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As the game has had limited popularity (no big surprise), I've decided to reign in the scope and I am going to make one big last update as opposed to lots of smaller ones.

I won't be expanding the game beyond the current endless wave mode. Instead I am just going to extend and expand the current mode. You can expect more weapons, more enemies, more waves and hopefully more fun.

As for how long this will take I'm not sure, this is no longer the main project I'm working on so I can't dedicate a huge amount of time to it. Just as a ballpark it'll probably be somewhere between 1-3 months, which may be longer than the Trump presidency with the way things are going.

Thanks for the continued interest though! I'll do my best to get it out asap.

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Thanks for playing. Would you mind telling me what round you got to (roughly)?

It's a little hard to balance. Because of the sandbox nature of the defences, there are strategies which are very effective, but may not be obvious to some players. So I have to make a decision on whether to base the difficulty curve on effective defenses or less effective ones.

I'll probably try and fix this by adding an easy mode that gives the player more initial money. Or perhaps increases the money dropped.

I'm working on putting out at least one more update for the game. It's taking a little while as I'm juggling it with another project, but it'll come soon. And I hope you'll enjoy the game more then.

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What do you wish to talk about?

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Thanks alot! I'll be sure to include the yell next update ;)

I'll also try to include an update checker for the next update, so you dont have to keep checking this webpage.

Thanks alot for taking the time to give such detailed feedback. It's very helpful.

In the current build, rounds stop getting harder at around wave 45ish. This will change in the next build, there will be a couple of levels, and once you get past a certain round, you progress to the next level (keeping the money you earned).

Higher walls will be a thing. Rebuilding after a few waves probably won't, I like the aspect of trying to quickly build while also simulatenously build for the future. However levels won't usually go past round 30, so you can rebuild at the start of every new level at which time you'll have more money to play with.

The main thing I'm trying to figure out is how to balance the KKK's. You're right, after a certain point there doesn't seem to be any incentive to buy anything other than the KKK machine gun.

Ah the tesla coil. First off you can't have it behind a wall. Secondly it has a very short range. If someone get's in range it zaps everyone in a small AoE.

That's the plan, bear in mind I only released the game 4 days ago, so updates'll take a while. I'll aim to get another update out within a fortnight.

I'm currently working on this and one other project. So between that and IRL stuff, I have very little spare time to develop.

I hope you had fun. I'm curious, if you're willing to give some feedback: Did you play for long? What round did you get to?

Heh, thanks. I hope you enjoy it.