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You are killing it with your games, I would love to work with you in the future, I 'm really interested in bringing surrealism to games.

I see, maybe it would work better in a touch screen with the finger!

thank you :D 

Thanks! That was indeed intended, I saw it as fitting for the game (honestly I think everyone gets confused playing it at some point)

simple and straight to the point of decision making in  AAA industry right now. 10/10 would sell to EA again 

An interesting take on breakout, I could see this becoming a full game, but somehow it doesn't feel very responsive right now because with a small mouse its hard to hit the ball and you can't control where the ball goes like in the original games, I also beat a whole level without clicking :v 

I only put art assets and somehow it worked with no code :D. Overall It's an interesting idea that could probably be turned into something better 

Glad you like it! 

Thanks a lot, I'm glad everyone is liking the graphics :) 

II don't really get what you mean by lagging? I think maybe you are referring to about lack of game feel

And thanks for pointing out the flaws,  I couldn't agree more,we will try better next time :D 

Hey thank's a lot for your input! You can change levels in the main menu with the arrow to the right, here are 3 in total 

Thank you for the kind words yeeeey 

Thanks a lot for your input :) 

I loved the game, the art and mood is amazing, but the game design feels weird, it's hard to play the game because you have no idea what to do,and when you want to ask something its hard to know what you should type in, then if you go to your breakthrough your pretty much getting spoiled because you have all the info :c maybe an idea would be to start with easy and obvious things so that you can at least get the first part right and then proceed on your own. Keep doing these games, I'm going to try your others now!

Hey, this might be a blender issue as I just started using blender for this particular addon, but it seems I'm not able to build on the sides? Anyway I try to rotate the camera it keeps painting in the ground, 

I'm moving using middle mouse if that does anything...