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Haha, awesome! :D On here you can actually download the stand alone version that still works on modern PCs, in case you feel like playing it again! ;) <3 

Thanks a lot. :) Yea, the After Jam version was more a "hot fix" to get the controls easier for people to enjoy. I might fine tune some things in a future update. 

Damn! Thank you all very much for the kind words : ) Right now I am really thinking about how I could make a bigger game out of this. It seems that mana people like the artstyle and atmosphere and the fact that you have to locate your target first so these are definitely the two aspects I will focus on in new updates.

Damn, sorry I did not checked this site as much as I should! Thank you all for the kind words : D I have read all your comments and will address some of the things you guys said with the next update.

That is actually a really good idea, thanks! I will try it out asap to see how it affects the gameplay. I did it this way because the player was falling in part 1 as well so I never really thought about doing it vertical : )

Hey there,

It's super awesome that you enjoy the game so much! :D Thank you so much for the nice words! I really appreciate it!



It will come out this year, I am currently aiming at a release this fall but as always: I am not 100% sure :( Sorry...

Thanks a bunch, really appreciate your kind words! :D I hope that Macbat 64 will give you the same feeling that Banjo Kazooie did back in the day! :)

Hey there, thanks for the kind words! :)

No, Macbat 64 is not canceled. It just takes a lot more time than I had planned. :/ Sorry for that.

If you want to stay up to date with the development, you can follow me on Twitter:



Good question... I am pretty sure it's here! :) I have no idea what the cut on Steam would be but yea I am sure I get more out of it here.

Feel free to stay! :D Make yourself comfortable and I let you know when the game is out! ;)

Hi there! Why not write a comment, about the game, while you are here? :)