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MD CyberBat

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Its just Fish Kiss in Japanese. I did it because I though the kanji looked cool.

Thanks, I was hoping me and my team could accomplish that.


The Fish Kiss demo is finally complete!

Almost done with the game!! Hoping to finish it tonight.

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More progress animation for Fish Kiss.

Thank you, I appreciate you liking it.

Sketches of the local market

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Fish Kiss is a point and click adventure where you help Vibi get a kiss from the girl of his dreams.

Here is the title screen for the game.

Here are the two main characters Vibi and his crush Kassia as well.

Thanks, I used Tyrano Builder to make this game.

I really love the art direction you have going for your game. It caught me off guard. I'm shocked you don't have more screenshots. It looks really polished.

Oh I didnt know you used videos in yours, not much can be done about that.

https://megadrivesonic.itch.io/the-sword-and-the-fox the game is offifially done!!

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did you make sure to optimize your assets. it sounds to me like you used uncompressed images and sounds for everything.

I'm about 90% done with my entry for the game jam! All that's left is the ending and bug fixes and ill be done. Here is a screenshot from the game for those who wondered how it would look.

i think they mean have the game itelf in a single zip. you can do both in one if you want but id recommend having a win one and a mac one.

Im happy to hear people like the progress so far.

Thanks Im glad you like it. dont worry its not on fire in there but im seeing how you could think that.

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What Could this door lead to?

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This sword could be a fresh start for you.


About: The Sword and the Fox or Ken to kitsune is a story about a young swordsman named junko who goes to seek sword left in the supposedly haunted castle of a former emperor and meets princess Hayami, a kitsune beast women Who now lives there. Your goal is to guide Junko through this journey to find the sword and find out who this kitsune is and why she invited you in.

Nice to see a fellow pixel artist making a VN, nice work.

Really like this custom engine you've made here. Will you be adding a menu system soon?

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Behold the Grand Egg

for some reason i tried using bbc code to show it here but it wont do it...

Hello I am looking to make games myself soon, ill be putting up a proof of concept game in rpg maker 2003 but hope to port the assests to something like game maker to have more control.( assuming game maker will stop being as complex as it is with its lack of the tutorials i need).

Its a decent game but would it be possible to add an option to window and exit?