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PowBall Renaissance

Breakout with permadeath, farming, weapons, shop, sub-games, 1-3 local multiplayer, 330+ levels, level editor & more · By POW Games

So happy its back!

A topic by brobbeh created Sep 05, 2019 Views: 83 Replies: 2
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I bought Powball when I was like in middle school, in France. I think this was the first purchase online I had ever done and I needed help from my dad to do it. I was super scared the money would just disappear and I'd never see anything. And then I got this package with the game on floppy disk and it was the best thing ever :D
I had so much fun building my own levels for hours and hours.
Just randomly thought about it today after many years and what an awesome surprise to see it back!


Love hearing stories like this. So much time has past and knowing I helped to create good memories makes all the hard work worthwhile. Welcome back! Hopefully you'll remember Renaissance in another 20 years!

I didn't even know the original Powball had a level editor to begin with! Wow! This is really a labor of love! Would you consider making a video/stream of the levels you made in Powball? If they still exist after these many years. I'm curious to know what kind of stuff is possible to do with the level editor.