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Very cool mix of dungeon crawl with tactical battles. Really good battle system you got with the item loadout and delay systems. Clearly the last few enemies showed that there's a bunch you can do with debuff delays, piercing, reflect and all that. Was sad the game ended, can see potential for a bigger game with that concept. :)
Also loved the quality of life stuff like the game remembering who i beat and offering auto resolve.

Love the update! Is there a preferred place to report a bug I saw ( with screenshot) or drop some minor balance feedback?

Woah, what is the glitch to go up without mushrooms? :D

Here's mine, in world you can't really see the inside mouth effect cause it's too low unfortunately.

Oh nice! I thought I saw the bird and chinchilla in a different spot, like on a hill? Really cool pumpkin, did not run into the abstract one but great design too.

That's an incredible surprise! Thanks so much for 2.0 :D

Same here! +1 to all of this :)

Hi, what kind of controller are you using? 

No uncharted rooms around there unfortunately!

Ok, maybe I just missed a couple goliaths somewhere because I think I only remember 4 goliaths ( and 3 skorpions).

Ah shoot so I might not be able to meet Asterius on that run then, can't find a way through or around that bugged room.

Once I got into the habit of always equipping "wait" the game became easier :P The biggest hurdle was to survive all the way to a boss room, but once I finally did that Kentaur is currently so easy and the blessed sword is such a game changer ( making goliaths absolutely trivial) that the rest of the progress happened pretty quick afterwards. Happy to give more complete feedback on the overall experience if you wish!

One thing I dont get is that I got those info scrolls about 2 amulets that do good stuff but after clearing the map and defeating all the goliaths I found none of em game those specific amulets!

Anyway, I'm a huge fan of Nethack and Asterius is one of the few games that make me feel really understood what was strong about it. A traditional roguelike where knowledge and understanding of the world is key to survival instead of grind. Love that you can leave notes for each entry in the bestiary, that's really one of the best additions to the genre I've seen in a long time!

Finally came back to this game and mastered it! Lots of great updates since last time I played, great work! I'm having an issue in my run where I'm just about to go for Asterius after doing everything else: the room before says it's cursed now ( wasn't before) and won't let me in and I can't quite figured out what this is about.
Cursed rooms have moved 2 times through my exploration of that run and I see no hint as to how that works (is it linked to the switch puzzle maybe?)

Thanks bro :Y

Thanks Jo! :D

Coincidence! There's a spectregram in One Piece?

Welp, not sure where else to get help on that. :l

Hello and thanks for making Sprytile! 
Is there a way to turn off backface culling in blender with the current version of sprytile? I couldnt find an option on the material following blender infos ( i m new to blender too).

I bought Powball when I was like in middle school, in France. I think this was the first purchase online I had ever done and I needed help from my dad to do it. I was super scared the money would just disappear and I'd never see anything. And then I got this package with the game on floppy disk and it was the best thing ever :D
I had so much fun building my own levels for hours and hours.
Just randomly thought about it today after many years and what an awesome surprise to see it back!

Ah also, bug feedback: sometimes the game freezing indefinitely when loading a room ( happened only twice over a few hours of playing).

Awesome, best of luck!

You're welcome, and yeah I ve encountered the info warning about old men now.
Do they cause insta death ? I think if their trap only removed one hit point it would help a bit.  Its a tricky thing to design because i like the concept of having to identify who is evil every run but at the same time gameplay wise the first runs  of new players are gonna confusing and seem unfair. The other tricky part is your game punishes hard on backtracking with the poison system, so if you meet the old men before identifying them you re kinda screwed?
Excited for the performance increase, on my phone the game starts chugging like crazy after I explore 12+ rooms. Maybe too much data to remember?

How is this game not more known ? This is really really good. Great understanding of actual roguelike mechanics ( need to learn gods, monsters, traps and items of the world to survive longer) and with really interesting combat strategy. The randomness is already excellent, it s really fun to replay and the rooms havent felt repetitive yet after half a dozen attempts.
I d just say a couple death seemed really unfair but maybe it is because i have not understood how to spot the danger yet? ( monster in water and tree push guy).