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Really got 80s vibe and super smooth controls. Good job.

Fun and very very relaxing., and wow, this looks super polished (The sounds, the sprites, even the menus).

Would have perhaps liked for the balloon to keep a little more "momentum" (or keep it longer) after it got a boost (whether by winds or your supply). But it's fun already. Awesome.

For my "dream game" my basic game-mechanics work in "blocks and spheres" but instead of the steam punkish. third person stealth game I have in mind, it looks kinda like PacMan in 3d -> which makes building levels to human proportions very "hit and miss" and the same goes for any kind of interaction with the environment, or the enemies.

I'm not waiting for Godot4  (I'm 99% sure Godot 3 can do what I want it to do), it's just an arbitrary goal to be "good enough" at Blender (and have a working "Asset flow") once Godot 4 hit the shelves, so I'm currently putting my efforts there.

Building for (x86/AMD64)-Linux  is quite easy with Godot, so I don't really get, why not more people did this (which brings me to the question whether I could simply deliver the "pck" along side the Windows/Linux executable in one package... I guess I can experiment on this another day).

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Thanks for the kind words and for giving all the jam games a try (you seem unrelenting in your cause :-) ). 

I enjoy Godot quite a lot, but after the experiment, I wanted to get better at Blender first. Whether it's blocking out levels or testing a "character controller" it feels quite demotivating with just blocks to work with - and considering the amount of "work I didn't understand" I had to put into just one simple custom animation I'm currently "over there", at Blender. Hoping I get the assets for a resemblance of my "dream game" ready, once Godot 4 hits :)

It runs quite good until the skulls appear. Perhaps some part of the skull-scripts run to often, or there's a loop in there that runs to long?

Or my GPU just sucks at the materials/shaders :-)

Don't let it drag you down. It's a promising start.

very cool mechanics. nice game.

Cute art, controls and sounds feel good. Nice game!

Looks nice, but kills my PC :)

If you know how to play, It's a little easy in the beginning, but it gets trickier ;)

Nice game.

Ah, I made "steam", but didn't "get" that I could (and had) to put in water/fire in the "pre-occupied" fields as well.

Looks nice -  but I can't even solve the first puzzle :)

I thought the following seems to be the right combination, but it doesn't move on to the next level.


Really nice game. Minit 3d :)

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Thanks. Probably the best thing about this entry :-) 

Finally came around usin sDock  (using Godot 3.3.3) and it's really a time saver with text-heavy games. Thank you. 

Not a big bug, but using cursor keys to navigate the main menu, doesn't focus on the opened screen. So when opening "options", I was still actually in the main menu and somehow hit the exit button, closing the game immediately... 

Arkanoid? Terraria without Voxels?  Rampage with freely destructible cities? I can't even begin to imagine what will become possible with this :)


This might sound dumb, but aren't that obvious to me, so, where do I find the FAQ?

Which Version of Godot is supported? 3.2? The 4.x-not-even-alpha?  Will this work with the "normal" version or is Mono/GD-Native needed?

Awesome! Thank you.

Thank you so much!

Thank you.

This is more of a blender-question, but as Sprityle heavily relies on the cursor: Is there a way to dircetly move the cursor on the grid? Aiming and then using Shift-S-4 to correct my aim works but is kinda cumbersome.

Is there a built-in-tool to delete a tile? Currently I go back to select-tool, face-mode and delete face.