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Hey! I love the tool so far! Thanks! I did experience the bleeding issue when exporting to Unity (following the guide and using the guide tileset), but I'm going to try following the advice in the other thread for that. 

In the meantime, there was another issue I haven't read about. Within Blender, each tile/plane renders on both sides, however, when I export the object to Unity, each plane only renders on one side and the other side is invisible (as expected for a plane). Do you know how I can view this true render state in Blender? And is there any way to automatically place two opposing planes so that it renders on both sides? I have a feeling if I just try creating two tiles on the same vertex but on each side, it'll just replace the first one I place with the second one. Does that make sense?

Thanks for trying out Sprytile! You can see how Unity will render your mesh my turning on Backface Culling. In the right hand side panel of the viewport (press `n` if it isn't visible) expand 'Shading' and toggle Backface Culling on.

There's a way to make faces double sided using a utility that comes with Sprytile, covered in the advanced documentation.

Hope to see the cool stuff you make with Sprytile!


Fantastic! I think this is how I'll spend my weekend, can't wait to get home. Thanks so much!