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Macbat 64

Macbat 64 is a 3D Platformer and 4:3 loveletter to the late 90s. · By Siactro

Steam Key?

A topic by MD CyberBat created Sep 21, 2018 Views: 1,545 Replies: 18
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Hey this game looks great. I was wondering if we buy the game here will we also get a steam key like other games on offer?


I know this post is a year old, but seeing as the game is now on sale for Christmas 2019 I too would like to know if Steam keys are included.


Okay soooo... If I didn't screw anything up along the way (always possible...), we should have steam keys now. :) 


thank you, i didnt expect to get a reply.. I thank you from one developer to another.


Fantastic! Just bought the bundle, and got my Steam key perfectly fine!


I have to admit... I kind of forgot about the whole steam key thing because of a lot of other things going on... But that is no excuse to let you wait for a whole year. I am sorry. :( But hey, if everything seems to work than I am happy. :) 

So how I get a steam key? I bought the game here

When I went to the download page, just below the “Download” button was a box that said “Claim Steam key”.

I dont have that box. I paid the minimum donation (more than the price of the game on a steam sale) and nothing :(


Hey there, sorry i didn't saw this thread before. Unfortunately all steam keys are gone right now. I won't refill them anytime soon either. Let me explain: I set this game to a 100% off so people have something to distract them for a few hours during their self isolation (I honestly didn't think it would blow up this much :D). However like it is usually the case: Some people seem to only take advantage of the situation. A few (not many, just very few) people seem to have claimed their steam keys for free only to sell them on G2A, Kinguin and so on. I am not mad about it, but I also don't want to encourage this behaviour even more.
However, I can see that you went as far to even pay for the game so I will happily send you a key! :) Do you have a twitter account or something where I can send it to you? You could also toss me a mail to: and I send it to you that way. Also thank you very much for your support! <3 :D 

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Thanx dude! I really Iike the game but I like launching games from Steam. Just sent you an e-mail :)


No worries, I totally get you! :D I have my very own retro inspired playlists on steam haha. Anyway, send you a mail. :)

Hi, if I also send you an email can I get a steam key?

i am not able to get the steam key?

You will only be able to receive a Steam key if you buy the game, which is having a 100% discount right now.

I guess you got the game for free. If you don't, then consider contacting the developer.



don't be greedy


stop replying

Well I see it as a system question not a greed thing.

gotta re-up on those steam keys! :)