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thank you, i didnt expect to get a reply.. I thank you from one developer to another.

I'm glad you like this, me and my team are still working on this to get some to play out to you sooner then later.

I should have showcased this sooner but here is a devlog of progress to show off me and my teams latest project titled Kaiju dance based on the Kaiju Dating Sim cartridge. Here are some characters i wanted to show off of the characters you will meet in this visual novel.

cat hides when your mouse goes near and meows wherever you click, what more could you ask for?

This is a unique looking game, Will this come with a steam key?

This game is looking really impressive thus far. I am curious will we get a steam key purchasing this and what did you use making this game?

Does this mean you updated the floor tile to match the character style?

Thank you for answering my question. 

Also thanks for unblocking me, followed.

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Are choose your own adventures a valid form of light novel? Also for some reason I am blocked on your twitter?

Thanks, I hope people like your game too.

Well I finished it.

Thanks. I hope you'll enjoy it. I will try to make time to play yours when I can too.

Oh that was supposed to be text buttons, hence why the box disappeared. I'm hoping to overhaul the game for the full version now that I have more time to dedicate to it.

Macbat 64 community · Created a new topic Steam Key?

Hey this game looks great. I was wondering if we buy the game here will we also get a steam key like other games on offer?

I'm happy to announce a demo is complete for City of Oceanus. I hope you enjoy it

I'm just about to compile mine, I just need to put in one last background and do a bug run

I am done with the prologue of my game as far as basics go, all I need to do is set down the programming of the other parts of the demo then I can polish them with sound and music then I can finally submit my entry.

This seems to be working so far. I'll let you know if there are anymore issues.

I cant seem to get this animation script to work properly, while it does change when its told to it fades when transitioning when going from one GIF to another. Does anyone know how to fix that?

gif of the fading:

the script:

Happy to see the game completed. I was wondering though if we do buy it on here first once the steam release becomes available will we have to buy it again or will you include a steam key for people who buy it on as well?

Here is a screenshot mock up of how a typical scene in City of Oceanus will look. I hope you like it.

Thought i'd show off the main characters in City of Oceanus. These are the main cast but there are also other characters in the game you'll see in Oceanus when you get there.

Thank you

City of Oceanus is a Visual Novel about a marine biologist meets an old friend long forgotten.

Thought I would share the title screen of the game.

Its just Fish Kiss in Japanese. I did it because I though the kanji looked cool.

Thanks, I was hoping me and my team could accomplish that.

The Fish Kiss demo is finally complete!

Almost done with the game!! Hoping to finish it tonight.

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More progress animation for Fish Kiss.

Thank you, I appreciate you liking it.

Sketches of the local market

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Fish Kiss is a point and click adventure where you help Vibi get a kiss from the girl of his dreams.

Here is the title screen for the game.

Here are the two main characters Vibi and his crush Kassia as well.

Thanks, I used Tyrano Builder to make this game.

I really love the art direction you have going for your game. It caught me off guard. I'm shocked you don't have more screenshots. It looks really polished.

Oh I didnt know you used videos in yours, not much can be done about that. the game is offifially done!!

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did you make sure to optimize your assets. it sounds to me like you used uncompressed images and sounds for everything.

I'm about 90% done with my entry for the game jam! All that's left is the ending and bug fixes and ill be done. Here is a screenshot from the game for those who wondered how it would look.

i think they mean have the game itelf in a single zip. you can do both in one if you want but id recommend having a win one and a mac one.

Im happy to hear people like the progress so far.