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I just tried updating to the latest version through itch, and it completely borked my RA installation irreparably. Most of (if not all) of the internal files (such as shaders, controller profiles, etc) are now all in a single folder. I've had to uninstall and revert back to 1.10.3 (fortunately that one still seems to be fine).

Is there any chance we could get a Linux version to play on the Steam Deck?

From what I understand, the Mall section doesn't support gamepad controls.

If you have  the crowbar, there's an extra room in the basement that you can use that on.

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Unfortunately i've found an issue. The demo that you access from the TV in the Janitor's office won't load. Clicking the play button just takes you back to the Janitor's office without loading anything.

EDIT: I have been informed that the game is missing and will have to be patched in at a later date, so crisis averted, lol.

Thank you so much!

Personally, if there's a game that I really like and want to play, I stick it in a collection (such as a private 'Favourites' collection) so I have an easier time finding it.

I use Playnite to organise my games and keep track of the ones I own, and the itchio extension will only import games from itchio if either a) i've claimed them, or b) they're installed through the itchio app. So it's either claim the browser only game, or install the browser only game, both of which sound equally "unnecessary and confusing". :P

If you visit a game page that you’ve obtained through any bundle, you will now always see a button on the top of the page to access the game’s files

I certainly appreciate this change! It seems to also have the added benefit of making browser only games claimable now (previously it was impossible to claim them because they didn't have a download button).

I second that; we should be the ones to decide for ourselves if we wish to "flood [our] library with purchased games".

I use Playnite to organise all of my games from multiple services, including itchio. It allows me to easily keep track of which games I own, which one's i've played, etc. It's difficult to do that adequately when itchio makes it so difficult to even claim the games in the first place.

So I just bought the Queer Games Bundle 2021. Now as we all know, the only way to claim games that you've paid for is to go through them and click the "download" button, otherwise they won't appear in your library.

However, some of the games in the bundle don't have a download button. They only have a "Play in Browser" button, and clicking on that doesn't add the game to your library. So basically any game in a bundle that doesn't have a "Download" button can't be added to your list of owned games.

When the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality launched last year, there was talk about itchio creating an "add all" button due to it being such a large bundle. It's now a year later, and we have the brilliant Palestinian Aid bundle, but there still doesn't seem to be a way to add all the games to our library aside from manually clicking on over 1000 download links.

Are we gonna get an "add all" button? According to another forums post apparently the newest bundle automatically added everything to your library by accident? Can we have that as an option?

I am so excited to try this!

Absolutely loved this, and was sad to see it end. I even managed to get a cube into the final room to see if I could glitch through the ceiling, lol.


Fantastic! Just bought the bundle, and got my Steam key perfectly fine!

I know this post is a year old, but seeing as the game is now on sale for Christmas 2019 I too would like to know if Steam keys are included.

I'm sorry, but I have no idea what i'm doing. The only successful combinations i've managed to find are the ones where you mix three of the same item together. I've tried mixing together ingredients that have the same "character" and whathaveyou but nothing seems to work.

Just beat it. Lovely game, very authentic faux PSX look, challenging but not too difficult.

I did kinda cheese it though. If you press the dodge button twice quickly the character model kinda skips forward without an animation, bypassing all collision. Useful for avoiding enemies, not so useful when you end up skipping past the wall while fighting death and falling into the void below. It's a good thing you had the foresight to add a death trigger below the level.

Overall, a really cool short game. I especially liked the parody of the PSX bootup logos.

Zenodyne R community · Created a new topic Steam Keys?

Hi, i'm considering buying the Summer Sale pack that includes Zenodyne R, Zenohell, and Jet Buster, and I just wanted to ask, do the itchio versions come with Steam keys?

Awesome! The game is much easier to understand now. Managed to get 10 reps!

Just so you know, i'm having the same problem with Malwarebytes Premium. It's labelled the game.exe.bak, escaped chasm 2.exe, and escaped chasm.exe all as Generic.Malware/Suspicious.

Hi! I got this during the "It is spring time" sale. I noticed the page says all copies come with a steam key, but I can't seem to find mine.

Yeah, same. No matter which of the SWOL keys I press, the character always leans to the left and ends up with their arms ripped off.

There definitely needs to be some clearer instructions. Why does pressing a key suddenly make most of the on-screen keys have a red cross over them? What's with the two circles that move downwards then keep flashing purple and green?

Thank you! I was thinking of maybe writing a post-mortem once the jam is over, going over the things I learned from doing this.

I've seen your entry! I've not played Alan Wake myself, but I have seen bits and pieces of it, and I love the idea of a PSX style demake of it. It's so cool to see other people wanting to make PSX style games, I feel like that era is really underappreciated. I highly recommend trying out Sanguine Sanctum if you haven't already, it was a big inspiration for me when deciding to tackle this.

I think that might be the "affine texture mapping". The original Playstation used affine texture mapping, which is known for causing distortion when the polygon is viewed at certain angles. The retro shaders by dsoft20 (which I used in this project) feature affine texture mapping to try and accurately recreate the look of old PS1 games.

Looking at dsoft20's github page again, there's a note towards the bottom warning that the effect is most noticeable on quads, and suggests adding triangles to the mesh to "avoid excessive distortion". I'll definitely have to keep that in mind in future when I attempt this kind of project again. ^^"

Very nice start! The pixel art is gorgeous!

This is great! I especially love what you did with the music.

This is great! Very polished, and feels authentic.

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I am so sorry, i'm having trouble uploading the file right now.

EDIT: Ok, got the file uploaded. Hopefully it works.

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Hi, I seem to be having some trouble getting this to work. I import my tilesheet (six 64x64 tiles), create a plane, go to edit mode, click paint, and then Blender crashes.

I'm using Blender 2.76a on Windows 10. Is there a recommended version of Blender I should be using?

EDIT: So I tried updating to the latest version of Blender, and it works now. Fantastic tool btw! It's perfect for my PS1 style game.

I feel like i'm playing some long lost Net Yaroze project. Nice.