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This looks soo cool! Great work :)

Hi porta, sorry to hear that. I’ve seen this in one of the Steam reviews and with the way Unity input worked back then plus the lack of controller management in the PC version, I don’t think I can offer you anything at the moment. Is unplugging it not an option / are racing wheels usually connected in a way that makes this annoying to do? You could also temporarily disable the wheel via your OS.

I spent a lot of time on controller management for the Xbox One version, so there is some code for that, but that endeavor ate up all resources I had and left me burned out with the game. Then, whenever I started to work on a new patch for the PC version, I remembered feature parity and my motivation stopped. So, I’m sorry if I can’t offer you to patch this one out. I hope you can find a way around it without messing with your setup too much.

That's such a cute and wholesome concept and it looks so calming. Well done!

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Hey, thank you for your amazing work. The tool might really help with my level design workflow.

I am experiencing some issues with the texture rotation, as the tile is automatically rotated based on the viewport rotation. In some cases, this also leads to UVs being incorrectly generated. Is there a way to turn off this rotation or do I just need to be careful while editing?

Looking at the video, I now see that the orientation plane changes just like if I place a new tile, but in paint mode it still let's me paint on tiles that don't belong to that rotation. That might be the cause of the collapsed UV.

Thank you so much! This means a lot to me.

That's great to hear that you enjoyed it! I'll try to find the VOD and watch it soon. :)

Yeah, that one is really weird and it seems to happen more than expected. Maybe the one-go aspect is an important detail, that might help troubleshooting.

Thank you for playing and your feedback! :)

I'm sorry to hear that. Mac support is tough to do continuously, as you always need the hardware for it. With Linux, I could just install whatever distro someone is using and run some tests. Maybe you can boot camp a linux mint or windows for the games that aren't working properly.

Hey Ek3, I am not (yet) aware of a bug that causes this issue. It's definitely not supposed to happen - what system / OS are you playing on?

I'm late, but I would love to include in the bundle if still possible.

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This is really well done, love the pixel art and small animations - makes for a great atmosphere overall. Very creative but still logical puzzles that are quickly solved but satisfying.

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What a wholesome comment, thank you so much! I don't make much noise about Fumiko anymore, so people stumbling upon it and actually enjoying it make me really happy.

I know about this weird Wilson #2 bug but haven't found a fix yet. It tried debugging once and it was a weird chain of events leading to it. I thought I fixed it, but then it came back. I'm glad it's not a permanent thing, but bugs that happen randomly are usually the worst. :(

Thank you again!

I would love to! It all depends on how the Xbox One release turns out for me.

This one has a really fleshed out combat and style to it. I'll be watching this one and if you haven't tried it yet, you should give it a go.

It looks like this is out of my control. There are enough keys and they are claimable. If this issue persists on other games too, I guess the support can help you with that. Let me know what they say about the issue.

Do these resources help you with your problem?

Hi wengwengweng,

it looks like there are enough available keys and you should be able to grab one.

There should be a request key button on your purchase page. Can you find one?



Fumiko! community · Created a new topic Say Hi!

Hey all!

Leave your questions, some feedback or greetings if you come by.

Best Regards,


Patch Notes from 01/06/2017


  • All memory pieces can now be found in the main menu once unlocked
  • A message is now shown on the screen when a new objective is given
  • Completely overhauled menu, giving much easier access to the game's settings
  • You can now store and load savegames manually & the game creates backup savegames for key plot moments, giving an easy way to go back and continue exploration
  • Can now scroll the last text log


  • Improved drop shadow visibility
  • Drop shadow now also goes downwards from fumiko and connects to the lower drop shadown, giving a clearer hint on where to land
  • Increased collider sizes to collect flying orbs by a huge margin
  • Reduced player respawn time to 2 seconds
  • Added new ability: Drop downwards by pressing X or f (a downwards jump with infinite charges)
  • Endless jumping is now introduced earlier in the game
  • Multijump is now introduced earlier in the game
  • Enemies will now reset to their spawn location when the player dies
  • Vastly improved push bots (enemies) visibility
  • Dash now uses the Right Trigger (RT) on gamepads instead of the B button

Levels & Homeworlds

  • Overhauled introduction to the game, adding a new starting area and tutorializing things in a more effective way
  • Improved several jumping puzzles to require less precision jumping
  • Completely overhauled the I.M. Server, removing invisible platforms, adding hints and improving visual structure
  • Added several subtle visual hints to levels to improve direction and distance judging
  • Tweaked the kronos puzzle to require less iterations to solve, increased collider sizes for the well
  • Reduced number of explosions needed to defeat the last boss
  • Added 6 new homeworlds to Hyperion with new dialogues and vistas
  • Added two maps to Hyperion for easier navigation
  • Added large visual hints for maps and points of interest in Hyperion
  • Added two public attractions to Hyperion


  • Reworked story progression in Hyperion, giving a clearer goal to follow and guiding the player to either continue or exit the chapter
  • Added distortion to several places in Hyperion (homeworlds getting corrupted), improving exploration in this chapter of the game
  • Tweaked & rewrote multiple dialogues and story passages
  • Added multiple new dialogues and some new story instances
  • Added and improved several camera pans


  • Added a new Steam achievement to Hyperion: Lonely Dancer


  • Moved a memory piece to a different, more logical position
  • Fixed waterfall not being influenced by sound settings in Ariana's homeworld
  • Added new animations to casual humans
  • First Person look can now be used when the camera is zoomed out by a script
  • Can now invert Camera X
  • Fixed accidental text skipping when completing text with Button A or Space
  • Many small bugfixes
  • Many small improvements
  • Dialogue now prevents death in most circumstances

The new price is $6.99!

Fumiko! community · Created a new topic Price dropped!
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Hey! I have decided to drop the price for Fumiko! in the next days. If you bought the game here and you feel treated unfairly, please send an e-mail to with a proof of purchase and I'll refund you the difference in price as soon as the new price applies. Changing the price here should be easier, so it'll happen sooner.

From the full blog post on Steam:

The game is now out for 2 months and I am not happy with the price I have chosen for the game. I missed the chance of appearing in games under $10 and not many of you were willing to try out Fumiko! at its current price. I chose something that I felt resembled the worth of it well, but I didn't hit many people's pricing expectations. Being new to Steam with only this game to show off and having chosen a particularly unusual genre/style combination, many people have chosen to put Fumiko! on their wishlist to wait for a sale.

That's what we all do and I can understand that. However, I want more people to be able to try out this game and give some meaningful feedback. If a lower price can achieve that, I'm willing to give it a try and adjust the pricing. I think in the current world with a collection of games as big as Steam has, people are having a hard time deciding on which game to spend their cash on. With that in mind, a price has to reflect what people are willing to spend on a game when they want to be able to play as many games Steam has to offer.

For this reason, I'll set a new price in the next days. It'll be something between $6.99 and $9.99. If you have bought the game for $12.99 recently and you feel treated unfairly, please use the e-mail listed on the support page with a proof of purchase and your bank account and I'll refund you the difference as soon as the new price applies.
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Text Scenes

  • It should now be less likely to accidentally skip the beginning of a conversation


  • The demos now include two additional levels from the game that are more wild and atmospheric
Fumiko! community · Created a new topic (New) Patch Notes!
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  • There has been a major bug that caused the default camera speed to be at almost 0, this has now been resolved

The menu has got quite an overhaul. I have decided to change the floaty interface to a screen overlay. This improves readability and allows me to show the menu more reliably.

  • Menu is now an overlay that dims the screen
  • Menu can now be activated during text scenes with some minor exceptions
  • Latest Log now scales properly when there are too many lines instead of cutting them off
  • Fixed a bug that caused music and ambient volume to fall down to 20% when exiting the game when the menu is open (If you have encountered very loud sounds, that was the issue. Make sure to check the sound settings after this patch)
  • Quit Game no longer requires the player to keep holding a button. Press the exit key and accept to close the game.
  • Default Settings were messed up when the game was started for the first time, this has now been resolved

Text Scenes

  • It is no longer possible to skip text with B or SHIFT
  • You can now auto-complete text by pressing A/Space and start skipping text by holding A/Space
  • Fixed some smaller typos
  • Changed some sentences that were grammatically correct but sounded bad
  • Added some sentences to chapter 2 that might help finding the way to continue the main plot
  • It is no longer possible to select and edit the text by pressing TAB


  • Added a subtle hint to the exit gate of Kronos Bridge
  • Changed the size of a trigger in the second level
  • Updated several levels to be conform with the new menu and skip mode


  • Updated the demo with the new menu & skip mode
  • Made the last part of "Testing Lab" easier to solve
  • Fixed several bugs that caused issues in rare circumstances

I'm currently working on a bigger patch for both the full version and the demos. There are different issues that occur after the first start of the game and disappear on the second start. This affects the camera speed and sound volume for different players.

For clarification - If you read this and you haven't downloaded one of the demos yet, you're already downloading the right version.

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Hey! I Fumiko is using the Unity Engine. You can find find many different ways to contact me in this Presskit and more info about the development of the game in this section.

Fumiko! community · Created a new topic Important: Demos
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If you downloaded a demo and the game directly loads you into one of the levels - please download the demo again to get a fixed version. You should start in an empty area with two gates allowing you to choose which level to play.

Hi! I am happy to share "Fumiko!" with you - a game I made over the past 3 years and just published on Steam.

To the page

The game deserved to have a DRM free version (like every game does) and I can't imagine a better place than for this. This opinion might or might not be highly influenced by the amazing upload process and how quickly I got the game on here. Big kudos to this website.

What is Fumiko?

Fumiko! is a game about a female artificial intelligence finding her place in a virtual world. It features challenging 3D platforming and handcrafted low-poly scenes with a surreal touch. It's about 6-10 hours long and tells a psychological thriller story. In addition to directly addressing topics like Open Source and Surveillance, the game was developed with the Unity3D Linux Editor Alpha and mostly Open Source software was used to realize the game.

You can watch the Steam Announcement Trailer or the First 5 Minutes of gameplay to get to know the game:

I am looking forward to seeing your feedback on the community page and I am happy to be here next to all these other amazing indie games.

The game will be 25% off until February 28th.

Best Regards,


I'll use that as a reason to update the demos to a new version and combine them into a single download.

That sounds great! I'll do that right away.

Hey folks and Indie Game lovers! To provide you a DRM free version of Fumiko! that you can copy around and share with your friends, I uploaded this game to this beautiful site. Please leave me your feedback if you played the game!