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That is a bug that came with the newest update.  A fix for this is already send in, but we have to wait for nintendo to approve it :( 

That sure is a bit weird hmm. Are you perhaps not on a windows machine? From the top of my head, that is the only thing that would come to mind.

Heya, unfortunately I can't, the music is only licencesed so I can't release it outside of the game itself, sorry :(

I really, really, REALLY want to know what it is! Please share it, buyer. <3

OH! That's a really good idea! :D Thanks. I guess, I simply didn't realize how hard it is to see the platforms, because I knew them by heart after placing them. This is really helpful. :) 

I totally get you here. :) I tried to make the spooky elements more funny, and spoopy rather than actual horror. At least for the most part. I figured you have played the second pink town level yet, right? I admit the ending to that was a bit heavy in comparison to the rest (the jumpscare at the end). From now on it gets easier. The second ice level and the final one feature more horror elements but not nearly as bad. The second ice level has giant snowballs that open a mouth with teeth and growl at you when you come close so be warned. The final level looks weird, but does not feature actual horror or jumpscares.

Thank you. :) Yea, I always wanted to make a simple, straight forward little 3D Platformer. Usually I shied away from it, and for some reason tried to make Platformers with a lot of emphasize on atmosphere over gameplay.

They should be close to every other I think ( lefst stick walking, right stick camera, one button jump, one button holding down to sprint). I don't have a PS4 Controller, so I couldn't test it. Though the game only uses two sticks and two buttons, so it really shouldn't be too far off. :) 

Thanks. No unfortunately not. Might be an idea for the future. Though I am pretty sure, I know what stars are you talking about. You might want to check out the two aircraft carriers at the end again. Might have been a bit too cryptic after all :) 

Haha, thank you very much! :D I glad you accidentally found it and enjoyed it.

Thank you :) 

Ah dang, thank you very much. :) Hope you gonna like this one. If not: Tasty Ramen Episode 2 is going to happen.

Indeed. Though it isn't that spooky. More akin to spoopy elements to make it more interesting. Nothing to extreme or scary.

Thank you! :D

I made them myself in photoshop, gimp and milkshape 3D. Sounds are all source of places and music is done by

Thank you very much! I do my best :) 

Thanks. :) I only went away for around 1,5 years basically. It was a bit of a tough time

Thanks. :) Chapter 2 is in the works! :D

Thank you very much! :D

Glad it convinced you. :) 

Ah, thank you very much! :D Really happy you liked it, and appreciate the kind words. :)
Also I should have checked here first, before I wrote the tweet haha. 

Hey thanks for the heads-up :) I saw it already and was super happy about it. 

Thank you very much! :D

._. ...huh? That is cruel. That shouldn't be possible... I must have messed something up 

Honestly, feel free to rush me. :) I am starting to pick up the pace myself now, because I feel really bad for yet again staying way to silent and making too little progress. The thing is, I had to finish a few other projects on the side, in order to get a bit of a budget to actually make episode 2. This took way more time than I hoped it would. Also I got stuck on a few design desicition, especially concerning episode 2's new place. Episode 1 is still not finished because I need a few new voice lines for it, and quite frankly I want to include them in the first recording session for episode 2, so I don't have to do more recording sessions than needed. Also I need to finish the looks of episode 2's new place in order to tease it proberly in episode 1 :) You could say, I kinda suck at organizing this whole thing a bit. Though in my defense, it is my first jam game that I actually expand upon as well as my first actual episodic title and my first game with propper voice acting. I absolutely need to post more updates though!

Thank you very much! <3 Somehow I figured you would like it, hah! ;D

Hey there, thanks again! :) It really means a lot to me. Thank you ver ymuch but to be honest, I was slacking a bit with the communication as of lately. I had a lot of other work to do, but I try to change that from now on. I always like to read from people and listen to them, when they talk about my game. I am just super interested to hear what they have to say. 

The last update was merely a few bug fixes, so nothing major. Usually I try to announce the changes in the devlog section of this page.
Thank you very, very much for your wish to donate. :D The best way is always to spread the word. <3 But of course, a tiny bit of money is always welcome and helpful. You could either become a supporter on patreon, or you can directly donate a bit of money via the download button on this page. :)

Thanks again for your kind words. <3

At least that is my plan. :) Just need to find a mac computer to test it on.

Thank you! :D The stressfulness is kind of a compensation for the weaker horror elements.

Thanks for the feedback. :) I added a quick explanation to the description.

Hey no worries. :) As you can clearly see, I haven't been able to answer comments in quite a while. I currently have a few projects going on. One being obviously tasty ramen episode 2, and the others are small side things that came along and hopefully make sure I have a bit of a budget for episode 2. 

Let me just get this out though: Wow, I honestly have no idea what to say. :D This has to be some of the kindest and nicest words I have heard ever. Thank you very, very much :) I always try to listen to what people say about my games. Especially if it is makes a lot of sense to me! :D I also hope you are right, I honestly wouldn't complain about any of it. :) Thanks again and have a great day too. 

Hmmm, have you tried starting the game without touching the controller before hand? That could help, it's not very likely though. Is it an older controller? Or do you have any problems in other games? You certainly don't miss anything, no :D I fear it could be a problem with the game itself and how it handles your controller. For some reason...

Thank you very much. Really appreciate it! :) 

Thank you very much :) 

Thanks a lot :D

Thank you. More is on the way in episode 2. :)

Thank you. :)

Yes, the final version of episode 1 will be on mac and linux as well.

Haha, thanks. :) 

Thanks a lot! :D