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This gravity-defying 3D Platformer takes you on a surreal trip through a twisted virtual network. · By Odrez (Fumiko Games)

(New) Patch Notes! Sticky

A topic by Odrez (Fumiko Games) created Feb 20, 2017 Views: 369 Replies: 2
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  • There has been a major bug that caused the default camera speed to be at almost 0, this has now been resolved

The menu has got quite an overhaul. I have decided to change the floaty interface to a screen overlay. This improves readability and allows me to show the menu more reliably.

  • Menu is now an overlay that dims the screen
  • Menu can now be activated during text scenes with some minor exceptions
  • Latest Log now scales properly when there are too many lines instead of cutting them off
  • Fixed a bug that caused music and ambient volume to fall down to 20% when exiting the game when the menu is open (If you have encountered very loud sounds, that was the issue. Make sure to check the sound settings after this patch)
  • Quit Game no longer requires the player to keep holding a button. Press the exit key and accept to close the game.
  • Default Settings were messed up when the game was started for the first time, this has now been resolved

Text Scenes

  • It is no longer possible to skip text with B or SHIFT
  • You can now auto-complete text by pressing A/Space and start skipping text by holding A/Space
  • Fixed some smaller typos
  • Changed some sentences that were grammatically correct but sounded bad
  • Added some sentences to chapter 2 that might help finding the way to continue the main plot
  • It is no longer possible to select and edit the text by pressing TAB


  • Added a subtle hint to the exit gate of Kronos Bridge
  • Changed the size of a trigger in the second level
  • Updated several levels to be conform with the new menu and skip mode


  • Updated the demo with the new menu & skip mode
  • Made the last part of "Testing Lab" easier to solve
  • Fixed several bugs that caused issues in rare circumstances
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Developer (1 edit)


Text Scenes

  • It should now be less likely to accidentally skip the beginning of a conversation


  • The demos now include two additional levels from the game that are more wild and atmospheric

Patch Notes from 01/06/2017


  • All memory pieces can now be found in the main menu once unlocked
  • A message is now shown on the screen when a new objective is given
  • Completely overhauled menu, giving much easier access to the game's settings
  • You can now store and load savegames manually & the game creates backup savegames for key plot moments, giving an easy way to go back and continue exploration
  • Can now scroll the last text log


  • Improved drop shadow visibility
  • Drop shadow now also goes downwards from fumiko and connects to the lower drop shadown, giving a clearer hint on where to land
  • Increased collider sizes to collect flying orbs by a huge margin
  • Reduced player respawn time to 2 seconds
  • Added new ability: Drop downwards by pressing X or f (a downwards jump with infinite charges)
  • Endless jumping is now introduced earlier in the game
  • Multijump is now introduced earlier in the game
  • Enemies will now reset to their spawn location when the player dies
  • Vastly improved push bots (enemies) visibility
  • Dash now uses the Right Trigger (RT) on gamepads instead of the B button

Levels & Homeworlds

  • Overhauled introduction to the game, adding a new starting area and tutorializing things in a more effective way
  • Improved several jumping puzzles to require less precision jumping
  • Completely overhauled the I.M. Server, removing invisible platforms, adding hints and improving visual structure
  • Added several subtle visual hints to levels to improve direction and distance judging
  • Tweaked the kronos puzzle to require less iterations to solve, increased collider sizes for the well
  • Reduced number of explosions needed to defeat the last boss
  • Added 6 new homeworlds to Hyperion with new dialogues and vistas
  • Added two maps to Hyperion for easier navigation
  • Added large visual hints for maps and points of interest in Hyperion
  • Added two public attractions to Hyperion


  • Reworked story progression in Hyperion, giving a clearer goal to follow and guiding the player to either continue or exit the chapter
  • Added distortion to several places in Hyperion (homeworlds getting corrupted), improving exploration in this chapter of the game
  • Tweaked & rewrote multiple dialogues and story passages
  • Added multiple new dialogues and some new story instances
  • Added and improved several camera pans


  • Added a new Steam achievement to Hyperion: Lonely Dancer


  • Moved a memory piece to a different, more logical position
  • Fixed waterfall not being influenced by sound settings in Ariana's homeworld
  • Added new animations to casual humans
  • First Person look can now be used when the camera is zoomed out by a script
  • Can now invert Camera X
  • Fixed accidental text skipping when completing text with Button A or Space
  • Many small bugfixes
  • Many small improvements
  • Dialogue now prevents death in most circumstances