and not worry about anything else :> 💞

Totally sensible decision and I'd never suggest switching engines, but I do have to say you're missing out on a lot on MZ!

IMO it's a choice between keeping your perfectly well rounded setup that you've already developed on MV (and I know you have a great grip on MV since you've been working on it for years) vs. MZ's SEVEN(!) major updates plus the absolutely crunchy plugin database. Just... Making Action Sequences with the (free!) Visustella Battle Core is soooo much better than notetags on MV, for example -- using both Common Events AND the refurbished Plugin Commands command (lol) is the perfect illustration of MZ's improvements.

But if you already have your MV setup ready, then you can streamline those MV battle sequence stuffs pretty alright. 

I just, I can't read a comment like "the improvements don't justify the cost" and not give my 5 cents given the absolute massive list of updates and new stuff it got. I can do so much stuff on MZ, going back to MV kinda gives me the chills tbh 😭


Hey Starmage! Thank you for your patronage, as always! The Deluxe versions of the packs, being content updates that I made post original release through DEGICA / Komodo / Humble Bundle / other publishers, may not be made available outside of for the time being. That's for a few reasons: 

  • Each different platform has different restrictions on content, for instance, which has lead me to altering my artwork a couple of times. I don't mind it, but I like having a venue where I'm more free to experiment.  
  • Additionally, as the packs get released on different storefronts, by different entities, it's difficult to keep updating them as there are multiple parties involved. 
  • And last but not least, I rarely put up discounts here on, while it's possible to acquire my packs at a significant discount on other platforms.

These different factors make me consider fair to have some content that is exclusive to versions of my packs. However, I may reconsider in the future. Consider being a more direct way of supporting me and my work, and with the ease of me uploading updates (as opposed to the aforementioned multiple parties involved when we talk about any other storefront) should make this worth it. 

I'm always open to suggestions, though, however limited in the applications of said suggestions I may be. Thank you once again!

Looks like a really cool plugin! Shocked that i had never stumbled upon it. Will give it a good look when I can. Good job! 

Love Layla's sprite! It's a bit chonkier than SNES FF, adding some more room for expressiveness without losing the cute chibi Kazuko Shibuya vibes <3

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i haven't played the game, but my guess is that this commenter played it, got jumpscared which greatly released adrenaline then posted a somewhat understandably irate comment at the rush of it, lol. 

funny how media can REALLY play with our organisms, huh?

Bahah thanks! ⭐ love your work on youtube and i'm always impressed to find out you do even more things!!

You're looking at the animation at a base rotation, parallel to the camera. Play around with rotation! I mostly use animations at 15 X rotation. Play around and see what you like best, 10~20 X rotation is the ideal range for me. Sometimes a 90 X rotation will give interesting results, especially for frontview battles!

wait its inkribbon omg hiiiee WILL be purchasing this pack soon lol

B'ah, thank you as well! 

beautiful beautiful work. Dark, gritty and interesting, just like the best of the rm2k days  💞

Very unique art style, love it! Makes me want to play a game with this spirit.

You did such a wonderful job with these. 💞💞💞

Thank you! I haven't ever made icons since, as there are many more icon creators and I felt like I could contribute to the RPG Maker community with other kinds of assets. Despite that, I have played around with making more icons quite a few times. I'll consider this! Thank you :)

Thank you! Hahah, you picked the fanart right up! 46 is not Terra, but Terra's melancholy and body language are huge influences, I adore amano. 💖

I'm glad you like it! I have just uploaded more artwork. Hope you like it! Have a great day!

These words are really soothing, I have to say! And I'm always pleased to hear someone used my art in any way, "being" on someone's desktop is really cool!

Thank you for your support, it really means a lot. I repeat this sentence in a way that feels like it almost loses meaning, but it's true. Art is so personal and individual, yet video game assets have such a strongly utilitarian aspect to them. It's difficult to navigate. But it's by marrying the philosophical to the practical that I feel artists manage to make a dent in sculpting this world. I know I'm not alone in this struggle, and it is comforting to know that, despite all of my anxieties and challenging thoughts as a creative, people still choose to support me, and for that I am forever grateful. 

Have a wonderful day!

Gorgeous and fluid, yet still charmingly artificial!

Thank you so much! I have been on a sludgy slump since some terrible shakeups all throughout the latter half of 2022; clicking on a notification to be gret by such an uplifting remark really gives me kinetic energy to get back on track.  

I hope to come out of this hiatus with a nice new wave of artwork, thanks for the support!!! ⭐️

Awesome! I just joined. Things have been rough for me these last few months but seeing my work embraced by other creatives is always uplifting! Ive been making some new monsters this month :D

Ill check it out later!

Wow that's odd, I was pretty thorough in replacing these textures -- perhaps there was an upload mishap? I'll update it soon. Thank you!

Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm sorry you had to play through what sounded like a very painful experience ToT

It seems like the black room issue was a little setting that broke the maps, which after reverting made them work again. It 's funny because it hadn't happened when testing but it IMMEDIATELY happened to me after submitting X_X

It's interesting to see how a "little" something totally twisted and torturified the gameplay experience. Potions needed better healing too. 

Thank you! Hopefully I can brush this up into a small playable story or something. Emphasis on "playable" lmao

I do NOT understand how this bug also happened to me now,  it wasn't happening 5 minutes before submitting arrgh ToT

Thank you for playing!! I look forward to submitting a new polished version <3

thank you! it`s simple and bugged, I hope to upload a new version at some point..

These screens are so unbelievably charming!!!

My own jam game had this, issue too, which I eventually fixed with <Random Encounter Requirements> tags. Visustella absolutely rocks! Knowing this game has random monsters and TP mechanics to partially control the outcomes really makes me excited to try this one out, in any case. All node-based Sacred Earth games had super fun dungeons from my experience~

Thanks for the feedback! Interesting, I didn't have glitches like that -- just out of curiosity, if you re-enter the room back from any of the doors (hoping they're all properly evented btw T.T) does the map load?

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope I can polish it to be what I actually wanted it to be (none of these maps were in the original plan lol)

Wahhhh ;_; it's been ages, rite???

It's one of those cases where I spent a lot of time on art/mechanics/setup, but not enough writing or making content. This time around it was simply because I didn't have any available bandwidth to work on the game through the latter half of the jam, though. Unlike with Heaven's Door, where I genuinely obssessed over systems for the entirety of the IGMC lol

can't believe i submitted this, phew

it's exactly not what I wanted to make, and it has zero chance (and merit) to win any prizes, but I feel like I should at least upload what I got, instead of giving up, right? After all the most powerful part of these jams is looking back at our experiences years later, so I decided to upload this for myself.

This was a rocky rocky month, I'm frustrated with this project, but I'm happy I made something.

I'll have to do some testing! Performance-wise it is quite a heavy animation (I struggle a little to edit it on Effekseer, but not to play it back) so perhaps it may be that it needs some optimization. It's the one animation I made more with the pre-rendered spritesheet in mind (since that's where performance is not an issue) but it's definitely possible to make that animation much lighter without losing too much information. I'll look into it. Thanks!

Calunio's games rule BTW. Kind of off-topic but it's a great example of creatively justified high ratings! Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer is probably 17+. Polymorphous Perversity on the other hand

Ah thanks! That means a lot :D looking forward to what you make!

this looks beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaut

Hi Benny!!!! Will love to see u participate, hope you do!!! :^D

Love u! xx Good luck to y'all!

Coming from a near death experience, I feel like this theme was practically made for me lol. Recovering from a severe allergic reaction to Amoxicillin! 

It's also a beautiful and fitting theme overall for the first IGMC in 3 years. Can't wait to see what everyone makes, seeing all the different visions come together is always amazing

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Fantastic advice all around!

On the vaguer, more subjective side of things, I'd like to emphasize intent, too! Really bugging with what your game's supposed to deliver. It's easy for the intent to be "To win!!! With the beast greaphics!!! Amazing cutscenes and the most fun gameplay" but that's extremely intangible. So perhaps a good tip for a jam is to try to cook down the experience to extract the richest flavour from that core idea, that core vision that precedes the desire to win. And that also means that even if you "lose" - meaning, you don't earn one of the prizes, you still have the biggest prize, which is the ultimate coalescence of your vision. Invaluable! Incomparable. And potentially worth hundreds of times the prize pool, if I do say so myself. (If any of the RPG Maker bestsellers are to go by,  the one thing that unifies them seems to be the passionate dedication to their core idea. Even the humblest ones like my personal favourite Helen's Mysterious Castle, which I do think saw only modest sales, but that will forever be one of my most beloved games of all time :) )