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Man make a discord server already like GuttyKreum. I am a huge fan of your pixel art. Got almost all your art assets from itch :). You make the art assets in the right way. No confusion or anything. You should teach other artists how to make art assets and how to organize them.

you know you can make a zip file and upload it unless u trying to make a separate organised similar assets

RPG maker is small community. I suggest you target bigger communities like unity or etc. Make the tracks in general not engine specific. The bundle should have been named RPG maker asset bundle. Most of the assets were specific to RPG maker which I never used(Reason no support for 3rd party plugins and most plugins for it made by a small number of people).

Anyways amazing music. I hope you get what I am saying. Better for you. More buyers that way.

demo not working you have a video?

Hi I got your music pack from Humble bundle. I was wondering why most of your tracks are not loop-able? Is it possible for you to make them looping?

Hi folks,

l am looking for 2-3 2D unity devs to help each other when we face problems in code and make our code better. Skill level doesn't matter as long you have the desire to learn and improve. We can do some good courses on Udemy or YouTube together to be on the same boat.

Art and sound are ready to make 2D prototypes/small simple games.

Currently, I am making random prototypes.

Here are 2 prototypes I am working on

Join my discord to know more.

Thanks for reading and hope to make some prototype or small games together.



so basically after making all the models you just export it as fbx to use in unity?

why don't you include the sprite dimension in the description of your characters?

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Hello Folks,

I am Jony from Kalponic Games. I do programming and background art. I make random 2D games and such. Was looking for people to grow our community. We are using the Unity game engine. Below are some links you can check them out.

My games:


To join Discord:

I am looking for some help to flesh out ideas and game-play, do game jams  and lastly have fun while at it.

  • Programmer to help me
  • Animator
  • Character Artist
  • Writer
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how to get in contact with you? I also make hd assets was wondering if we can chat and share some tips. You can find my discord on my itch page. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks! Good work. Btw i suggest linking you social media to connect with other people.

do you have a discord community or something? Very nice work. Rare to find anything that is non-pixel these days for game assets. Very few non-pixel game art anywhere.

His music are really amazing. I can vouch for his work and delivery. He meets most of t he things you can ask for sound tracks.

thank you i think most of the humble bundle ones for your assets was from Game-Dev market. 

I got  assets from humble bundle. I was wondering you update on game dev market too?

you can make this in any of your choice of software. It is the skill set of the user rather than what software he used. I recommend focusing on building skills instead.

Really nice asset to use for simple top down dungeon crawler games

how rude of you not to give credit. I mean you getting so good asset for free. Makes some sense to give credit :)

why the file size is so huge?

I really like this game. Very well done and polished. Amazing work here

hey i would be interested and glad to find a fellow vector artist :). I use adobe illustrator you?

I will think about it :). Thanks for the suggestion.

can you make anime pack then?

Really good job. I think its 1st place :D

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now if only you added some anime skins for it that would be super cool. Adding some top down animations would be good too.

Also if u can add more colours for picking colours for cloths and costume that would be the best addition.

Also if I add custom animations in unity how Can i load that animation in Stand alone version?

thanks. i had simple game in mind

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Try making any 3rd party plugin for godot. An example would be making spriter animations work in godot or spine among many others.I have used 12 game engines so far. Keep coming back to unity. Unity is also annoying. Also 20x more resources for unity than any other engines combined. I am a fan of making my games finished or product released. So whatever tools makes it easier and have more solutions i tend to use it. Godot is awesome by itself and if u don't plan to use not many 3rd party software. Its mainly geared towards intermediate or expert programmer or hobbyists.

has anyone made a tutorial how to make

autotile (and animated tiles)



ok. and say no to godot. used it for 6 months not going back. I am used to using lot of other softwares besides godot. It don't support those export or don't have a plugin for it. And no m not wasting my time to make plugin for it. On the other hand unity has all plugins and works out of box. No crashes either. I got tired of godot T_T. So say no to godot aka GOAT! :P

how do you use the bg scrolling effect inside of unity or game engines?

Nice game.

not bad  idea. mixing arkanoid with celebration. Pretty cool.

nice concept. suits the theme.

pretty cool game but don't see the relation to celebration casual game.

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So this was our 1st 48 hour game jam. We had trouble finishing things on time and planning accordingly. The game right now  has lot of bugs and needs UI  improvements. We were brand new as a team. The members consisted of a composer,an artist,a technical artist and 2 programmers. Our team work was quite good but can be improved lot more. So from this jam we going to discuss how to meet deadlines more efficiently. Hopefully you will like our game. See you next time with some more games to show off. Thanks for having us everyone. A round of applause to all hard working members of IGDA.

here is our game:

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Hi is it also possible to put a text or something to easily cut sprites? Showed you an example below:


thanks. saves t he time for going on looking properties then details. for some reason sometimes for some assets i don't find that info.

Hi i got this asset from gamedev market. You did not say the width and height of the knight. It is very helpful to mention that thanks.

good job nice casual game.

very nice game and concept simple enough. amazing good job.

thanks yeah the programmer had very little time to expand on the game. so lot of features are missing.