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Unfortunately no, there isn't. Back then I was lucky enough to even get something playable done. :D Foxtail is actually a squirrel tail and tribute to conker. Eggplant is a stop and swap joke. No, there is no Kiwi 65, because you can't collect 60 clefs, only 59 :) 

There was a problem with people grabbing the game for free and selling the seam keys on kinguin and co. That is why I made it unclaimable for now. However, you really don't need to worry about that.  The 100% off sale won't stop until the current situation in the world has finally changed for the better. Since that does seem to still take a while... well I don't assume the game will get out of the 100% free sale before the end of the year really. :D 

Thanks. :) For this I used Unity 4. 

Yes the credits after the boss. Try watching them till the end. I have no idea if that has anything to do with the problem but it's the only thing that springs to mind right now.

Thank you very much. It would be cool to translate the game into korean, unfortunately I don't speak it and none of my friends does either :/ 

Hmmm... Have you turned the game off during the credits perhaps?

No, the music is licenced ( You can freely make a video about the game :) 

Oh wow, that is really cool! :D Glad to hear my game could help in a fundraiser! :)   If you plan on doing one again, just let me know and i could hit you up with some steam keys to give away. 

Oh... well eh... hmmm :/ I am sorry...

The difficulty in the original version was really tough for most people so I made it easier so people can enjoy it. :) I already have an idea concerning difficulty for the final game though.

Thanks a lot! :) 

It is a known bug and I am really sorry for it :( You can still play the game by pressing E a few (like... 14?) times. However I promise you that bug won't be in Episode 1. 

Haha thanks a lot! :D And thanks for making that video! :) 

Hey thanks a lot for the kind words. I really appreciate it! :D 
I agree, the map was a bit too small and overall I don't feel like it worked all that well. Episode 1 will have a very different map (still set in the store though) and I made the overall objective a bit more interesting I hope. The sounds need to stay though. <3 Though I assume I should make them a bit quieter to not give the position away too soon? :)

Yea, sorry about that. :( That is a real annoying bug of the demo. It won't happen in the next version!

Always. I am currently trying to refrain from investing time into anything other than Tasty Ramen. However I still have my two other projects. Even though they are on the backburner for now because I really want to get episode 1 done :) 

I am not entirely sure. Though great minds think alike, right? :) 

Hey :D Thanks a lot for the video! <3

Thank you very much! :D The soundtrack will change though. I used music from for the demo, but the game is getting it's own soundtrack for the final version. Hope you will enjoy the new tunes as well :) 

I do. I work with a musician and a friend of mine helps me a lot with the ingame arts. The update (episode 1) will have a lot of changes, but don't expect it to be that huge. :) Most of the time went into redesigning parts of the game and actually figuring out where the game should go from here. So basically a lot of time where I did not create any actual content for the game. Just keep that in mind please. 

Thanks a lot. :) I am planning a lot of improvements (and already included some). The demo version was a bit rushed because of time constraints.  That is the reason behind many of the not so good decisions. Most of this will change. The pink stays though! <3 :D

Hah nice! :D Thanks a lot!

Hey Kai. :D
I am currently working on However I haven't forgotten about Macbat and Kiwi and really want to make a sequel to Kiwi at some point, I just need to have the right ideas and the time. I am never only working on just one game though, so we will see. :)

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No, you keep it :) You don't have to pay for it when the sale ends. 

Thanks a lot. I honestly appreciate it. It is really cool to know that your nephew enjoys it and even seems to have some favorite characters in the game, haha. When I made the game I didn't expect kids to actually play and enjoy it but whenever I hear about it, it honestly makes me super happy. :) 

Already in the works! :D Currently working together with a musician on the first tunes. Well... he is working and I am just super impressed by what he makes. <3 

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! :)  That is the plan. I am going to release the full game in episodes (mainly because it takes a lot less time to develop it in episodes and i get more feedback along the way) with the first one being released for free and starting with episode 2 I will set a small price tag for them. :) 

You mean it doesn't actually start? What windows version do you have?

You mean my other games or the haunted ps1 demo disc? :D Cause the demo disc has games by many people not just me. If you mean my games here on I highly suggest skipping some of the older ones x) Some of them are really just bad... I hope you find something interesting beneath them though :D 

Thanks again for your video! <3 Yes and yes. The demo store is pretty much gone by now and replaced with a new one. However the store itself isn't the only place players will find in the final game (however it is the setting for episode 1 so yea.) :D

A LOT! Definitely check it out as soon as it's out! ...too much? :D Anyway, thanks a lot! :) I have some hopefully cool ideas for the full game, that I am currently working on. 

Haha nice, dankeschön! :D Ich glaube du bist einer von ca drei deutschen Let's Playern die es gespielt haben. Ich glaube es hat nicht ganz den durchschnittlichen deutschen Spieler-Geschmack getroffen! ;) 

I should have made a deal with some ramen company! :D Thanks a lot. Yea, it is a bit too short really. Episode 1 will be longer and have more content i promise! :)

Yup, this is the "kind of" sequel to Kiwi 64. Same universe, same characters. However it plays a lot different and has a different vibe to it. So only sequel in style, not gameplay. :) There is zero difference between this and the steam version. Both are the newest version, feature the new bonus level and are DRM free.

No worries, I totally get you! :D I have my very own retro inspired playlists on steam haha. Anyway, send you a mail. :)

Hey there, sorry i didn't saw this thread before. Unfortunately all steam keys are gone right now. I won't refill them anytime soon either. Let me explain: I set this game to a 100% off so people have something to distract them for a few hours during their self isolation (I honestly didn't think it would blow up this much :D). However like it is usually the case: Some people seem to only take advantage of the situation. A few (not many, just very few) people seem to have claimed their steam keys for free only to sell them on G2A, Kinguin and so on. I am not mad about it, but I also don't want to encourage this behaviour even more.
However, I can see that you went as far to even pay for the game so I will happily send you a key! :) Do you have a twitter account or something where I can send it to you? You could also toss me a mail to: and I send it to you that way. Also thank you very much for your support! <3 :D 

Hahaha, there will be a bit of a backstory for your character in episode 1! :D Thank you very, very much. Yes there is absolutley going to be more of this. I am currently working on it.

Glad to hear and thanks! :) I was planing on a feature like this, I just didn't have enough time. From Episode 1 on I will include it. 

Ah dang it. Yeah, that is one of the bugs of the current version. :/ Basically all you have to do is press E over and over until you can move. Than you can grab items with E and throw them with the left mouse button :) You have to collect 8 red keys and bring them to the door. 

Thanks a lot! :D I am working on it almost every day right now but things got a bit slower over here since a certain virus spread around. Still I am aiming for a release in april. :)